How To Change Your Shop Name On Etsy

If you want to change your shop name on Etsy, you should be very careful that you do it after considering your options. Changing your shop name is easy the first time, but it’s not something that you can do a lot!

To change your shop name on Etsy, go to your shop settings and choose info and appearance. On the info page choose the shop name tab and read the instructions, then enter your new shop name in the box. When you enter it into the system, Etsy will change the name and create 301 redirects to send people from any old links to your new shop url.

While it’s easy to change the shop name once, it’s not easy after that.

So make sure that you pay attention to these limitations on how often you change your name and what name you can choose.

how to chnge your shop name on etsy

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How often can you change your Etsy shop name?

If your shop has not been opened and is still in draft mode, you can change the name as many times as you want to. After you open it, the name is set and you can change it once before Etsy makes it difficult to change. The Etsy help section says that you can change it up to 5 times by using the form on the info and appearance page, but most sellers who try to change their shop name more than once have had difficulty doing it.

In my experience, people can’t change their shop names more than once without needing to get on the phone and beg Etsy to let them do it.

Whether or not they’re running into a technical glitch or not is debatable, but the consensus is that you shouldn’t plan on changing your shop name too often.

It’s also not good for branding purposes if you change your shop name too often, because customers won’t be able to find you as easily.

Etsy does redirect old links, but if a customer searches for your business name on Etsy there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to find your shop.

If I change my Etsy shop name how will customers find me?

When you change your Etsy shop name, Etsy provides a 301 redirect, which will send people to your shop’s new url if they type in your old shop’s url. This provides continuity for old listing links on social media and for links on Etsy. Etsy will also change the names of your shop on receipts for customers who have purchased from your shop, so previous customers will be able to find you by going through their purchases in their account.

I’ve heard people who say that changing the name of your shop will end up in all of your social media links, Pinterest pins, and other outside links going to dead ends, but that’s not true.

Etsy changes the links so that when someone sees a pin with the old shop name, it will go to the listing under the new shop name.

This keeps the sales history and listing quality score of the listings intact.

I purchased a custom scarf from a company called Kis and Co a few years ago, and in the time since then the owner has changed the shop name to Kis and Co Luxury Weavers.

When I looked at the receipt for this in the “My purchases and reviews” section of my Etsy account, it’s the new shop name on the receipt.

Etsy will redirect customers to your new shop, but you should also plan on spreading the word yourself.

Use your social media, email newsletter, and Etsy shop banner to introduce people to your new shop name for a couple of months so that customers will be aware that you’ve changed the business name.

Are there limits on what I can change my shop name to?

Etsy shop names and usernames are only available if they have never been used on Etsy before. If you try to change the name of your shop to something that has been used in the past, or is currently being used, you won’t be able to choose that name. Even if the name belonged to a shop that is now closed, the name won’t be available. In addition, Etsy shop names can only have 20 characters, and no spaces or punctuation.

If your business name has any punctuation or numbers, you may have to figure out a workaround to use instead.

Some sellers have an ampersand in the shop name, like Kis&Co. Etsy will make you spell it out, so it will have to be KisandCo on Etsy.

If your business name is more than 20 characters, you’ll need to use a shorter version. This can be tricky because your shop name is going to be your Etsy shop’s url, and it may not align with your website or social media.

Try to keep it as close to your other social media as possible so that your customers can find you online.

Additionally, if the name violates any of Etsy’s user policies, you may not be able to use it.

If the name doesn’t follow the Etsy guidelines it will be turned down.

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Wallifyer shop name suggested by Etsy
Wallifyer- An Etsy-suggested shop name

What if I can’t figure out a name for my Etsy shop?

If you can’t find a name that works for your business on Etsy, the system will suggest a name for you. You can choose to use the suggested name as your permanent shop name with the knowledge that it hasn’t been used on Etsy before. Most of the suggested names will either be very generic or nonsense words, so they might not line up with your business website or social media if you have a business that already exists.

If your business name is already taken on Etsy, you may have to change it slightly for the Etsy shop name.

Some people will add words or characters to the end of their business name, but you should try to keep it as close to the actual name as possible to avoid confusing your customers.

If you don’t have a business name already, you may want to use your own name or another term that isn’t 100% descriptive of what you sell.

If you use a product name in your shop name and decide to change what you sell later, you may have to change the shop name, but with a vague or nonsense name, you won’t.

One of the members of the Artisan Shopping Directory used an Etsy-suggested nonsense name for her shop, so she was able to use it for several different types of related products.

Others have had to consider changing their shop names when they decided to branch out from the original name they chose if it didn’t fit their new product lines.

Sometimes a vague name that doesn’t identify a product will work better in the long run!


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