Complete Guide to Etsy Vacation Mode (I Use It All The Time)

Etsy vacation mode is a way to take a break from your shop, and can also be used to pause sales in order to catch up with a backlog of orders.

Etsy sellers are often afraid to use vacation mode because they’ve heard horror stories about how shops “never recovered” from going on vacation, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Using vacation mode can often be a good way to manage your workflow, but it needs to be used with an understanding of how it works.

Complete Guide to Etsy Vacation Mode (I Use It All The Time)

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How does Etsy vacation mode work?

Etsy vacation mode allows sellers to temporarily close their shops without changing any other settings. When a shop is on vacation mode customers aren’t able to place orders, but they can still message the shop owner about outstanding orders. The home page of the shop will display an announcement about the shop taking a short break, and will display any other information the shop owner wants to tell customers on that banner.

Vacation mode basically pauses all buyer activity in your shop, which can give you a chance to catch up with orders or to take a break when you need one. It doesn’t pause the SELLER activity, though, so if there are things like outstanding orders there, you’ll still have to take care of those.

Etsy vacation mode is basically there to prevent any additional orders from being placed, but it doesn’t stop the existing workflow that’s happening in your shop.

Does vacation mode affect sales when you return based on recency in the algorithm?

Sales can be slower than normal when an Etsy shop returns from vacation due to the lack of recent activity in the shop. Recent activity is part of the Etsy search placement algorithm, and without that activity, that piece of the formula is missing. It may take some time to refresh that recency score, and how quickly that happens will depend on the shop’s normal activity level and what the shop owner does to restart the activity when they return from vacation.

The length of the vacation time also plays a part in this. I tend to put my shop on vacation pretty frequently by turning it on at night if I have what I consider to be a “full” workload for the following day.

That way I know how many orders I’ll have to fill the next day, and I can just turn vacation mode off in the morning. A short pause like that won’t affect the recent activity part of the algorithm too much, and I usually get orders within half an hour of turning my shop back on.

Using vacation mode for longer time periods will affect the shop more, since it takes a lot more away from the recent activity in the shop.

Having your shop in vacation mode for weeks or months will make it more difficult for Etsy to place your listings in search when you return, so you’ll have to do more work on your end to send customers to your shop. Once you do that, though, it shouldn’t take too long to get back into a “normal” sales pattern for your shop.

Does vacation mode affect search placement when you come back?

As a general rule, placement in Etsy search will temporarily be affected due to the lack of recent activity after vacation mode. However, there are things that the seller can do to increase activity in the shop after returning from vacation, including running a sale, driving their own traffic, and using Etsy ads. The idea is to increase activity on the listings as quickly as possible in order to regain normal placement in search results.

The length of the vacation mode will also affect placement, also due to the recency part of the algorithm not having as much information.

If a shop is on vacation for a month or more, the recency score might be pretty much wiped out, so it will take a more concerted effort to bump listings back up in search results. However, a vacation that only lasts a week or so won’t have as much of an effect on search placement.

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Will vacation mode kill my shop?

Vacation mode on Etsy will slow the shop’s activity down, but it won’t kill your shop if you handle returning from vacation correctly. For newer shops with fewer sales, or for shops that don’t sell things on a regular basis, it will be more difficult to return from vacation mode and get quick sales. Shops that tend to have regular sales will be able to recover faster. Either way, shop owners need to expect to put time into restarting their shop activity when they return from vacation mode.

When I use vacation mode for longer than a few days, I have a plan for when I come back to work.

I will send my own traffic to the shop through social media and my newsletter subscribers, I might run ads or run a sale, I’ll renew listings that have expired, etc.

All of these things will help to start the recency part of the algorithm registering data again, and it will increase traffic to your shop.

If a shop is newer and Etsy doesn’t have a long history to use to refer back to, it could take longer or require more effort on the shop owner’s part to get sales started again.

Just be aware that there’s no one perfect solution to bring your shop back from vacation mode, and that you might have to do things differently than someone whose shop is older and more established.

Is it bad to put your shop on vacation mode?

It’s not bad to put your shop on vacation mode, and in some cases it’s necessary. While vacation mode will stop the activity in your shop temporarily, and can slow down sales when you return from vacation, that’s usually a temporary situation. In certain situations like personal emergencies and when trying to limit the number of orders during busier times of the year, vacation mode is the best option to control the flow of your business.

