Etsy Seller Interview With Anissa of Carved Effects

In this interview, I talked with Anissa, owner of Carved Effects on Etsy.

Anissa and Dave of Carved Effects
Anissa and Dave of Carved Effects

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Tell us a little about your shop and who you are.

Our Etsy shop is Carved EffectsOpens in a new tab., we are a husband-and-wife team that sells home wall decor. 

My husband sells 3d wood carvings specializing in Marine Corps and I sell original watercolor and acrylic paintings. 

Art by Carved Effects
Art by Carved Effects

How long have you been selling on Etsy?

We have been selling on Etsy for 5 years.

Art by Carved Effects
Art by Carved Effects

What’s the hardest part about selling online?

The hardest part of a starting a business is just putting yourself out there.  

What’s your daily routine like?

We both work full time in IT, so Etsy is our second full time job.  We spend our nights and weekends working on designs, posting to social media and watching classes.

Plaque by Carved Effects
Plaque by Carved Effects

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What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start selling online?

Research what you want to sell first but then just go for it. 

You’ll never know if you don’t at least try!

Art by Carved Effects
Art by Carved Effects

Connect with Anissa online at: in a new tab.

www.carvedeffects.comOpens in a new tab.

insta @carvedeffects

FB Carved Effects

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