Can You Contact Etsy By Phone In 2024? The Updated Answer


If you’re trying to contact Etsy by phone you’re not going to be able to find a direct number to call them.

Etsy recently disconnected its direct Etsy customer service phone number, and if you call the one that’s listed on multiple websites you’ll get a message that it’s out of service and that you need to go to to get help.

However, there’s still a way to get a phone callback if you need to speak to someone, it just isn’t a direct line.

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Can you contact etsy by phone?

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How to call Etsy: Ask for a phone call from Etsy Customer Service.

There’s no direct Etsy support phone number, you need to request a callback from the Etsy customer service department.

To request a callback from Etsy support, you’ll need to go to and find their support page. The direct link is here: Request support from Etsy.Opens in a new tab.

The phone call request usually gets a pretty fast response, so if the option is there you should expect Etsy help to return your call fairly quickly.

If the option isn’t there, you should look through the other topics on that page to see if it shows up under a different topic. Etsy’s support options aren’t always the same for every topic that they have on that page, so it’s worth poking through to see if you can find the callback option even if you don’t see it at first.

However, I once spoke to a customer service rep on the phone who told me that they’re trained in one specific area, and if they get a question outside of that they might have to direct it to someone else, so you might not get a straight answer if you go off-topic.

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What if Etsy doesn’t call you back?

Even if you can find the Etsy help number for a callback, it might not be too much help. If a call doesn’t answer your question, you might want to try Etsy chat. The one thing that I would advise is that Etsy email is extremely unreliable and slow, so try to avoid that if at all possible.

Another option if you’re a customer would be to try contacting the seller if you’re trying to get information about a transaction. If you’re having a problem with the seller, you can open a case with Etsy if you’ve contacted the seller and they don’t respond in 48 hours.

Be aware, though, that opening a case with Etsy might end up with them closing the case in the seller’s favor, so it’s not a guarantee of getting a refund.

Try to work it out with the seller first because most of us are willing to try to help with situations that we can help with.

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Can you contact an Etsy seller by phone?

Most Etsy sellers prefer not to receive phone calls for a few reasons. If they have a website that has a customer service phone number you can use that, but Etsy has rules about not taking conversations off of the Etsy messaging system. The seller might ask you to contact them on Etsy for that reason.

It’s also easier to keep messages about orders on Etsy in one place so that we can refer to them quickly and no details will be missed.

Another thing to remember is that most Etsy sellers work from home, so it might not be easy to talk on the phone if there are family activities going on in the background.

On top of that, there are a lot of international sellers, so time zones come into play.

For multiple reasons, it’s best to contact a seller using Etsy messaging, not the phone.

Is there an Etsy seller support phone number?

The short answer is no, Etsy sellers don’t have a special line to Etsy that customers don’t have. We have to go through the same process to request a callback if we have a problem.

We understand how frustrating this can be for customers because it’s aggravating for us, too!

To summarize, if you are wondering how to speak to someone at Etsy, there is currently NO Etsy support phone number that you can call to speak directly to a customer service representative. Etsy gives us options for a phone callback, chat, and email at different times of the day, and you can send Etsy sellers messages through the Etsy convo system.

There are things that we can’t really help with, including most payment problems and some shipping issues, though.

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