People debate whether it’s better to extend processing times or whether vacation mode is better. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this question, because it will depend on the customer base more than anything else.

If I extended my processing times instead of using vacation mode I would end up having to cancel a bunch of orders when people realized they wouldn’t get their orders quickly, because that’s how my customers work.

I would also have to change a bunch of graphics, or send messages to everyone who ordered to make sure they knew that the graphics about fast shipping were temporarily wrong.

For my shop, vacation mode works well. For a shop that doesn’t want to take a chance on losing the recent activity metric, extending processing times might work as long as customers aren’t going to be worried about the longer wait.

You need to look at your own situation when deciding what you want to do, but in my experience vacation mode isn’t a bad thing to use.
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How to turn on vacation mode on Etsy.

On desktop:

  1. On your computer desktop, go to your shop dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings—>Options—> Vacation mode.
  3. Click the dot that says “On, your shop is on vacation.”
  4. Add an announcement in that section that gives customers information about when you’ll be back. This is displayed at the top of your shop’s homepage.
  5. Add a Messages Auto Reply, which will be automatically sent to customers if they message you when vacation mode is turned on.
  6. Verify that your Etsy ads campaigns have been turned off.
  7. Check your shop’s homepage to make sure that the vacation mode message is being displayed correctly. If you don’t see it, check again in a few minutes to give the system time to update.

On a phone in the Sell on Etsy app:

  1. Go to your shop dashboard.
  2. Go to settings—> shop settings
  3. Scroll down to find the vacation mode section.
  4. Toggle the vacation mode button on.
  5. Add any messages that you want the announcement to say on your homepage.
  6. Add an auto reply to answer customer convos automatically.
  7. Make sure your Etsy ads campaign has been turned off.
  8. Check the shop’s homepage to see that the vacation mode banner is displaying correctly.

How to turn off vacation mode on Etsy.

On Desktop:

  1. On your computer desktop, go to your shop dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings—>Options—> Vacation mode.
  3. Click the dot that says “Off, your shop is active.”
  4. Check to see if your Etsy ads campaigns have been restarted, and turn them on or off if ads are not set the way that you want them to.
  5. Search for your shop in the Etsy search bar to make sure that your shop is appearing and displaying correctly. If it isn’t open, try again in a few minutes to give the system time to update.

On your phone in the Sell on Etsy app:

  1. Go to your shop dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings—>Shop settings.
  3. Scroll down to the vacation mode section and toggle the switch off.
  4. Check to see if your Etsy ads campaigns have been restarted, and turn them on or off if ads are not set the way that you want them to.
  5. Search for your shop in the Etsy search bar to make sure that your shop is appearing and displaying correctly. If it isn’t open, try again in a few minutes to give the system time to update.

Will Etsy put my shop on vacation mode if it’s too busy?

Etsy reserves the right to limit sales to shops that it says will possibly fall behind due to a large volume of orders being received in a short time frame. If Etsy determines that a shop is at risk for not being able to fulfill orders, they will temporarily suspend selling privileges by activating vacation mode in a shop until the backlog of orders is cleared. What constitutes a backlog isn’t something that Etsy divulges, and they don’t always turn vacation mode off immediately after all orders are cleared.

During 2020, there was a huge influx of sellers, and Etsy started having trouble managing complaints about shops that didn’t understand the basic processes involved in running a business.

They created a policy where they can turn your shop’s vacation mode on if they decide that you have too many orders in your queue, or if you have shipments that are late.

What criteria Etsy uses for this isn’t clear, but if Etsy puts your shop into vacation mode the only way to get it out is to clear out the orders that you do have.

Even then, it can take a few days to get your shop turned back on again, even though it’s supposed to happen automatically. Be aware that it might be better to turn vacation mode on yourself if you suddenly get an unusually high number of orders, because that will give you control over when you can turn it back on.

How long can vacation mode be used for?

Etsy vacation mode can be turned on and left on for as long a time period as needed. The shop will continue to display the vacation mode announcement on the home page until the seller turns vacation mode off. Vacation mode can be used for any time frame, from a few minutes to months or even years, if the shop owner decides to take an extended break.

I use vacation mode frequently for short time periods, and I’ve heard from sellers who turn their shops off every weekend or on Sundays to have time with their families.

