Do You Have To Disclose All Of Your Etsy Shops In Your Account?

If you have multiple shops on Etsy, you might have heard that you need to disclose all of your shops, but is that true and where should you do it?

Etsy does require that all members, not just sellers, disclose the names of all of their accounts in their public bio. This is so that people can’t come to the platform and use multiple accounts on the platform without those accounts being identifiable to other members. The disclosure needs to be put in your profile in your personal account.

If you’re an Etsy seller, don’t fall for the bad advice that some “influencers” give out about not telling people your Etsy shop names! You have to do that according to the legal Terms Of Use.

Do you have to disclose all of your Etsy shops in your account?

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Where to disclose your Etsy accounts.

You need to add the usernames of all of the accounts that you use on Etsy in your personal profile. This isn’t necessarily attached to a shop, Etsy customers who are registered also have an account username.

To see the official policy, click here: Disclose your Etsy usernames and shops in your profileOpens in a new tab.

The profile is located at the top right on desktop, and if you haven’t uploaded a profile picture it will look like a grey profile.

Etsy profile button.
Etsy profile button.

If you’ve uploaded a profile photo then you’ll see that. Click on the photo and a menu will open up, and you can choose “View your profile” to edit your profile.

Edit profile on Etsy
Edit profile

When you get to your profile, you should click on “Edit profile,” and a window will open up where you can enter your information.

(This is also where you would add a profile photo by clicking on the camera icon if you don’t have a photo there yet!)

Etsy profile editing window.

Once you’re in the editing section, scroll down to the information window where you can enter your profile info.

This is where you should add any additional Etsy profiles that you have.

Adding the names of your shops or a link to them is enough, but if you add a link it will be a live link on Etsy, so it makes it easier for people to get to your other shops.

Once you update the profile, people will be able to click on the “about” link to see your full profile, including your other Etsy usernames.

For an article about Privacy Settings on Etsy, click here: Privacy Settings On Etsy, With Video Guides

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Why does Etsy want us to disclose our usernames?

Having people disclose their usernames prevents people from operating under different accounts in order to do things like buy in order to leave bad reviews. It also gives Etsy a reason to kick people off of the platform if they need to do that, so requiring disclosures has a few purposes.

Whether people do disclose all of their usernames or not is the question, and it’s probable that a lot of people don’t even know that they’re supposed to be doing it.

However, it’s part of the rules, so we need to do it. If you have more than one shop or user account, all of them have to be listed in your profile.

Also, if you have more than one username and you’re not a seller, you should be listing all of those names in your profile.

What will happen if I don’t disclose my accounts in my Etsy profile?

Etsy reserves the right to close your account at any time if there’s a violation of their policies, so it’s possible that not disclosing the usernames can result in an account closure. This is probably not likely to happen unless there are more violations, but Etsy does have the right to do it.

Don’t take chances thinking “it won’t happen to me.” It’s not hard to take a few minutes to put your accounts in your bio, and it will be one less thing that you have to think about later!


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