Cool Gifts For Teenage Girls


These cool gifts for teenage girls will suit different ages, and all of them are made or designed by verified home-based businesses. You’ll be able to find something fun for a teen birthday gift, Christmas present, or any other occasion here.

cool gifts for teen girls

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Pearl jewelry.

pearl necklace

A great gift for a fashionable teenager, give her her first real pearls necklaceOpens in a new tab.. It’s perfect for a sophisticated teen who’s aware of natural materials.

Rainbow candy magnets.

rainbow magnets

Cute fake candy rainbow magnet sets Opens in a new tab.will win over the hearts of even the most hard to impress teenage girls. Perfect as locker decor or for cheering up the kitchen fridge or bedroom white board!

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Unique choker.

choker on a girl's neck

This unique choker is made from a black velvet ribbon with a charm created from a broken ceramic plateOpens in a new tab.. It’s an original handmade piece of jewelry that your teenager will love wearing.

Natural discomfort relief.

sloth heating pad

The perfect companion for any teenage girl for those crampy, tough days. Simply warm the natural flax/rice Heating PadOpens in a new tab. in the microwave to enjoy soothing relief and comfort.

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Earbud chain.

earbud chain

Ever had an earbud pop out in the bus? Or taken your earpods out only to not remember later where you left them? Problem solved with this cute leafy earbud chain, Opens in a new tab.they’ll never be lost again!

Girly wall art.

pink artwork

For the girl who likes to express herself with fun decor – this bright pink citrus fruit pop art Opens in a new tab.will add a splash of summer fun and sweetness to her walls.

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Prism suncatcher.

prism suncatcher

Rainbows and girls go hand in hand. Turn their bedroom into a colorful masterpiece of dancing prisms with this suncatcher.Opens in a new tab.

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Handmade phone bag.

phone bag with blue swirl pattern

Fabulously functional phone bagsOpens in a new tab., the pocket you and she wished she had. With over 40 fabric choices on offer you can choose from vibrant, colorful prints, stunning neutrals or fun, novelty designs to find the perfect purse for her.

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Goth bats shirt.

goth bats shirt

This cute goth bats shirtOpens in a new tab. is perfect for a teen girl who loves the darker things, or just the cute things. Because these bats are cute.


Contemporary art notebook.

contemporary art notebook

This unique spiral notebook Opens in a new a fun gift for teen girls for journaling or schoolwork. It’s taken from an original collage artwork, and you can customize it on the Artisan Shopper Zazzle store Opens in a new changing the text to add a name.

Cute phone cases.

frog phone case

The Artisan Shopper Zazzle store Opens in a new tab.has a range of products that feature original artwork on them, including these frog illustration phone cases.Opens in a new tab. Most of the designs there can be customized or transferred to other products, too.

Cute hair ties.

bow hair ties

Teens love hair accessories and these hair ties are a perfect finishing touchOpens in a new tab. to a ponytail or messy bun.


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