Etsy Seller Interview With Krista Custom Shop

This interview is with Krista, owner of Krista Custom Shop on Etsy.

Krista, owner of Krista Custom Shop
Krista, owner of Krista Custom Shop

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Tell us a little about your shop and who you are.

My shop name is Krista Custom Shop.Opens in a new tab.

We are a handmade business that specializes in unique home decor, promotional products, and gifting items. 

My top sellers are camper leather keychains, wood countdown signs, custom camper garden flags, and seasonal decorations (wood snowman, pillows, and holiday garden flags)

Camper Keychain by Krista Custom Shop
Camper Keychain by Krista Custom Shop

How long have you been selling on Etsy?

Started on Etsy July 2020, I’ve been in business since 2017.

Snowmen by Krista Custom Shop
Snowmen by Krista Custom Shop

What’s the hardest part about selling online?

The hardest part of starting is finding my niche (I make so many different types of items) and knowing my target market.

Wooden countdown plaque by Krista Custom Shop
Wooden countdown plaque by Krista Custom Shop

What’s your daily routine like?

Daily routine: I try to stay focused, but I do have many squirrel moments that distract me throughout the day. During my work hours I try to stay focused and stay off social media.

After I wake up, get the kids to school, and get a few chores done, I go to my shop in the basement of my home

– Look at planner and figure out plan for the day.

– Print off any new Etsy, Amazon homemade, and local orders.

– Work on orders.

– While I work on sublimating, painting, staining, etc I listen to Kara classes, Youtubes, and Friday lives.

-Take a break for the family, sports, dinner, etc.

-Go back to the shop to finish orders, respond to emails, etc.

I love having my own business because it is so flexible.

I do try to stick to my schedule, but my family knows if they need me I can be available.

Custom camper art by Krista Custom Shop
Custom camper art by Krista Custom Shop

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start selling online?

I would tell them to just try it out and see how you do.

You don’t know until you do it.

I have had my business since 2017, but when Covid hit my local sales took a huge hit since I worked with schools and sports teams and they all shut down.

That’s when I decided to move to online and invest in a few more machines.

Best thing I ever did, because now I have online and my local orders. Wish I would have done it sooner!

Yard sign by Krista Custom Shop
Yard sign by Krista Custom Shop

Anything else you’d like to add?

You need to invest in your business and yourself everyday, and it is important to keep up-to-date on social media and the platforms you are selling on.

It seems like they are constantly changing!

You can find Krista online at: in a new tab. in a new tab.

Kara Buntin

Kara Buntin has run a profitable home-based business since 1999, and has a background in art, theater design, and cake decorating. She's a top Etsy seller with over 51,000 sales on Etsy and her own website, and helps other home-based business owners with their business goals and SEO. She founded the Artisan Shopping Directory website to promote the artisans who are members of her EShop Success marketing program.

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