How To Download Digital Files From Etsy (And Open Them!)


Downloading Etsy files can be a little tricky if you’ve never done it before, but don’t let that scare you. Etsy is a great place to buy digital files, including printable wall art, digital paper, and clip art for projects.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of where everything is located and how to download Etsy digital files that you’ve purchased.

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1. Start by going to your purchase and reviews section on Etsy.

You need to use the desktop version of Etsy to download files, you can’t use the app!

In the top right corner on desktop on Etsy, you’ll see your profile icon.

This is where your purchases and reviews are stored if you have an Etsy account.

Click on “purchases and reviews” and the list of items that you’ve purchased will open up.

Click this link to go to your own Etsy purchases and reviews section: in a new tab.

If you’re using the guest checkout on Etsy, you won’t have a profile section. You’ll receive an email with the files to download after purchasing them.

That email will be the only place that you have to get the link to download the files, so don’t lose it! You can also send a message to the shops owner about it, but without the email you might not even remember the name of the shop.

To read more about printable wall art, click here.

2. Scroll to the digital file that you purchased.

In the list of your purchases, find the file that you want to open. Click “download files” to start the download process.

If you can’t find the files in your purchases and reviews section, make sure that you’re using the same email address that you used to buy the files.

If you’re logged into Etsy with a different email, you won’t see the files since they’ll be in the account for the email that you used when you bought them.

I’ve had customers write to say that they didn’t’ receive the files, but the email that was on the order was different from the one on the account that they were looking at. It’s an easy mistake to make!

3. Find the file that you want to download from your purchases.

The next page will bring up a detailed list of all of the files that were included with your purchase.

There might be some that you want and some that you don’t need, so you can decide what to download from this page and leave the rest for later.

Your purchased files will always be available in your account, so you can come back to get all the files later if you don’t download right after purchasing.

4. Download the files that you want to use.

Click on the file that you want to download, and a download window should come up on your screen, either at the top or the bottom, depending on what browser you’re using.

This indicates that the file was downloaded to your computer and can be found in the downloads folder.

To see how to find your Etsy purchase history, click here.

5. Unzip any zip files.

If the files are in a zip file format, it just means that there is more than one file included in the file, so it was sent in a “zipped up” container.

Either double-click on the file on Apple computers, or open the file and click on “extract all” on PCs.

That will unpack the files and put them in a new folder that you can open normally.

6. Save the files to the location where you want to keep them on your computer.

When you click on “Extract all,” the computer will tell you where it will store the files.

You can tell it to store them in a different place if you want to keep them in a specific location on your computer.

If the files aren’t in zip files, you can simply save them from the download folder to whatever location on your computer that you want to have them in.

7. Using your digital files

Once you have your files, you can print them or use them as needed for your own projects.

Make sure to check to see what the copyright agreements are before using anything that you purchase in a project that you’ll be selling.

Some digital art can’t be used for commercial projects and some can, it will depend on the license that the artist who created it gives you when you purchase it.

To see the Artisan Shopper members who sell digital files, check out the Digital Art and Printables Directory.

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