Sequin and Bead Christmas Ornament Kits (Plus Other Holidays!)


Sequin and bead Christmas ornaments are a pretty addition to any holiday decor, and if you’re crafty you can make some yourself.

Beaded ornaments can also be used for decorations for other holidays depending on the color and theme of the design.

For example, Bill Mason, owner of Holidays Lane and an Artisan Shopping directory member, makes ornaments that can be displayed year-round, and he also makes kits for DIYers. Some of those include ornaments for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and the Fourth of July, You don’t have to limit yourself to displaying the ornaments at Christmas.

beaded ornament kts

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How do you make sequin ornaments?

Sequin and bead Christmas ornaments are made using styrofoam forms with sequins, small seed beads, and push pins.

The pattern on the ornaments is defined by the colors of the sequins, and each sequin is attached to the form by inserting a pin into a bead, then into the sequin.

The designs can also incorporate ribbons and other elements that reflect the holiday that the ornament is representing.

You can have pastel colors and egg shapes for Easter, or black and orange for Halloween.

sequin and bead Christmas ornaments in different colors

Bill offers kits to make your own DIY ornaments in his Etsy shopOpens in a new tab., and also sells pre-made ornaments for all seasons, not just Christmas.

Dragon egg ornament

In this youtube video he says that each ornament can have between 150 and 175 sequins, and can take over an hour and a half to complete. That’s obviously his speed, and he knows what he’s doing, so be aware that it could take you a little longer!
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This is a good craft for adults, and it would be fun to host a holiday crafting party where you get some friends together and make a bunch of decorations that people can take home with them.

(For more about crafting for adults, read my article here about choosing crafts that you might enjoy: Crafts to do at home for adults: What’s really involved?)

ornament kit diy set

Making sequin ornaments would also be a good thing to do on Thanksgiving with older kids who probably aren’t too enthusiastic about making conversation with their adult relatives. Set them up with an ornament-making station and let them be creative!

The ornaments might not look as professional as Bill’s when they’re done, but it will be a fun keepsake that you can hang on the tree afterward.

Remember that there are pins involved with making these, so this isn’t a good craft for young children!

blue beaded Christmas ornament

ornament kit

The kit for this ornament, as well as other designs, is available in Bill’s shop here: Holiday’s Lane

white and orange bead and sequin ornaments

These sequin and bead ornaments aren’t just for Christmas, either, they can be used to decorate year-round. I have two of Bill’s ornaments that I have hanging in my work area along with some vintage ornaments.

I just like them, so I figure, why not have them displayed all the time? The orange one was from a Halloween collection, so if you want to decorate for Halloween with something nicer than a plastic witch, this would work.

Look on Bill’s youtube channel to see an eyeball themed ornament that was also in that collection!

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craft night six pack to make ornaments

I have to say that I made some of this type of ornament when I was probably about 10 years old, and when I found them in my mother’s Christmas ornaments I was horrified at how crooked they were!

So when you get your kit, take your time and don’t rush the process. The kits come with all the materials that you need except for white glue, and there is also an illustrated set of instructions to make sure that you can DIY it.

If you’d rather have your ornaments made for you, you can also buy them from Bill’s shop.

He offers a wide range of designs for different holidays, and a nice touch in his packaging is a little hook that’s included to hang the ornament.

I was happy to see that, because I would definitely have had to go find a paper clip to bend into a hook, and the one that Bill sent was a lot classier.

The author holding a beaded sequin Christmas ornament

So check out Holidays LaneOpens in a new tab. if you’re interested in trying to make DIY sequin and beaded Christmas ornaments, or if you’d just like to get some that are premade. They make nice decorations for your tree, your home, or to give as unique gifts at Christmas.

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