Use And Care of Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor


Grapevine wreaths can be used year-round, and are a classic type of indoor-outdoor home decor that fit both rustic and modern farmhouse styles. The brown vines that create the wreaths provide a natural canvas for other decorations, and can be dressed up or left unembellished.

grapevine wreaths

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Rustic wreaths: Country grapevine wreaths

The traditional style of grapevine wreaths falls on the more casual and rustic side. By using things like flowers, raffia, canvas ribbons, and burlap wraps to decorate the wreaths, they can be styled to match a country casual theme. The natural grapevine makes a good backdrop for colors that are found in nature.

Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor
Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor

This grapevine wreath from Artisan Shopping Directory member Cinnamon Fern DesignsOpens in a new tab. has a wildflower look to it and would be a good fit for a country-feeling front door or kitchen decor.

Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor
Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor, tulips and bows.

This grapevine wreath with tulips is by Artisan Shopping Directory member Simply LaMayedOpens in a new tab.. The profusion of flowers would be a good addition to an entryway or a rustic dining room. This one would also be cute in a baby nursery or a modern farmhouse decor kitchen.

Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor
Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor, leaves and roses.

This grapevine wreath has white roses and sage-shaped leaves that create a country feel that’s more on the modern farmhouse side. It was made by Artisan Shopping Directory member All Seasons House Decor.Opens in a new tab.

Grapevine wreaths are a good fit for rustic themed decor, but they can also be dressed up for a less country look.

Modern grapevine wreaths

For a modern take on grapevine wreaths, they can be painted in different colors and either left unadorned or decorated using more contemporary design elements. Painting a wreath will add a design twist to it without hiding the natural beauty of the shape of the vines.

Adding things like metallic Christmas ornaments, LED string lights, or jewels to a wreath will give it a blingy look and change it from rustic to glam.

My friend Debby Moro, who studied interior design and is far better at home decor than I am, suggested painting a grapevine wreath with brushed gold paint, then adding black and white paper flowers.

You could also make flowers out of paper like old maps or sheet music to create an unexpected accent that makes the look more contemporary.

Another way to update the look of a grapevine wreath would be to use one that has a variety of different thicknesses of vines. The variation in the sizes of the vines will give the wreath an unexpected appearance and add some visual interest.

Grapevine Wreaths For Year-Round Decor
Grapevine Wreaths for mantle decor.

Paradoxically, adding different traditional elements to a wreath can update the look and make it work in a more modern farmhouse look. This basket/wreath combination by Lori of Lawsey DecorOpens in a new tab. updates the traditional idea of a wreath by pairing it with another item.

How to clean grapevine wreaths

To clean dust from grapevine wreaths that have been hung indoors, you can use a vacuum with a brush attachment, a soft paintbrush, a blow dryer, compressed air, salt, or water. The best method will be determined by what the decorations on the wreath are, and if the wreath is painted or natural. For natural wood, both dry and wet methods will work. For wreaths that have been painted, dry methods that rely on removing surface dust are safer and won’t damage the paint on the wreath.

  • Cleaning a wreath with a vacuum can be done on a regular basis as a part of a weekly or monthly cleaning routine. Use the brush attachment and suction that’s on the lower side to avoid damaging the wreath. If you don’t have a brush attachment, you can stretch a stocking over the nozzle of the vacuum hose to lower the amount of suction.
  • To use a paintbrush, simply brush the dust off of the wreath with gentle pressure. Using a brush can let you get into the crevices of the grapevines. If it’s been a long time since you cleaned the wreath, you might want to do this outside to avoid spreading dust around.
  • A blow dryer can be used on a cool air setting to blow dust off of the wreath and any decorations like ribbons or silk flowers. Again, you might want to do this outside to avoid blowing dust all over your house. One tip for using a blow dryer is to angle the air so that it’s blowing across the surface of the wreath and not pointing directly into it. You want to blow the dust off of it, not force the dust farther into the vines!
  • Using a can of compressed air is another option, but if the wreath is very large it might take a lot of air! If the wreath has a lot of dust embedded in the center of the vines, you can use the can of air and insert the nozzle through the back so that you’re blowing any debris out of the front of the wreath. You can do this in conjunction with another one of the methods to get the best results.
  • Using a garbage bag and salt is another option, and can be pretty effective in getting inside the grapevines and removing dust that’s settled inside the wreath. Put the wreath in a large garbage bag and pour in a cup or two of regular table sale. Tie the bag closed and shake it for a while to allow the salt to get into the wreath The grit of the salt will help loosen dust and debris, and when you open the bag the wreath will have a lot of dust removed. You might want to pair this method with the vacuuming method to remove any stray salt.
  • Washing the wreath is an option if it’s natural wood and there’s no risk of removing paint. To do this you can use a sprayer in the sink to wash dirt off of the wreath, then dry it with paper towels to remove as much water as possible. When grapevine wreaths are made the vines are wrapped into the wreath shape, then allowed to dry for a couple of weeks to preserve them. Wetting them shouldn’t be something that you do often, but as long as you make sure that you allow them to dry completely after wetting them, they’ll be fine.

Alix of Simply LaMayedOpens in a new tab. recommends removing any flowers before washing the wreath, because water can damage silk flowers. She says that there are silk flower cleaners that are available to clean the flowers.

How to hang wreaths in windows.

Displaying a wreath in a window is a nice way to show it off, and there are a few options on how to hang them. The best way to do it will depend on whether you want to use a ribbon or a hanger to support the wreath. Alix suggests a couple of options depending on whether the wreath will be inside or outside on the window.