For short time periods, it’s not going to make a difference in your shop’s recency score, so it won’t affect sales too much, if at all.

For longer time frames, like weeks or months, it will affect your shop’s recent activity score, but sometimes that can’t be avoided.

If you extend your processing time so far out that people don’t want to buy from your shop, it will affect recent activity in sales as well.

Plus, if people are consistently going to your shop then not buying because they see the long processing time, the Etsy algorithm will stop showing your listings as much anyway.

Sometimes putting your shop in vacation mode for longer time periods is the only thing that makes sense for a seller, and that’s fine.

It will be more work when you do return, because you’ll have to build recent activity up again, and that can take a month or so if the shop has lost a lot of data in that area.

However, the tradeoff might be necessary in situations like health or family emergencies.

Buyer Questions

How do you know if an Etsy shop is in vacation mode?

If an Etsy shop is in vacation mode, the home page of the shop will display a banner saying that the shop is taking a short break. There may be an announcement in the banner that the shop owner has written to update customers on opening dates or other news. If you’re unable to find a shop through searching on Etsy, it’s possible that the shop has been closed by Etsy for other reasons.

If you see that a shop is in vacation mode, you can still send a message to the shop owner, but you shouldn’t expect to receive an answer right away.

There will probably be information on the shop’s homepage about how long the shop will be closed, and you’ll be able to sign up to receive emails there to be notified when the shop opens again.

Can I find a shop on Etsy that’s in vacation mode?

To find an Etsy shop through search, type the name of the shop into the search bar with no spaces between the words. The search result page will either be the shop’s homepage, or the page will have a message saying “did you mean the shop —” with a link at the top of the page. You’ll be able to go to the shop but the checkout won’t be live, so you won’t be able to place orders.

To receive a notification about when the shop will be back from vacation mode, use the email signup at the top right of the banner announcing that the shop is taking a short break.

When the shop reopens and listings are available to purchase, Etsy will notify you and you can come back and shop.

If I placed an order and the shop goes on vacation what happens?

If you have an open order that hasn’t been shipped, the shop is still responsible for sending it by the scheduled date even if the shop is on vacation mode. In the case of a seller experiencing a health issue or another personal issue that makes it impossible the fulfill the order, they would need to refund and cancel the order. Sellers can still manage orders and send messages to customers when the shop is in vacation mode, but depending on the situation, they may not be able to answer messages immediately.

If you have questions about an open order and the shop shows that it’s taking a short break, just send the shop owner a message anyway.

They’ll still receive the message, but because they’re on vacation they might not be answering messages immediately, so be patient.

Etsy sellers are responsible for sending orders out on time regardless of vacation status, so if you do encounter a problem with late shipping contact the seller directly to clarify what the shipping situation is.

If you don’t receive a response within 24 hours, contact Etsy directly.

Seller Questions

Can customers see my shop when I’m in vacation mode?

Shops are still visible on Etsy when they’re in vacation mode. There will be a banner on the shop’s homepage that lets customers know that the shop is taking a short break, but the shop itself will still be visible. Listings will not show up in the shop, but can still be found through other sources like reviews and sold items. Customers can also sign up to be emailed when the shop reopens from a link on the shop’s homepage.

Etsy vacation mode announcement
Vacation mode shop banner.

Can current customers reach me through Etsy when I’m on vacation mode?

Customers will still be able to send messages through the Etsy convo system when a shop is on vacation. The shop owner can set up a vacation auto reply that lets customers know that they may not be answering questions as quickly, or at all, until the vacation settings are changed.

I just had my shop’s vacation mode turned on for a few days and I continued to receive messages from customers.

Because I had the auto response message set up, I didn’t have to worry about missing messages, but there weren’t too many of them during that time.

New customers will usually see that you’re on vacation and not send questions, but some will, and you’ll also receive convos about existing orders if you have any open. You’re still responsible for answering those messages even if your shop is on vacation.

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What is an Etsy vacation mode message example?

A good Etsy vacation mode message tells the customer when the vacation will be over, and details how often the seller will be responding to messages. The message can also mention signing up to receive emails when the shop reopens by clicking the box at the top right of the announcement banner.

