Etsy Seller Interview: Dougie of ShadowMyths

Dougie is the owner of Shadowmyths, an Etsy shop that specializes in original Dark Art prints and card decks featuring the artwork. He’s had a shop on Etsy that he’s sold in actively for the past few years, and he also sells in person at shows and on Amazon. His website is Shadowmyths.comOpens in a new tab., and he has a YouTube channel.Opens in a new tab.

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Tell us about your shop and what you sell.

My shop name is ShadowmythsOpens in a new tab.. I sell original Dark Art prints, Oracle/Tarot and DnD cards.

Artwork by Dougie Hoppes of Shadowmyths

How long have you been an Etsy seller?

I’ve been actively selling for 3 years, although for 7 years before that, I never did anything with the shop.

Artwork by Dougie Hoppes of Shadowmyths

What was the hardest part about starting a business?

Getting noticed.  Even if you have a great and unique idea, it’s about finding the audience who wants your product. 

Also, remember that life isn’t all about work.  I’m busy but, outside of my day job, I make sure that I do a lot of my stuff around my wife.

When I’m painting, I’ve set up an easel in the living room so I can talk to her and hang out at night. 

When I’m drawing at night, I take my drawing board and work on my couch, next to my wife.  For me, everything is about balancing things to lead the life that you want.

Artwork by Dougie Hoppes of Shadowmyths

Tell us about your normal daily routine as an Etsy seller.

Having a day job and a traveling convention schedule ensures that I have to have a pretty strict routine if I want to get products out the door and create new products. 

My typical day has me waking up at 5:40 a.m.  I start my day job at 6:00 a.m (I work remotely as a software engineer). 

Around 11:30 to 12:00, I take lunch and package up products to ship out, answer emails, run errands, ship packages, or work on new drawings/paintings.

At 4:00, my day job ends and I spend a couple of hours making dinner/playing with the dogs, or just reading/relaxing. 

At 6:30, I paint or draw while I watch TV or work on other parts of the business.  At 9:00, my wife and I head off to bed to watch some comedians before going to sleep.

My travel schedule typically changes my weekday schedule. 

For conventions, I mainly travel on Wednesday or Thursday night and home by Sunday/Monday. 

During one of my travel weekends (about two or three times a month during the Spring/Summer and one time a month during the Fall/Winter), I spend the previous week packaging up my products for sale. 

This usually takes around 2 – 4 hours at night.  So, not a lot of time for relaxation.  Mainly doing show preps.

Artwork by Dougie Hoppes of Shadowmyths

What advice would you give someone who’s a new or aspiring Etsy seller?

It’s a long game.  Don’t listen to those online who say that you’ll be bringing in thousands a month in your first month. 

Also, selling online is just like selling in person. 

If you can establish a good reputation with fast delivery and quality products, your customers will recommend you to others.

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Kara Buntin has run a profitable home-based business since 1999, and has a background in art, theater design, and cake decorating. She's a top Etsy seller with over 51,000 sales on Etsy and her own website, and helps other home-based business owners with their business goals and SEO. She founded the Artisan Shopping Directory website to promote the artisans who are members of her EShop Success marketing program.

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