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When you think of Christmas decor and gift ideas, red and green are the colors that probably come to mind, but there are a lot of variations on the theme.

Goth Christmas is a thing, so I’ve rounded up some gothic Christmas decorations, creepy Christmas ornaments, and goth Christmas gifts that you can use to spook up your Christmas decor.

What makes something a goth Christmas decoration? I would say that it would be dark and strangely romantic or appealing in a creepy way.

Black would be the preferred color, naturally, but dark grey and dark red and greens would also work for Christmas.

The members of the Artisan Shopping Directory have a lot of items that would be great for decorating or gifting for a goth Christmas theme, but they might sell out, leaving you clicking on links that go nowhere. I’ve linked to their Etsy shops directly in some cases so that you won’t end up at a dead end.

goth decor and gift ideas

Please note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which will give me a small commission at no cost to you if you buy something when you use them.

This article includes Artisan Shopping Directory members and some paid listing placements that have been screened in as well. Contact the individual sellers for questions about their products!

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Goth Christmas decorations

Goth Christmas decorations

Goth Christmas decorations

Holidays Lane Opens in a new tab.has a large assortment of black ornaments and Halloween Christmas ornaments if you want to incorporate some white or orange into the black.

Goth Christmas decorations

Vaida Petreikis Opens in a new tab.has a set of black felted acorns that would be at home in a goth decor theme for fall and extending into Christmas. They could also be used as Christmas tree ornaments.

Goth Christmas decorations

Oleander MoonOpens in a new tab. has a Christmas decor section that isn’t all black, but it definitely includes items that would fit into a dark humor category.

Goth Christmas decorations

The candy cane skull is a creepy cute addition to the tree, and my personal favorite is this unfortunate gingerbread man.

goat head ornament

This handmade ceramic goat head ornament from Mothweed CottageOpens in a new tab. adds a little folk horror darkness to your Christmas tree this year. Also makes a great witchy Yule gift!

Raven wrapping paper.

Raven wrapping paper

Designer wrapping paper from Hot Pocket GraphicsOpens in a new tab. will elevate your gift-giving game. Available in multiple patterns, three sizes, and two finishes, this eco-luxury gift wrap is the perfect way to give your favorite goth lover a Christmas gift that makes a statement, while also being environmentally friendly. Show that special goth romantic how much you care with the ultimate presentation as well as the most thoughtful gift.

Goth Christmas Gifts

If you have a friend who loves the goth aesthetic, these gifts would be perfect to give them something unexpected. Make sure to check out the shops to see their full selection of gifts.

Goth Christmas gifts

Goth Christmas gifts

French Vintage PrintsOpens in a new tab. had a wide selection of medical and nature prints that would add a unique vintage flair to your everyday decor.

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Goth Christmas gifts

May Designers Opens in a new tab.has a selection of skull jewelry that would be good gifts for gothic friends (or yourself.)

Goth Christmas gifts

Goth Christmas gifts

Pony Express GraphicsOpens in a new tab. has a wide selection of affordable gifts that would be cute stocking stuffers for a goth teenager, including these dark Alice stickers and dark magic stickers.

Goth Christmas gifts

Paula McNulty Designs Opens in a new tab.has a range of gothic-inspired accessories, including these hair sticks.

Goth Christmas gifts

Tracey LipmanOpens in a new tab. has a wide selection of bags and wallets, including these colorful skull designs.

Goth Christmas gifts

ShadowmythsOpens in a new tab. offers a full line of original artwork, printed wall art, and tarot/oracle card decks.

These are also used by writers as story prompt cards, so if you have a writer friend, or you know someone who likes to journal, they would be a great gift.

Goth Christmas gifts

RavynEdgeOpens in a new tab. creates beautiful gothic-inspired jewelry featuring raven skulls and dragon claws. They’d make great gifts for anyone who loves a little mystery in their style.

black besom broom

black broom

A handmade broom from Meckley brooms Opens in a new tab.with black bristles is a perfect home decor (and useful) item for your witchy or goth friends.

skull christmas stickers

From Pony Express GraphicsOpens in a new tab., these waterproof vinyl sticker sheets are available in 3 different sizes.

They’re not only great for journaling and decorating planners, but they can also be used on tumblers, cups and so many other things.

skull barrette

From Paula McNulty Designs,Opens in a new tab. this skull hair barrette features Victorian aesthetics with a Gothic twist, making it an ideal complement to a dark glamor aesthetic.

goth christmas themed pregnanacy announcement

This is a spooky goth Christmas-themed gender-neutral pregnancy announcementOpens in a new tab. from Minny Prints for you to announce to your friends and family that you are expecting, which is a great gift for grandparents!

Share this digital pregnancy announcement with all your loved ones within minutes after purchase and post it on your social media accounts, text, or send a card to all your loved ones.

skull glasses chain

Make a statement with this glasses holder from Kalx DesignsOpens in a new tab. in jet black Czech glass beads accented with metal skull beads in a dark silvery tone

skull shoelaces

These skull shoelaces from Lil Fox DesignsOpens in a new tab. are a fun gift for your goth friends.

bat suncatcher

This clear self-adhesive bat skeleton suncatcher from Lil Fox DesignsOpens in a new tab. is the perfect gift for anyone with a black sense of humor.

It’s designed to be hung in the window, where it will catch the light and transform into rainbows.

vintage black drinkware

How Fast Time FliesOpens in a new tab. has these unique vintage 80s champagne flutes for your Goth friends and family!

Beautiful tall stemware with a black stem – perfect touch of classic vintage for your drinkware.

awareness deck

From ShadowMyths, Opens in a new tab.this original art card deck can be used for Oracle/Tarot reading, and you’ll get a better understanding about who you are.

It’s not about reading the future, it’s about understanding your own life and the darkness you are going through. Healing starts with understanding, and this is a great gift for someone who’s into self-awareness and personal growth.

creepy junk journal

winter junk journal

winter junk journal

These winter-themed creepy junk journals from Ila and AliceOpens in a new tab. would be a nice gift for the goth who likes to journal.

gem in the shape of a christmas tree

If you have a friend who’s interested in crystals and manifesting, check out The Manifesting Witch on Etsy.Opens in a new tab.

She has a wide variety of crystals and supplies for divination, including a section for Christmas and Yule.

smudge kit with feather

You can also check out the crystals and witchcraft supplies at 4 Wings And A DreamOpens in a new tab.. She has Tarot and other witchy products, including this smudge kit.

scarab ring box

If your witchy friend likes animals (or familiars) take a look at the selection of products at Quirky Creatures.Opens in a new tab.

There are plenty of black cats, goats, and insects here on journals, ring boxes, jewelry, and art prints.

Ivy wrapped fairy lights

Gothic black leaf fairy lights with dewdrop crystals Opens in a new tab.for a woodland whimsigoth aesthetic, with battery or usb powered options. And not just for Christmas – these work great year round in a curio cabinet, bookshelf or bedroom, so would make a perfect gift for those with a love of the dark.


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