“When hanging a wreath in a window, use a Command Strip hanger that is rated for outdoor use. Windows can experience temperature swings that can affect regular adhesive. If it is an interior only window, a regular command hook will work. I would not recommend a suction cup hanger because over time the seal will break and the hanger will fall.”

If you prefer to use a ribbon to hold an outdoor wreath, you can also use a hook to hold the ribbon, or you can string the ribbon over the window and attach it to the inside of the window after it’s closed. For a wreath that’s hung inside, just use a hook at the top of the window and hang the ribbon on the hook.

Lori from Lawsey DecorOpens in a new tab. says that most of her wreaths are for interior use, and she suggests the following: “For hanging in a window (if you don’t want to use Command Strips) put a tack on the top of the upper window frame (then close,) and string a ribbon or piece of twine to hang from there. This also works on a door.”

How long will a grapevine wreath last outside?

Grapevine wreaths made from dried grapevines will last for months outside if they’re in an area that is protected from the elements. If the wreath is exposed to rain or direct sun, the decorative bows and flowers on the wreath can fade, so they would need to be replaced when they look worn. If the wreath is displayed inside a storm door, or under a porch that protects it, it will last longer than one that has no protection.

I’ve had grapevine wreaths that were fine for years hanging on my front door, which is under a covered porch, but not inside a storm door.

Depending on the type of decorations that you have on the wreath, you may have to change them out more frequently, or you might end up with a different problem like birds or wasps in the wreath!

I had a gang of wasps build their nest in my wreath, and my friend Debby who I mentioned earlier had a nest of birds in one of hers.

How do you keep birds out of door wreaths?

I asked Alix about this because of this experience, and she said that there are ways to persuade birds to stay away from your wreaths.

To repel birds and insects from your outdoor wreaths, spray it once a week with a mixture of peppermint oil and water. This will make wildlife avoid nesting in your grapevine wreaths, but be aware that it does require repeat applications. Because grapevine wreaths are made from natural materials, they can attract birds. Hanging them inside a storm door is another way to minimize this.

If you do see a bird showing interest in your wreath, try to get to it before it builds a nest!

Once the nest is built the eggs are going to follow pretty quickly, and then you’ll have to use a different door until the babies hatch and are big enough to leave the nest. At least that’s what I would have to do.

How to protect outdoor wreaths.

To protect an outdoor wreath from the elements, consider placing it inside a storm door to prevent contact from rain and wind. If the wreath will be exposed to the elements, you will need to clean it more frequently and monitor it to make sure that the hangers and decorations are secure on it. Applying a UV protective spray for floral arrangements can prevent some fading. You should also bring the wreath inside if there is going to be severe weather that could damage it.

Paying attention to your wreaths will extend their lives and save money on replacements in the long run. Regular cleaning and replacing ribbons and decorations can keep the wreath looking fresh.

You can buy premade ribbons to change out on your wreath for different seasons, and to refresh the look of them.

When I asked Alix about washing grapevine wreaths she said that a naked wreath that’s had the ribbons and flowers taken off can be washed, and that doing that will also refresh the wreath.

If your outdoor wreath has started to look dried out after being in the sun, you may want to try removing the decorations and washing it to give it some new life.

Can grapevine wreaths get wet outside?

As a general rule, grapevine wreaths can get wet without being damaged. The decorations on the wreath might sustain damage if rain hits them, though, so it’s advisable to bring the wreath inside if there’s a good chance that they might be exposed to rain. If that isn’t an option, you can choose weather-resistant decorations that are made from plastic instead of fabric.

If the wreath doesn’t have silk flowers on it, you won’t have to worry about them getting wet or fading from the sun.

Some alternatives decorations that are more weather-resistant include plastic foliage and plants, wood elements, and things like plastic Christmas ornaments.

There are a wide variety of options that would be able to resist fading or damage from the sun or rain.

If a grapevine wreath is left outside and ends up soaking wet, you can definitely take it down and use a blow dryer on it to dry it out a little.

Blot it with paper towels and remove the decorations, then dry it as well as you can. You should dry off the ribbons before reattaching them to the wreath.

How do you keep a grapevine wreath from scratching the door.

To keep a grapevine wreath from scratching the door, you can attach felt to the back with a hot glue gun so that it creates a barrier between the door and the grapevines. You can also use a pre-made wreath pad that fits behind the wreath, or attach small felt pads that are made to attach to furniture feet to the back. Removeable adhesive hooks can also be used to anchor the wreath in place so that it doesn’t swing across the door when the door moves.

The hooks can be applied to the door and hooked into the back of the wreath through the grapevine, or into a loop of wire or string that’s been attached to the back of the wreath.

By putting one on each side of the wreath toward the bottom at about 5 and 7 o’clock, the wreath will be held in place and won’t scratch the door.

Creating a barrier between the wreath is the easiest way to prevent the door from being scratched, though.

By putting a layer of cushioning fabric between the door and the wreath, scratches can be almost completely avoided.

You will have to keep an eye on the condition of the fabric, though, since it can get thin and become less effective at protecting the door over time.

Finally, I asked Alix how she recommends storing grapevine wreaths.

How to store grapevine wreaths.

To store a grapevine wreath between seasons, place it in the box it was shipped in. Another option is to cover it with a clear garbage bag (unscented and free of powders that some bags can have,) then hang it on a hanger in a spare closet. Poke a hole in the bottom of the bag and feed the bag over the wreath and hanger. Inexpensive shower curtain hooks are another option to use instead of a clothes hanger.

Before storing the wreath, clean it thoroughly and make sure that it’s completely dry. This will avoid mildew developing on it while it sits in storage.

Avoid storing it in an extremely humid area where insects can get into it. A spare closet is better than the basement or attic!


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