30+ Gender Neutral Color Combinations for Baby Blankets.


Baby blankets are a practical gift that a lot of people like to give because of their versatility. But if you don’t know the gender of the baby, or the parents don’t like pink and blue color schemes, it can be tricky to decide what gender-neutral color scheme to go with.

The first thing to remember is that there are plenty of gender-neutral baby blanket color schemes to choose from.

The second thing to remember is that you really DON’T have to color-coordinate everything. Just because the parents are going with a woodland forest theme for the baby’s nursery doesn’t mean that you have to get every gift in exactly those colors.

The baby isn’t going to live only in the nursery, and the idea that everything should be neatly coordinated is going to die a quick death when the new parents get involved in the day-to-day of having a baby to take care of.

gender neutral color palette for baby blankets

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Also, having a good supply of baby blankets is just a good idea, based on needing them to use in a stroller, to throw on the floor so the baby can lie on it, or to keep in the car in case you need one on the go. They don’t all need to be exactly alike!

There are a lot of gender-neutral color schemes to choose from, and after I did a deep dive into looking at some, I found a bunch of common elements that they seem to have.

gender neutral color palette for baby blankets swatches
Some gender-neutral colors that can be used together.

A lot of the color combinations I found tended to follow the pattern of having one or two bold colors, a neutral, and a contrasting color as the basis for the color scheme.

They also tended to be more on the yellow side, so the pink colors were more of a salmon than a true pink.

And yes, you can put pink and blue in gender-neutral color schemes, the color police aren’t going to come and drag you away. It’s more a matter of the degree and shade of the color than anything else.

The bright palettes.

Brighter gender-neutral color schemes can include the primary colors of red, blue and yellow, or tropical colors like orange, teal, and green.

gender neutral color palette for baby blankets primary colors
Primary colors

This baby quilt was made by Mary of Li’l Fox Designs and is composed of the primary colors of red, blue and yellow.

gender neutral color palette for baby blankets primary colors
Primary colors and green

The primary colors are a staple of gender-neutral color schemes, and you can add some more bright colors in with them if you like, like this one with green added.

Gender neutral baby blanket colors shades of primary colors
Bright colors and shades that are lighter.

If that seems too bright for you, but you still want to do those types of colors, just choose lighter versions of them. This shows the difference between darker and lighter versions of the same primary colors.

gender neutral color palette for baby blankets tropical colors
Tropical brights

This more tropical combination is also good for a gender-neutral color scheme, even though it includes blues. Teal works its way into a lot of these combinations.

Gender neutral baby blanket colors shades of red green and teal
Shades of the tropical brights

Some more of the brighter and bolder color schemes follow:

The monochromes.

Another easy gender-neutral color scheme is to take one color and use shades of it to create a monochromatic group.

This is usually a more visually soothing option because it eliminates the pops of color that contrast with each other.

gender neutral color palette for baby blankets teal

Mary’s quilt looks different when it’s colorized in teal shades! I messed around with the color and came up with these examples of monochromatic versions:

The green color combinations.

The next common thread that I found in gender-neutral color options was a lot of green.

There are some popular baby nursery themes that include green, including woodland animals, like these quilts made by Karen of Tahoe QuiltsOpens in a new tab.. I’ve pulled a color scheme out of them to show the combinations.

More green color combinations are shown here:

The darker green combos tend to go along the forest theme. There are also some lighter green and teal ones that can feel beachier, depending on whether they’re paired with an orange color.

The beachy color schemes.

I would call these the beach colors because they’re reminiscent of the ocean, sand, and pale tropical colors.

Some of them also have a citrus element as a contrast, or a darker tone.

I guess you could also refer to some of these as tropical or desert, depending on how much of the sand tones are included.

gender neutral color palette for baby blankets beachy colors
Beach colors

The yellow and grey combinations.

A classic gender-neutral color combination is yellow and grey.

This combination has a lot in common with the sandy/beachy colors because the yellow can come in a lot of different tones, and the grey can also be more on the teal side.

You can also add tones of green to this color scheme.

When you get into this, you’ll see that there’s a lot of overlap between the categories…

Choosing shades and tones.

Remember that if you like a color scheme but you feel like it’s too dark or bright, you can always choose a lighter version of the color to tone it down.

Additional color schemes for gender neutral baby blankets.

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