How To Bulk Edit Etsy Listings.

Sometimes you have a minor edit that you want to add to multiple Etsy listings, or you want to adjust some prices on a bunch of them.

If you use the bulk editor in the listings manager, you can take care of a lot of these types of global edits, depending on what you need to do.

The Etsy bulk editor has a lot of limitations, but it does let you get a lot of things done!

how to bulk edit etsy listings.

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How to use the Etsy Bulk Editor.

To use the Etsy bulk editor:

  1. Go to the listings manager and select the listings that you want to edit. (To select all of the listings in your shop, click the small triangle on the right of the select checkbox and select everything.)
  2. Click on “editing options” and the dropdown will open up to give you the options available.
  3. Choose what you want to edit and check out what your options are.
  4. Select the option that you want to use, and go through the instructions for each option.
  5. Click “apply” to make the changes official!

The list of editing options in the bulk editor.
The list of editing options in the bulk editor.

The things that you can edit using the Etsy bulk editor include:

  • Titles
  • Tags
  • Descriptions
  • Prices
  • Personalization instructions
  • Production partners
  • Renewal options
  • Shipping profiles
  • Return policies
  • Sections

This is very handy in cases when Etsy goes crazy and changes things like your shipping profiles or renewal options.

If you accidentally set some things on automatic renewal when you didn’t mean to (it’s easy because that’s the default when you renew things) you can change that by choosing everything in your shop and switching it all to manual renewal.

The things that Etsy won’t bulk-edit include the variations, which is a pain because you have to go through and edit those individually.

There are some third-party bulk editors like VelaOpens in a new tab. that let you create profiles that let you edit variations in bulk, but Etsy doesn’t do that yet.

For most of the edit options, you’ll be able to find and remove phrases, or replace them with other things.

When Etsy was on a listing deactivation rampage and caught some of my listings, I used the description editor to remove the words that I thought were the problems.

For the pricing editor, you can increase or decrease the price of listings by a certain amount.

The personalization editor lets you apply the same instructions to multiple listings.

Using the Quick Edit option to edit tags.

Sometimes you want to add a certain tag to a bunch of listings but you don’t have the same tags in all of the listings to remove in bulk.

What you can do is try removing some general tags from everything using the bulk editor, and adding the tags that you want to include instead.

Etsy will give you messages about how many listings were updated, and if some that you had selected didn’t update it will show you which ones weren’t changed and why.

Showing which listings weren't updated.
Showing which listings weren’t updated.

You might have to go into the Quick Edit section to get around this, and delete the tags from specific listings individually, then go back to the bulk editor to add tags in bulk.

You can also just copy and paste the tags into the quick edit, but you can’t bulk edit things there.

You can sort by section to identify listings that you want to edit though, so sometimes you have to do a little maneuvering to use the editing features together to get things done faster.

What I do is open up the quick edit, then I use CTRL+F on my keyboard on Windows to find the word in the tags that I want to change. It’s not an automatic process, but it’s faster than trying to read through every tag.

Whether you use the bulk editor or the quick editor, it will still be faster than going into each listing individually!

Easy Tag Editor for Etsy.

One of the Artisan Shopping Directory members designed this Easy Tag Editor to use in her own Etsy shop, and she made it available to other Etsy sellers here: Easy Tag EditorOpens in a new tab.

This is another way to handle your tags editing in bulk and speed the process up.

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