Etsy Seller Interview With Debbie of Willow Road CA

In this interview, I chatted with Debbie of Willow Road CA about her Etsy business and things that she would advise potential sellers.

Debbie Of Willow Road CA
Debbie Of Willow Road CA

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Morse code jewelry by WillowRoadCA
Morse code jewelry by WillowRoadCA

Tell us a little about your shop and who you are.

I’m Debbie, and I own Willow Road CAOpens in a new tab.. I sell meaningful jewelry gifts for significant occasions. (That’s the fancy title!)

Currently I sell Morse Code bracelets and necklaces.

They have personalized phrases that are spelled out in Morse code so only the owner needs to know what they say.

They’re perfect for motivational phrases, memorial keepsakes and just fun stuff!

I’m also going to be expanding into more personalized jewelry for specific occasions

Morse code jewelry by WillowRoadCA
Morse code jewelry by WillowRoadCA

How long have you been selling on Etsy?

I started on Etsy in 2015 with one of a kind pieces, muddled my way through and I had ok results – especially considering the one of a kind jewelry aspect, and some simple things that could be recreated.

In 2019 I decided I really wanted to make my shop something I was proud of and started working on improvements.

In Fall of 2019 when I rebranded to Willow Road and personalized jewelry.

Morse code jewelry by WillowRoadCA

Morse code jewelry by WillowRoadCA

What’s the hardest part about selling online?

For me personally it was finding the time to dedicate to my shop.

My husband and I own a business with over 80 employees and that has to be our #1 priority.

I have had to put my shop on vacation for months at a time on several occasions due to the demands of our main business.

I still do serious juggling to make everything work

What’s your daily routine like?

It changes every minute of every day.

I try to have specific days carved out on schedule to devote to Etsy growth and improvement.

Unfortunately those often get bumped down to nice to do.

I do start each day reviewing and prepping for the orders that came in the day before, answering and messages etc.

I will prioritize and make orders that need to go out that day in between other responsibilities, and always the 4pm post office run.

Morse code jewelry by Willow Road CA
Morse code jewelry by Willow Road CA

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start selling online?

Find something you love to do – but most importantly – that people want to buy.

When creating titles and tags – think like a customer, not a maker. It was a huge mindshift for me

Know your numbers and profit margins. This wasn’t hard for me with a solid business background – but I see so many people in the groups struggle.

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Anything else you’d like to add?

Etsy is a good platform. It’s not perfect, but where else will you find the amount of customers looking to purchase?

But always remember you are only renting space. No one owns their Etsy shop.

Get that website going. (No, I don’t have one yet – due to everything above -but hopefully soon!)

Connect with Debbie online here:

willowroadca.etsy.comOpens in a new tab.

facebook @willowroadca

Instagram @willowroadca

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