Gifts For A Mother-In-Law Who Hates You. (Nice and Naughty.)


Sometimes you don’t get lucky, and your mother-in-law turns out to be someone who just won’t like you. That doesn’t mean that you can get out of giving her Christmas and birthday gifts, because ignoring her won’t help the situation!

I was lucky that my mother-in-law was delightful, so I asked some Artisan Shopping Directory members what they would give to their MILs if they hated them.

Gifts For A Mother-In-Law Who Hates You. (Nice and Naughty.)

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Custom ornaments.

Cindy from Petalworks Dayton says “It’s impossible to make your mother-in-law stop hating you! Sooooo….start things off right with her. Give her this lovely wedding ornament made from your wedding bouquet.Opens in a new tab. Every holiday she will see your sweet and thoughtful gift!”

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A pretty suncatcher.

Tina from Bello Glass suggests this handmade suncatcher:Opens in a new tab. “This item fits even the worst MIL’s decor. Everyone likes a little bit of sparkle in their life. People also include notes of remembrance to the recipient, “May the rainbows cast from this suncatcher remind you of -blank- and they are never far from your heart.”

We all agree that putting the grandkids’ names in there will prevent your MIL from being mad about this gift…

A pet-themed gift.

Chris, owner of Crosswired Creationz, offers this personalized wooden sculpturOpens in a new tab.e to the collection. And you can’t go wrong with a pet-themed gift. “This dog and mom figure set will warm even the coldest of hearts!”

A gift she can’t dislike.

Gabriella of KIS and Co Luxury WeaversOpens in a new tab. suggests that you go upscale with a cashmere wrap. That way your nasty MIL won’t be able to say that you didn’t put any effort into her gift. “Give her some expensive cashmere and she won’t dare hate you ever again.”

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A pretty bracelet.

Jan O’Hoski, owner of Shakti Vibe Malas, says to give a pretty braceletOpens in a new tab., which is “something to show your mother-in-law your love and provide her with peace and calm. Keep showing your love, and eventually they’ll have to give in and not hate you anymore.” (One can always hope.)

A personalized hat.

Becki, owner of Kailey’s Monogram Shop, says to “kill her with kindness and send her to her happy place” with a custom embroidered hatOpens in a new tab..

Grandkid gifts.

A similar comment came from Destiny of Home Branded. She says to “kill her with kindness and beautiful ornaments with each of the grandkids’ names.”

Pretty wrapping paper.

daisy and bees wrapping paper on a package

Deborah from Hot Pocket Graphics says that some MIL’s just have a sting. She recommends wrapping your mother-in-law’s gift in designer wrapping paper that is sure to make her sweet as honeyOpens in a new tab.! Available in multiple patterns, three sizes, and two finishes, this eco-luxury gift wrap is the perfect way to give your mother-in-law a gift that shows her how much you care, while also being environmentally friendly. 

Stylish accessories.

Karen, owner of Kalx Designs, says to get her “glasses chainOpens in a new tab.s, as a gentle ‘suggestion’ that she’s always losing her glasses or looks stupid wearing her readers on top of her head…”

Cute kitchen decor.

Anne, owner of French Vintage Prints, suggests that you “show her you love her cooking and garden with this personalized vegetables posterOpens in a new tab.. Alternately, delicately suggest to her that she could use more fresh stuff…”

A useful gift.

Tracey Lipman says to get her “A phone bagOpens in a new tab. so that she can keep her phone close by (and never have a go at you again that you don’t send enough pics of the grandkids or updates on the big kid otherwise known as her son.)”

Artistic kitchen accessories.

Sherri from Sherri O Designs, suggests “dish towelsOpens in a new tab., particularly good if she is critical of your housekeeping…”

For someone who can take it.

Leah from Leah Kathryn Jewelry says “I think this speaks for itself, but I would say that if your MIL has made it known that she hates you, then she is probably a pretty straightforward person, and will appreciate this unambiguous gift.Opens in a new tab. One man who bought it told me in the notes at checkout that it was a Mother’s Day gift!”

And if you’re looking for a gift for a mother-in-law who YOU don’t like, this would also work. But it might be a little TOO direct if that’s the case, so be careful!

A nice gift that still sends a message.

Briana of Meckley BroomsOpens in a new tab. suggests that “Heirloom quality brooms make great gifts for loved ones and not so loved relatives that you want to secretly or not so secretly send a message too!”

The “burn the bridges” gift.

Jes from Sixth Spice says “if you don’t care if she hates you, you can let her know with a delicious smelling home with these eco-friendly wax meltsOpens in a new tab..” These would be good gifts for a horrible mother-in-law, but only if you don’t mind burning some bridges!

Compliment her son.

Catherine from Memory Thread Co takes a more generous approach by advising us to “get in your mother-in-law’s good books right from the start. Without her, the love of your life wouldn’t exist, so that’s one point in her favor, right?” This embroidered handkerchiefOpens in a new tab. might help.

A gift with a secret meaning.

Lisa from Fuse Muse Fused Glass says that if your MIL is a grumpy bear, this ornament could be good.Opens in a new tab. She adds “I used to have a cactus that made mention of a “Prickly B*tch” but that wouldn’t have been very nice!”

A peace offering.

Sandy, owner of On Faith And Dreams, thinks that it’s better to try to take the high road. “I think you should rise above the negative attitude and sow some positive vibes in the relationship! How about some inspirational artworkOpens in a new tab. to do that with?”

Cute tea towels.

blue tea towels

If you want to give her a gift that’s useful, and also not too personal, these lightweight cotton tea towels Opens in a new tab.would work. They’re pretty but also utiliatarian, so she won’t be able to say she can’t use them.

However you decide to handle it, you’ll be able to find gifts to fit the situation from one of our members. You can check the Directory of Artisan Shopping members to find additional gifts by going through the different categories here: Artisan Shopping Directory


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