A basic example of an Etsy vacation mode message would be “Hi- My shop is currently closed but will reopen on June 3rd. Please sign up to receive an email notification when I reopen by clicking the box in the corner of the banner on the homepage. I’ll be answering messages when I get a chance during the time that I’m closed.”

Can I use Etsy vacation mode with open orders?

Etsy vacation mode can be put in place when there are no orders and also when there are open orders in the shop’s queue. The seller is still responsible for fulfilling all open orders on time regardless of whether the shop is in vacation mode or not. In the case that a seller is unable to fulfill open orders, they would need to be canceled and fully refunded.

When I use vacation mode for my shop, I’ll usually think of a time to cut off orders and give myself time to finish any orders that might come in before I turn vacation mode on. That way I can get everything in the mail before I actually leave for vacation, and I won’t have any open orders to worry about.

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Should I refund orders I can’t fill when in vacation mode?

If an Etsy seller is unable to fulfill orders that were open when their shop was put into vacation mode, the orders would need to be refunded in full and canceled. This should be done as soon as possible so that the buyers can make other arrangements. If there’s any need to extend shipping times an excessive amount, buyers should be offered the opportunity to cancel the order instead.

In general, a seller would only need to cancel orders if there’s some kind of a health problem or an emergency that totally prevents them from making things.

If this is your situation, be proactive and let customers know what’s going on. Some people will be fine waiting longer for their orders, but if it’s going to be more than a couple of weeks, I would recommend canceling.

It’s not uncommon for people to say that they’re happy to wait, but when a couple of weeks pass they forget that and start complaining. It’s often easier to cancel and have them reorder later if they want to.

You should also make sure to extend the processing time for the longest period that you can if you have to do that.

Etsy lets you extend processing time once, so use the furthest date that they give you, then try to ship before that.

Don’t make customers wait longer than they have to, or you’ll be risking a lot of bad reviews. Those can be more harmful to your shop in the long run than canceling orders is.

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Can people favorite your listings when you’re on vacation mode?

Customers are still able to favorite items when an Etsy shop is in vacation mode because the listings appear in places other than the shop’s home page. The listings aren’t visible on the home page, but they can be accessed through the shop’s reviews, customer favorites, and saved searches that customers have performed before the shop went on vacation. In addition, listings with links on social media that are currently sold out will have a page that can be favorited if that link is used to get to the listing.

Favorites and reviews that came in while vacation mode was turned on
Favorites and reviews that came in while vacation mode was turned on

Can you still answer messages in vacation mode?

Etsy sellers have full access to the convo system when their shop is in vacation mode, so they can continue to respond to messages and to send messages to customers. If the auto responder has been set up, any customer who messages the seller will receive that response when they send a message, but the seller is always able to send messages to the customer in addition to the auto response.

Make sure to set up the auto response message in vacation mode settings! This will let customers know when you’ll be back, and that you probably won’t be answering questions immediately.

In addition, setting up an auto response will keep the Star Seller program happy because the message that’s sent automatically counts toward answering convos within 24 hours.

Vacation mode messages setup.
Vacation mode messages setup.

Can people leave reviews when I’m in vacation mode?

Vacation mode doesn’t pause the customer’s ability to post a review, so people can still leave reviews while a shop is in vacation mode. In addition, cases can still be opened against a shop while it’s in vacation mode, so it’s a good idea to monitor reviews periodically while on vacation mode in order to respond to problems.

Will ads get turned off when you turn vacation mode on?

When you put your shop into vacation mode, Etsy ads should be paused automatically. However, it’s always a good idea to check in the marketing tab of your shop dashboard to make sure that ads have been turned off. To make sure that ads are paused, it’s a good idea to turn them off manually before setting up vacation mode.

I’ve had trouble with vacation mode doing strange things to my ads before, so make sure to check that they were turned off.

It’s not unusual to hear of someone who went on vacation and their ads continued to run during that time, so they were still being charged for them while their listings weren’t available to purchase. It doesn’t hurt to double check.

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Can you work on listings and edit your shop when you’re in vacation mode?

While your Etsy shop is on vacation, you can continue to edit listings, renew listings, create new listings, and edit your shop as usual. The listings will not be available to purchase, but shop owners can make all the same changes to their inventory as they can when the shop is open.

Remember that if you renew listings when your shop is in vacation mode, the 4 month listing period isn’t paused.

