Shipping Supplies For Etsy- A List From Sellers


Figuring out where to buy shipping supplies for your online business can be difficult because of all of the choices available. There’s also the possibility that you could be missing out on lower prices or better quality by not knowing what the options are.

I asked the members of the Artisan Shopping Directory to give me their suggestions for where to buy different types of shipping materials. They suggest the following businesses and suppliers. Remember that you should comparison shop, because prices for the same size items can vary wildly between suppliers, and some charge shipping that really adds up!

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but it’s based on businesses that members have purchased from.

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Etsy has also partnered with Eco Enclose to offer some earth-friendly recyclable packaging options for Etsy sellers.Opens in a new tab. This is available in the US for now, but they are looking forward to expanding the program to other countries.

shipping boxes
Packages ready to be shipped to Etsy customers.

Shipping Boxes and Tubes

Bubble Mailers

bubble wrap
Packing supplies.

Bubble Wrap

Poly envelopes/mailing bags


Stock up on tissue and small gift boxes during the sales after Christmas to reduce costs.

Tissue Paper

Post office packaging supplies for sale

Jewelry Boxes

Business Cards/Marketing Inserts


Packing Paper and Packing Peanuts

Clear Bags/Cello Bags

If you find a supplier you like on Amazon or eBay, see if they have a website to order direct. It could be cheaper, and it’s better for the company.

Mailing Labels


Glass and Plastic Bottles


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