Etsy Stats Explained Part 1: Where To Find Them

Etsy sellers have access to a lot of stats, but they’re not all easy to find. This guide will go over where to look for the stats that can help you understand and make decisions about your Etsy shop.

Etsy stats are located in various places in your Etsy shop, including your listing manager, your shop dashboard, your csv files, your Etsy ads (if you use them,) and in the Search Analytics beta. Some of these stats are duplicated in different places, and some are more or less important to make decisions about your shop and listings.

This article will detail how to find your stats, and two others will go over what’s included in Etsy stats and which ones you should pay the most attention to.

etsy stats part 1

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How to view Etsy stats in app?

To view your stats in the new Etsy Seller app, click on the insights button at the bottom of the page. This will open up a window that shows you visits, orders, revenue, and your conversion rate over whatever time period you choose at the top of the page.

It also shows you your traffic stats and how buyers found your shop, whether through the Etsy app, direct traffic, Etsy search, Etsy marketing and SEO, or social media.

If you have Etsy ads turned on there are also statistics about those in the app in that section.

Etsy has also included a shop engagement section which includes items that have been favorited and people who have favorited your shop.

If you’re looking for Etsy ad stats in the app, continue down that page and you will be able to click on the Etsy ads tab, which will take you to the ads page with all of the listing stats for your ads campaign located there.

The Etsy app does not allow you to open up the individual sources of traffic to see the specifics about what type of traffic brought visits to your shop.

This might be something that they add to the new seller app, but at the time of this article being written those links are not live and you will have to find that information on desktop.

Seeing listing stats for expired and sold-out listings.

How to see stats on sold-out Etsy items.

To see the stats on items that have sold out, go to your Etsy shop dashboard and click on the stats section on the left-hand page on desktop. The stats page will open up and if you scroll down you’ll see the section that includes the listings. At the top right of that section click on the triangle near “all listings,” and a menu will open up that allows you to sort through active, expired, inactive, and sold-out listings.

To see statistics on any one of these categories click on that category and scroll through the listings to find the one that you want to look at.

You can also sort for specific date ranges at the top of the page but you might have to re-select the category of listings that you want to look at after doing that.

If you try to look for the stats on sold-out listings in the listings manager you won’t be able to do that because the stats for those listings are not included there. The only stats that show in that section are for the active listings.

Going through the whole shop stats and sorting by listing is your best bet if you want to look up something specific, but just be aware that you won’t be able to search for specific listings doing it that way.

Stats by traffic category.

How to see Etsy search stats.

To see stats about Etsy search, click on the stats section on your shop dashboard, then click on Etsy search in the box in the center of the page that shows the traffic breakdown. This will bring up a page that shows the traffic and statistics for visitors that came to your shop through searching on Etsy. It also includes the search terms that were used to find listings in your shop.

By scrolling to the bottom of that page you can see what search terms were used to find your shop after a customer searched on Etsy.

This includes all of the listings in your shop and is not divided out by specific listings

Keep in mind that the “Etsy app and other Etsy pages” section also includes some search traffic from the app, but this isn’t broken out, so it’s hard to say what traffic came from search in that section.

With Etsy stats, you need to keep in mind that a lot of them are very difficult to figure out, so just take the information that you can get and make your best decisions based on that.

It’s not clear based on the information I can find whether the Etsy search and the Etsy app and other pages combine the search terms that they show on those pages, or if they’re two completely separate sets of search terms.

By checking both, you’ll be able to find search terms that were used to find your shop in one way or the other, and you can make decisions based on that information as best you can.

Individual listing stats.

How to see individual Etsy listing stats.

There are a few ways that you can see the statistics for an individual listing as long as that listing is active. First, you can check the individual listing page when you are signed in to your Etsy account, and click “stats” at the top of that page. You can also go to the stats page on your shop dashboard, scroll down, and click on the individual listing to open up a page of the statistics for that listing. In addition, you can go to the listings manager and click on the gear icon for an active listing, then click on stats to see the statistics for that listing.

As I mentioned before, if the listing isn’t active, you’ll need to go to the main stats page and scroll down to select from the listings menu in order to see the stats for that listing.

You can’t search for specific listings from that page, though, you have to do that in the listings manager.

Individual listing statistics pages will give you the best look at that listing that you can find on Etsy.

Those stats pages include search terms that were used to find the listing, and you can sort by a specific time period if you’re interested in that.

You’ll also be able to see views, visits, revenue, sales, and other information that you might need in order to make decisions about that listing.

Search analytics beta

What are the Etsy analytics beta stats?

Etsy search analytics beta has been around for a few years, but they have never taken it out of beta and it’s not very useful.

It is interesting because it shows every single search term that your listings were shown for, but not necessarily clicked on.

Because of that, it might let you see the types of search terms that Etsy thinks your listings are relevant for, but it also might come up with a bunch of searches that are not really relevant and won’t help you when you’re doing your SEO research for your shop.

It also works on averages, so it gives you a very distorted look at where your listing showed up in search results.

Because of that, use the search analytics beta very carefully and don’t take any of the data in it as 100% pure truth.

To see the search analytics beta, go to the marketing tab on your shop dashboard and select “search analytics beta” from the menu.

Where are the Etsy Ads stats?

To see the stats for Etsy ads if you are running a campaign, you can click on the marketing tab on your shop dashboard and select Etsy ads from that menu. This will take you to the Etsy Ads dashboard, where you can change the settings on your ad campaign and see stats for the listings that you’re advertising.

You’ll need to be running a campaign in order to see the statistics for your Etsy ads, and when you do restart your campaign they only show you stats for ads that were run in a short time frame going back.

Etsy recently restructured how they display the stats for ads, so you may have to poke around in there to find everything that you need. To see the stats for individual listings you need to click on “manage advertised listings,” then go to the top right corner of that page and toggle the view that you prefer.

You can choose either a grid or a list view from the grayed-out boxes at the top right. Just click on the one that you prefer, and you’ll be able to get to the individual listing ad stats from there.

You can also filter by section and whether the listing is being advertised or not by using the filters at the top of the page.

Once you’re in the listing stats section, you can click on an individual listing to see the keywords that were used to find the ad and to see which terms brought the most traffic and sales to your shop.

If you’re running a long-term ad campaign, make sure to make a note of the keywords that were used to find the listing, because they reset after seven days.

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