How To Set Up Etsy Discounts For Multiple Items Purchased

The Etsy coupon system doesn’t let us directly set up a discount for when people buy more than one item, but there are indirect ways to set that kind of thing up.

If you want to offer a discount for customers who purchase more than one thing, you can set up multiple coupons for each discount. Then the problem just becomes getting the coupons to the customers.

How to set up Etsy discounts for multiple items purchased

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How to set up a tiered discount on Etsy.

  1. Go to the marketing tab in the shop dashboard.
  2. In the marketing tab, select “Sales and Discounts.”
  3. Choose “create a promo code.”
  4. Set up the first coupon for the percentage off, and “number of items” with the number of items required to receive the discount.
  5. Choose the start date and click on “no end date” if you want the coupon to be available indefinitely.
  6. Name the coupon and click “review and confirm” at the bottom of the page.
Set up a coupon.

That’s your first coupon, and you then need to set up the other ones to fit the multiple discounts.

When you use this kind of coupon, you have to include the entire shop, you can’t offer it only on certain items or categories!

How many coupons to set up?

You can set up as many multiple coupons as you want to, but most people do two or three. It can be something like buy 3 get 10% off, buy 4 get 15% off, and buy 5 get 20% off.

This tiered discount system encourages customers to buy more than one, and it can increase your sales.

You can definitely do fewer than three, but you’ll have to set up an individual coupon code for each quantity.

After setting the coupons up, you’ll have to get them in front of customers so that they know you have them available!

Click to see the video walkthrough.

Where should you put the coupons?

There are a few places to put the coupon codes so that people can use them. The first place is right in the listing itself.

You can add a note to the listing description with each code and how much you need to buy to get the discount, and customers can find the codes there.

You can also add the codes to the shop banner so that they’re directly in front of people when they come to your shop’s homepage.

Another place where the codes can go is in an infographic that you put in the listing photos. This is only a problem if you have hundreds of listings because it will take so long to add them all in!

If you just want to add them to the listing description you can use the bulk editor in the listings manager to add the text at the front of the descriptions. That way people will see the codes right away.

What if people don’t use the coupons?

If you have a customer who doesn’t use the coupons, you may or may not want to refund the discount they would have received.

Refunding it as a courtesy is a nice thing to do, but shouldn’t be something that you feel like you have to do.

Some customers don’t want to use coupons because they like paying independent artists the full price to support us.

Other people might not feel like dealing with looking for coupons, so there’s no reason why you should feel like you HAVE to refund the difference.

Other people will write to ask you for a refund if they realize that they didn’t use the coupon code. If that happens, it’s a good idea to refund because it can end up being a happy customer who comes back and buys more later.

Whether you want to refund is up to you, but I tend to not pay attention to it unless someone writes to me and asks about it.

This system of tiered coupons is a good way to increase your AOV by giving people a reason to buy more than one thing, and it also helps your customers save a little money!

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