You’ll still be charged for the start date that the listing was activated, and the expiration date will still be 4 months from that date.

You can list new items and leave them in draft mode while you’re in vacation mode, then activate everything when you open your shop again. That will avoid losing time that the listing could have been seen in search and purchased by customers.

Can customers order when you’re on vacation mode?

When an Etsy shop has vacation mode turned on, the shop’s listings are not visible, and the checkout is not active. Customers can’t place new orders until the shop is turned back on and the listings are all activated again. Customers will still be able to contact sellers with order inquiries, but unless vacation mode is deactivated, no orders will be able to be placed.

If you want to allow a customer to buy something or to make a payment, you’ll need to deactivate vacation mode temporarily and let them buy it. You can turn vacation mode back on later.

Do items show up in search when you’re in vacation mode?

When an Etsy shop is on vacation mode, listings from that shop will not show up in Etsy search results. Listings can still be found on Etsy in other places, such as customer favorites and in the shop’s reviews, but they won’t appear in search.

Remember that your listings won’t show up in search results, but they might be available in other places, like in people’s favorites and in reviews.

This means that people will still be able to see, click on, and favorite your listings, but they won’t show up in search.

Will Etsy vacation mode pause cases against me?

If a shop is placed on vacation mode with open cases outstanding, the cases will still be active. The seller will still be responsible for managing any communication from Etsy. In addition, cases can still be filed against the shop during the time that a shop is on vacation, so vacation mode does not prevent cases from being filed against a shop.

Will listings auto renew when I’m in vacation mode? Are listing periods paused?

The listing time period of four months is not paused when vacation mode is activated. Listings will continue to expire, and listings that are set to auto renew will renew. The listing fee will be charged if a listing auto renews. In order to prevent auto renewals, shop owners need to make sure that their listings are set to manual renewal instead of auto renewal.

Deactivating listings works the same way, so there’s no way around the 4 month time period running out.

The 4 month listing period starts when the listing is actually activated, and isn’t affected by pauses in the shop itself, or by deactivating the listing.

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Will my Etsy Plus subscription be paused when I’m in vacation mode?

The Etsy Plus subscription will continue to be charged during the time that a shop is on vacation mode. In order to avoid this, the shop owner can manually turn the subscription off for the time that vacation mode is set up.

How does vacation mode affect the star seller program?

The Star Seller program on Etsy uses the previous three months of activity to rate a shop. Putting a shop on vacation mode does not pause the criteria for Star Seller, so the seller will still need to maintain the standards to receive the Star Seller badge for the following month.

For the message response standard, setting the auto response in the vacation mode settings will maintain your response rate needed for the program.

You should plan on checking in periodically to see if there are any messages that need your attention, though, because customers can still message you when vacation mode is on.

Relying on the auto response to take care of all of your messages might end up in you missing a customer problem, and that can be escalated into a case against your shop if the customer is mad that you haven’t responded.

For the sales threshold standards, sellers need to maintain 10 sales and $300 in revenue for the previous three months for the Star Seller program.

If vacation mode being turned on limited your sales, it might affect meeting those thresholds. If that’s a possibility, you might want to run a sale when you return from vacation to boost the number of sales and revenue when you come back.

For the review standard, vacation mode shouldn’t have an effect on that.

For the shipping standard, vacation mode might be affected if you don’t ship things on time while your shop is on vacation.

As long as you get all shipments out before turning vacation mode on, you extend processing times, or you maintain the shipping times for any orders that are open, it shouldn’t affect your Star Seller ratings.

Alternatives to Vacation Mode

Is it better to use vacation mode for a week or extend shipping time a week?

If you can extend processing time and want to continue to respond to customers, that can be the better option compared to using vacation mode since it won’t stop your recent shop activity. However, because customers may not be aware of processing extensions, sellers may encounter customer service problems after extending times. Due to the possibility of customer confusion, sellers will need to determine whether their customer base is willing to wait for longer processing times.

My customers need their orders fast, and that’s one reason that they buy from me. If I extended my processing time instead of going on vacation mode,

I would have to contact everyone who placed an order to make sure that they saw the extended processing times.

If I didn’t do that, the alternative would be to change a lot of graphics and text that I have in my listings that advertise fast shipping.

For me, it’s not worth extending shipping times, and it would probably end badly when customers started complaining that they didn’t get their items fast enough.

