How To Make A New Listing On Etsy With The Listing Manager

To make a new listing on Etsy, you’ll need to get familiar with the listing manager.

It changed recently, but it’s not that hard to figure out once you get in and learn where things are. Read on for some tips on how to make a new listing and how the listing manager works.

Etsy's new listings manager and how to make a new listing

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What the listing manager looks like.

To list a new listing on Etsy, you basically go through and fill out each section of the page.

There are links to each section at the top of the page so that you can jump directly to that section.

the new listings manager on Etsy

Clicking these will make the page jump down to that section, and the links stick to the top of the page so you can jump around in the listing without scrolling.

The about section in Etsy's listings manager

The photos in this section are in a grid, with the largest one being the one that will show in search results.

You can click and drag the photos that you want into that spot to rearrange them.

The files section on a digital Etsy listing

Digital files are added right underneath the photos, so they’re easily accessible when you’re uploading your media.

The description section on an Etsy listing

Next comes the description and personalization boxes.

the price box on an Etsy listing

Next is the price, inventory, and variations information.

The details section on an Etsy listing

After that comes the Category section and the attributes.

This section will be different depending on what your item is and what category the product fits into.

Tags and materials, plus shipping sections on an Etsy listing

Next, we have the section for tags, materials, and shipping (this is a digital item so there’s no shipping info there.)

Settings section on an Etsy listing.

And at the end, there’s the settings section, which has the return policy for that listing, section, and the renewal and ads toggle switches set up.

Be careful because the renewal settings here are set up as auto renewal for the default. If you prefer to manually renew the listings yourself (if they don’t sell in 4 months) switch to the manual renewal setting.

the publish button on an Etsy listing.

In this case, I did switch it to manual renewal, and at the very bottom of the page the notification showed up telling me what I changed. If you change more than that all of the changes will be noted.

After you check that, you can click “publish” on the right.

The performance section on an etsy listing.

There’s also a performance tab, which shows the stats for the listing on this page.

Under the stats are all of the reviews for the listing, so you can see what the basic opinion of people about the listing is.

How to add a listing using the listing manager.

The process of adding a new product is pretty simple. If you fill out each section, you’re basically done..

The photos section on an Etsy listing.

In the photo manager section you also have an editing option.

When you click on a photo, or on the “edit” button on the right of the photo section, it opens up in a new window and it has the instructions for editing the photos all on one page.

That means that you can’t just click the little garbage can icon to delete a photo, you have to go to a second page.

All of the photos show up on this page, and you can click, hold, and drag the photos in the grid on the left to move the order around.

You also add new photos or videos to the listing on this page.

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