How Long Do I Have To Leave A Review On Etsy?


If you buy something on Etsy, you might wonder when you can leave a review, because sometimes you can’t leave one when you try!

The answer isn’t always as straightforward as it seems, because of some variables that might kick in.

So how long do you have to leave a review before the window closes?

How long do I have to leave a review on Etsy

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How long do you have to leave an Etsy review?

You can leave a review on Etsy for 100 days from the time that the review window opens. After the 100 days, you won’t be able to leave a review for that product, and if you have left a review, you won’t be able to edit the review that you left.

The review window for leaving a window on Etsy is supposed to start when the item is delivered, but that’s not always what happens.

order with an estimated review date on it.
Estimated review date on a new order.

Sometimes Etsy uses the estimated delivery date, which can be off by a few days in either direction.

It’s possible that you’ll start getting reminders from Etsy about leaving a review before you get the item.

If that happens, just wait to leave the review until the package gets to you and you have a chance to check out what you bought.

On the other hand, you might receive the thing that you bought but not be able to leave a review yet.

If THAT happens, just wait and come back in a few days to see if you’re able to review your purchase at that point.

Etsy will also start to send you messages as soon as the review window opens, and recently it’s gotten to the point where people are getting so many messages it’s driving them crazy.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll forget to leave a review because of this, unless you don’t come to Etsy at all for three months following your purchase. And even then, they’ll probably send you emails about it.

This is probably a good time to mention that it’s ETSY sending the messages, not the seller in most cases, so if it’s aggravating, please don’t take it out on us by giving us a bad review!

They drive me crazy with messages when I buy something too, so it’s unavoidable at this point.

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Can you leave a review on Etsy after 100 days?

The short answer is that you can’t leave a review for an Etsy purchase after 100 days. When the review window closes, that’s it, and you won’t be able to post a review at all. This is meant to prevent people from abusing the review system and altering reviews long after the fact.

100 days should be long enough as far as seeing whether you like the product, and to be able to give a good review.

Some customers want to wait in order to see if the product they bought works out over time, but there has to be a cutoff!

Most shop owners would probably say that 100 days is too long, so the length of the review period is never going to please everyone!

review on etsy
Etsy review

Can I edit or delete an Etsy review after 100 days?

Editing or deleting a review on Etsy has to be done during the 100-day review window. After that time passes, the review will be locked and you won’t be able to delete it, change anything, or add a photo or video to the review.

Again, this is to prevent abuse of the review system.

If Etsy let people come back and change reviews without a time limit, it could get crazy, so the 100 days applies to everything as far as locking the review in.

You also can’t delete a review after the 100-day review window has closed. At that point the review is locked.

You MIGHT be able to have Etsy remove a review that you left in error by contacting Etsy support directly, but that’s not guaranteed to work.

Etsy has to comply with laws about altering online reviews, so they can’t delete reviews without a good reason, other wise they mgiht be violating FTC regulations.

federal trade commission buidling in Washington DC

You should also be careful about deleting a review completely, because you might not be able to leave a new one.

Just edit the original review if you want to change something, don’t delete it.

Can I change a review after the seller responds to it?

If the seller responds to a review, it locks it in and it won’t be editable after that. This can happen at any time after the feedback is left, and it basically ends the review window. When the response is recorded the 100 days open period is null and void and no changes can be made.

If you have a problem with an order, it’s better to contact the seller about it before you leave a review.

It gives them an opportunity to fix the problem if it’s a mistake that they made, and then your feedback can include the customer service that you were given as well as talking about the product itself!

response to a review on etsy
Response to a review on Etsy

I try to respond to all of my reviews, so they do get locked in when I do that. If the shop owner that you purchased from does the same thing, you won’t be able to change anything after posting the feedback.

What else would prevent me from leaving a review on Etsy?

The other situations that could prevent a customer from leaving a review on Etsy include if they open a case against the seller, or if they checked out as a guest. You have to be a registered user on Etsy in order to use the review system, and a review can’t be left if there’s an active case open.

When the case is closed, the review can be left as long as the 100 day review period is still active.

The 100 days doesn’t stop when a customer opens a case, so if you do that right at the end of the review period and the time elapses before the case is resolved, you might not be able to review your purchase.

The other thing that could happen is that you checked out as a guest, and then you want to leave a review but you can’t.

In order to leave a review for that item, you can register an account with Etsy, then claim the order to have it linked to your new account.

For a more in-depth article about that, click here: How To Leave Reviews On Etsy (And How Guests Can.)


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