What I usually do is a hybrid method of extending my normal processing times to the 3 days that I have set up as the longest time (I use 1-3 days processing time, but usually ship faster.) I’ll put my shop on vacation, then a couple of days ahead of ending my time off I’ll turn the shop back on so that my processing times will still be within the window I’ve put on my listings. That way my shop is totally closed for a shorter time, and I still get orders out in the right time frame.

Extending your processing time might be a good option if your customers aren’t expecting really fast shipping to begin with.

Long processing times might deter people from ordering, which would reduce your orders while still keeping your shop open, so the recent activity scores won’t totally be lost.

However, if people come to your shop then stop buying at the normal rate for any length of time, it could signal to Etsy that something is wrong with your listings, and it could hurt them in search placement if it goes on for too long.

I would suggest that if you have to extend your processing times longer than 2 weeks, it could be better to use vacation mode for part of your vacation, then turn your shop back on with just a slightly longer processing time.

That will allow you to minimize negative effects of both stopping recent activity and also processing times that may be too long.

What are some alternatives to vacation mode?

If you prefer not to turn on vacation mode, there are alternatives that include extending processing times, deactivating listings, raising prices temporarily, using a shortened vacation mode method, and deactivating specific listings. Using these options may be good for sellers who don’t want to take a chance on hurting their shop’s recent activity score because they don’t stop a shop’s activity entirely. There can be drawbacks to each method, and not all will work for each shop.

  • Extend processing times.
  • Shorten vacation mode/hybrid method.
  • Deactivating listings to sell only things that are ready to ship, plus extending processing times.
  • Raising prices to slow down sales temporarily.

Coming back from vacation mode

Will drafts automatically list when you turn vacation mode off?

Draft listings that are created when vacation mode is turned on do not list automatically when vacation mode is turned off. The seller needs to finish listing these by publishing them manually using the Etsy listing manager.

To do this, go into the listings manager to the draft section, and select the listings to publish. Check the boxes and click publish to activate the listings.

The listing fee will be charged when the listing is actually published, not when it’s created in a draft form.

Will ads get turned on when vacation gets turned off?

If an Etsy ads campaign was running when vacation mode was turned on, the campaign will be reactivated with the same daily budget and advertised listings. In order to verify that the campaign is active, sellers should check in the marketing section of their dashboards to verify that their campaigns are set up correctly.

You may also want to check when turning vacation mode off that Etsy ads aren’t turned on even if they weren’t on before.

This is another Etsy glitch that happens occasionally, so it’s worth checking to make sure that all of your settings are the way that you want them to be after you turn your shop back on.

How to improve the recent activity score after returning from vacation mode.

To improve the recent activity score after returning from Etsy vacation mode, shop owners should take actions that will help increase activity in their shops. These can include listing new items, refreshing and renewing items that are close to their renewal times, sending traffic to their shops through social media, and using their mailing lists to encourage subscribers to visit their shops.

The recent activity score is that piece of the Etsy algorithm puzzle that’s affected when vacation mode is turned on.

Without activity in the shop, the algorithm has nothing to look at as far as what the normal activity in your shop is, so starting activity up again is important.

Anything that you can do to increase traffic in your shop will help.

Should I run a sale when I come back from vacation mode?

Running a sale when vacation mode is turned off and the shop is active is a good way to encourage sales. When listings are on sale they will be included in sale filters on Etsy, and will have the sale prices displayed on the listings, so customers may be encouraged to visit the listings due to the discount.

You can also promote a sale on social media and through your email list, which will drive some traffic to your shop.

This can increase traffic and activity in your shop, which will help increase your placement in organic search.

Should I run Etsy ads when returning from vacation mode?

Running ads on Etsy is a good way to gain visibility in Etsy search, and can be an effective way to increase activity and improve the recent activity score in your shop. Advertising listings that sell well normally can help to boost their sold items ratings, which will help to have them be seen in organic search more prominently.

The budget that you set for your ad campaign should be high enough to get you a lot of views in a short time in order to jump start your sales.

This isn’t the time to use a low budget. The more that you can afford to spend, the better. The idea is to get more views on your listings in order to drive traffic and interaction so that the activity on your listings will increase.

Using a low budget won’t give you enough interaction, so set your budget high enough to get a good number of views in a day.


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