How To Research Product Trends On Pinterest

If you’re looking for product trends, the most obvious place to see what “normal” people (meaning the ones who aren’t selling online) are actually looking at, is Pinterest.

Where else can you get a concrete idea about what people are looking at and basically voting for when they save Pins to boards with specific topics?

Let’s take a look at how to use Pinterest to your advantage when it comes to finding out about things people are interested in.

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Pinterest is a unique platform because it’s based on search and suggestions that are based on what people have been interacting with on Pinterest.

You can go to people’s Pinterest boards and see what people have been saving, which means that you can basically get a good idea of what’s really popular, instead of being told what’s going to be trendy coming up.

Those guesses are just that, guesses, and a lot of the time they guess wrong.

When you go to Pinterest you can use their trends tool to see what they’re reporting as far as increasing searches, plus look at the actual boards and pins that real Pinterest users are saving.

This will help you bypass the predictions and see what’s actually popular with customers.

Pinterest Trends

If you go to Trends.Pinterest.ComOpens in a new tab., you’ll be able to use the trends that Pinterest is reporting as far as increasing and decreasing search volume goes.

Pinterest trends is really intended for people who are running Pinterest ads, but it’s a valuable resource for anyone who wants to look at what’s actually popular right now.

The first page is general information about what’s popular and being searched right now, and you can type in your own basic keywords to find related searches and see whether searches are increasing or decreasing.

This is a good way to find keywords that are becoming more popular, and it will help you figure out what’s trending in real life, as opposed to listening to someone predict what’s trending.

You can also filter by interest on the left side of the page to narrow down the keywords that Pinterest is showing you in the main chart.

You can also choose the dropdown on the box that says “Growing Trends” to choose Seasonal or yearly trends instead, which is good for narrowing down Seasonal trends that might be in the increase now.

pinterest stats

Use Pinterest analytics.

You can also use your Pinterest analytics to find trends in your own audience.

Go to your Pinterest analytics Audience Insights page on desktop, then choose the date range you want to look at, and look in the top section that breaks out the interests of your audience.

You can choose total audience or engaged audience to narrow it down a little more. Engaged audience are the people who have interacted with your pins, so that might be better than choosing the entire audience.

pinterest stats

If there’s a category on the right that you’d like to look into further, click on it and more specific categories will open up.

pinterest feed on a desktop computer

If you click on the terms on the right, that will open up the search bar and will show you some popular pins. You’d be better off copying the URL and using an incognito browser, though, because that will show you results that aren’t based on your own history.

Seeing what Pinterest is showing people will give you an idea about what’s popular, because that’s how the Pinterest feed works.

The things that show up highest on the page (when you’re not signed in) will be the things that Pinterest thinks have the most general interest.

pinterest search

Snoop on Pinterest boards.

You can search by filtering for boards when you search for something, and Pinterest will happily serve you up a bunch of boards that show you what people have saved on boards with that name.

To do this, do a search, then click on the black filter button on the left. Choose “boards” them click “confirm” at the bottom of the page.

pinterest feed

All of the boards with that name will come up, and you’ll be able to see what kind of things people are actually saving.

If you go through and find boards that aren’t from businesses, you’ll probably start seeing some common themes.

The one thing to remember if you do this, though, is that you need to pay attention to how recent the pins on the boards are.

To do that, click through to the board, then click on the profile icon of the person who has that account.

When you’re on their homepage, click on “saved” and look at the dates under the boards.

This set of boards shows that they were added to very recently, hours, days, and weeks ago, so they’re probably going to be fairly up-to-date.

If all that you see on the dates is a series of high weeks or years, you know that those pins might not be as trendy as they were back when they were pinned.

And even if they were pinned to recently, it’s not an indication of trendiness, but it will be an indication of interest from the pinner, and that’s often more important.

Learn more about how Pinterest works.

If you want to know more about interpreting Pinterest stats or how to understand exactly what you should be pinning, consider signing up for my Pinterest class.Opens in a new tab.

Pinterest is a really valuable traffic source, but you have to use it the right way, and it changes a lot, so you need to keep up with those changes.

I update my class regularly, and I do live workshops a couple of times a month for people who are in the private Facebook group for the class.

Finding trends is one way to use Pinterest, but knowing how to pin to take advantage of those trends is a little more complicated.

And if you want to read another article about how you can promote your business on Pinterest, click here to read about that.

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