21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Guys (That Aren’t All About Beer)


When a guy turns 21 everyone gets him gifts that are beer-related, but you can upscale that a little…These unique birthday gifts for him from our Artisan Shopping Directory members will be something different (and we can throw in some boozy ones, too.)

21st birthday gifts for guys

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Gift for a sushi lover.

sushi board and bowl with chopsticks

This handmade ceramic sushi set Opens in a new tab.is a great choice for a useful and sophisticated birthday gift for men that a 21-yr-old will be able to use for years to come.

Gin and tonic cutting board birthday gift.

gin and tonic cutting board

This gin and tonic cutting board would be a nice gift Opens in a new tab.to start a bar collection. Add a set of glasses and the ingredients to this birthday gift for guys to start the party off!

Stylish decor for a guy.

mid century modern curtains

Motor City Design Works has a ton of decor optionsOpens in a new tab. that are both stylish and masculine, including basics like curtains and glassware. Everyone needs curtains, and this surprise birthday gift for men will be something that’s useful, stylish and sophisticated.

Modern metal tables and home accessories.

metal coffee table

BENT makes furniture and home accessoriesOpens in a new tab. from metal, which is a nice grown-up gift for a 21-yr-old. Choose stainless steel or colored options for bookends, side tables, and record racks.

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Unique dragon egg for a gamer.

sequin dragon egg

Dragon eggs make the perfect giftOpens in a new tab. due to their unique & imaginative appeal. Symbolizing strength, courage, and power, these mythical treasures resonate with fantasy enthusiasts and symbolize the pursuit of dreams and ambitions.

Customizable domino set.

customizable wood domino set

This wooden domino set is customizable and would be a great gift Opens in a new tab.to give to a guy who likes board games. It comes in a wooden case that’s small enough to put in a backpack.

Gifts for a graduate’s new apartment.

photography of a wild buck elk

For the wildlife lover, wall art photography of wild animals from Sandy Dobbs PhotographyOpens in a new tab. would make an excellent gift to decorate an apartment.

Organization for a coffee lover.

Coffee pod organizer drawer  and coffee maker

This bamboo coffee pod organizer drawer Opens in a new tab.acts as a storage unit and a stand for the coffee maker, so it takes up less space on the counter.

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Wooden trinket dishes.

wooden trinket dish

This handmade wooden trinket dish Opens in a new tab.is great for keys and coins. It’s a useful item that can be used for years. It’s one of the best birthday gifts for men because it’s universal,,,Everyone needs a place to dump their keys!

Nautical wall art.

yellow rowboat tied to a dock

For a guy who’s a beach lover or fisherman, this fine art print of a rowboat Opens in a new tab.would make a nice decor piece for their apartment.

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Customized beer mugs and glassware.

hockey themed custom beer glass

For the sports lover, a set of custom beer mugs is a fun way Opens in a new tab.to show his love of his sport. These come in a variety of sport and other options that can be personalized.

Bar supplies gifts.

glasses with mojitos and limes

DownWrightBoozy sells drink and cocktail mixes Opens in a new tab.that are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Having a stock of those on hand will help the birthday guy throw a party or invite a few friends over for a spontaneous get-together.

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Unique custom pet portrait.

dog portrait in a hoop

Mariela Felts makes unique custom pet portraits using needle felting techniques.Opens in a new tab. This is another great idea for a guy who’s also a pet owner since you can get a custom portrait of his animal friend.

Viking necklace for men.

green wire wrapped necklace

This artisan labradorite Viking necklaceOpens in a new tab. will make a unique 21st birthday gift for a guy with a boho style. Labradorite has great energy boosting qualities and promotes emotional well being.


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