Nice 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women


Whether it’s for your mother, your wife, a friend, or a grandmother, you want a gift for a woman’s 70th birthday to be something that she’ll like since it’s a such a milestone. These artisan-made gifts fit the bill.

70th birthday gifts for women

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Personalized handmade soap gift box.

soap gift set

Botany Barn makes handmade soap gift setsOpens in a new tab. that can be personalized with a short message for the recipient. Give a fun shout-out to the 70th birthday by getting a message on the labels especially for her.

Unique pet portrait.

Dog portrait dinw with needle felting

Mariella Felts creates custom pet portraits using the unique art of 2D needle felting.Opens in a new tab. All custom portraits are created using a submitted photo, so you can give a birthday gift that’s a portrait of a favorite pet.

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Custom calligraphy.

calligraphy on a watercolor paper painting

If you have a special poem or you’d like to write a letter to celebrate the occasion, Swaying Letters provides custom calligraphyOpens in a new tab. and artwork that you can have made, then frame to give as a gift. It would be a welcome keepsake, and a personal message is always memorable.

Quirky artwork.

photos framed on a wall

If the 70-yr-old has a funny sense of humor or a quirky aesthetic, Quirky Creatures is a fun place to find unusual wall artOpens in a new tab., like this goat in a pickup truck.

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Clip-on earrings.

Clip-on opal earrings Opens in a new tab.are nice for someone who never got her ears pierced, or who stopped wearing earrings for pierced ears. These are an elegant choice that would be appropriate for any birthday, incuding a 70th.

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Pretty journals.

blue tiger journal

For someone who enjoys writing or journaling, these journals from Snappy Sisters Shoppe are unique and better than a regular notebook. They’re pretty and would be a nice 70th birthday gift that’s also useful.

A one-of-a-kind statement jewery piece.

handmade pendant

Joanna Potepa creates unique hand-embroidered gemstone jewelry pieces Opens in a new tab.that are truly one of a kind. They’re statement pieces that match the importance of a 70th birthday.

Something for “me time.”

eye pillow

Natural Body Comfort’s eye masks are nice gifts that the birthday girl can use for both hot and cold spa treatments at home. They come in different colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to find one that coordinates with your taste.

Family hearts wall art.

Custom family tree sign

This custom family tree sign by Jari Jade Creations can be personalized with the names of everyone in the family and would make a nice 70th birthday gift.

Family birthstone jewrelry.

Custom family birthstone choker necklaceOpens in a new tab.

Shokh jewelry makes this group of custom family birthstone jewelry that would be nice to give for a 70th birthday to represent each grandchild, or with a stone for everyone in the family.

You can get them in necklace, anklet, or bracelet form.

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Grandma-And-Me hats.

Grandma hat gift from granchildOpens in a new tab.

Becki also customizes embroidered sunhats and other accessories, so the grandkids can give Grandma a gift to match on your next family vacation.

Custom Grandma and Grandchild beach hatsOpens in a new tab.

These big-and-small monogrammed sun visors would be cute for a new beach trip. They come in a lot of colors, too, so you can choose your favorite.

Custom throw pillow with grandkids’ names.

Custom grandparents pillow with kids names on it

A personalized grandchildren pillow coverOpens in a new tab. with the grandkids’ names makes a nice decor item.

Birthday cake decorations.

Use a simple edible wafer paper cake wrapOpens in a new tab. to decorate a country-themed cake for her. These cake wraps can be pressed onto the icing on a cake to create a cute design that would be pretty for a garden party birthday.

Matching strawberry notecards.

strawberry notecard with a red gingham background

If you use the strawberry cake wrap, you can continue the theme with these matching strawberry gingham notecards Opens in a new tab.that can be used to write thank you notes or a letter to a friend or family member later.

Grandkid jewelry.

It’s always nice to have bracelets with grandchildren’s names. This one by Jewelry By Irina has a choice of multiple strands and personalized names.

Stylish glasses chains.

glasses chain

Kalx Designs makes pretty eyeglasses chains that will help a busy mom keep track of her readers or sunglasses. They’re stylish and are nicer than a standard cord strap. They come in gemstone, blingy, and acrylic styles.

Garden art.

This unique stained glass garden art can be hung on a shepherd’s crook in the garden to create some movement and visual interest. It’s a unique piece that’s handmade by Tina of Bello Glass,Opens in a new tab. and any 70-yr-old who’s a gardener will love it.

Vintage finds.

rolling pins

If the lady turning 70 is into the retro look, get her some vintage home decor and kitchen tools from Ag’s Vintage Cove. She has a wide range of decorative items and accessories that could be both useful and nostalgic!

Fun postcards.


These cute postcards from Ila and AliceOpens in a new tab. would be a nice gift, along with a nice pen and postcard stamps, for someone who likes sending and receiving real mail. If you live a distance away, you could get a set for both of you and pre-address them to start a postcard exchange where you alternate sending cards to each other.

Hair accessories.

hairband on a mannequin head

Else and Co makes cute hair accessories, including these twisty hair bands. Get a few different styles for a woman who’s turning 70 and still wears her hair long for an accessory update.

Custom name poem artwork.

custom name poem art

This Christian name poem is the perfect way to display your last name! It’s a family-oriented gift that would be nice for a woman’s 70th birthday.


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