What’s Going On With Etsy? 7 Places To Find Etsy News.

Keeping up with what Etsy is doing is important because if you want to sell on the platform you need to know what they’re up to.

There are a lot of places where you can find the latest Etsy news that can help you to figure out what’s going on with Etsy week to week, and what they’re planning on doing soon.

What's Going On With Etsy? 7 Places To Find Etsy News.

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1. YouTube weekly livestreams.

Screenshot of my YouTube channel.
Screenshot of my YouTube channel.

One good place to start is my weekly YouTube lives where we talk about what’s going on with Etsy news, search changes, and changes to the platform that can affect your shop.

We do these livestreams every Tuesday at 2pm Eastern, and you can watch the replays later if you can’t make it there during the lives.

If you’re a channel member you can ask questions ahead of time, so you can catch up later if you couldn’t ask a question there.

Check out the livestreams here: YouTube Tuesday Seller ChatsOpens in a new tab.

2. Etsy’s Announcement section in the forums.

The announcements section in the Etsy forums.
The Announcements section in the Etsy forums.

Another place to find Etsy updates is the Announcements section in the Etsy forumsOpens in a new tab.. You can find out about things that are happening on a daily basis.

There aren’t announcements every day, but this is one place that you should check fairly frequently to see if they’ve made changes or are launching new features.

Etsy admins post in the Announcements section about things that they’re doing on social media, upcoming sales, changes in search, and changes on the platform.

They also do shop reviews occasionally, but those aren’t exactly the most useful or accurate, so be aware that you should take those with a grain of salt.

3. Etsy investor presentations.

The Etsy Investor events page.
The Etsy Investor events page.

Etsy does presentations for investors after each quarterly earnings report, and you don’t have to be an investor to listen to them.

During these presentations, The Etsy CEO and CFO talk about what’s going on as far as the quarterly earnings, but they also discuss things like goals for the next quarter, things they did that worked, and things that were challenging during that time period.

Keep in mind that they’ll always put a good spin on things in these talks because they don’t want to make investors sell off shares, but you can usually get a good idea about what things the company is going to be focusing on during the next financial quarter.

Another thing to listen to during these presentations is what questions the investors ask at the end of the presentation.

Those questions will tell you a lot about what the investors are looking at, and what they think Etsy should be focusing on.

Etsy doesn’t always respond to them in a direct way, but the answers do tell a lot about what they do and don’t want to talk about!

The "investors" link at the bottom of the homepage.
The “investors” link at the bottom of the homepage.

To see what events are scheduled, go to the Etsy homepage and click on “Investors” at the bottom, then on “Events and Presentations” at the top of the next page.

That will show you the scheduled events and will let you know if you can sign up to listen to them.

They also record their webcasts, so you might be able to find some replays there, too.

4. Google alerts about Etsy.

Google alerts.

Another way to find out what’s going on with Etsy is to sign up for Google alerts so that you’ll see news stories, stock prices, and general other articles that Google finds about Etsy each day.

Go to Google alertsOpens in a new tab. and sign up to receive an alert for the word “Etsy” and you’ll receive an email every day with any recent stories that Google thinks are relevant.

I have a bunch of Google alerts set up for different topics, and I always check the one for Etsy because there are a lot of news stories that fly under the radar unless you have something set up to catch them.

Etsy’s CEO and other Officers do a lot of interviews that we don’t hear about, but this is one way to track them down!

5. Etsy Tech conference presentations.

Etsy will do presentations at tech conferences a few times a year, and some of them are broadcast on the events page where the investor presentations are located.

It’s well worth your time to listen to these, because this is where Etsy likes to brag about all of the new techy stuff they’re doing, which includes changes in search.

I’ve learned a lot about how Etsy search works from listening to these presentations, and let me tell you, they do NOT update the manual with this stuff.

A lot of the pieces of the puzzle will fit together if you pay attention to these presentations, and you’ll understand what’s going on with search and the platform in general when they discuss what they’ve been working on.

6. The Etsy developer blog.

Etsy's Code As Craft blog logo
Etsy’s Code As Craft blog.

Etsy’s engineering team has a blog where they post occasionally about changes that the platform is making as far as search and coding for the platform in general.

The Code As Craft blogOpens in a new tab. is pretty dry and technical, but every now and then, they’ll drop an article about how Etsy search is working, and those are the articles that you want to check in on.

This isn’t the most active blog, but you should check it out occasionally to see if anything new has come up to explain things that are going on.

7. The Etsy Tech Issues section in the forums.

The Etsy Technical Issues section in the forums.
The Etsy Technical Issues section in the forums.

Back in the Etsy forums, there’s one section for tech issues, and a lot of times people will post about things that aren’t working in their shops, or things they think are messed up in general.

Etsy staff will also post about site-wide issues that they’re working on in this section.

This is the one section of the forum that’s monitored on a regular basis by Etsy staff, so if you’re having a technical problem you should post about it there.

You should check in on this section about once a day to see if people are posting about anything specific.

Sometimes a lot of people will say that they’re seeing certain things happening on Etsy, so it’s good to know if there’s something happening that you should be aware of.

Checking in the Technical Issues forum will also answer the question “Is this happening for anyone else?” before you post about it in random Facebook groups.

You’ll be able to find out if it’s a random thing or a known problem before you have to ask.

Keeping up with what’s going on with Etsy is pretty important, because making an effort to follow news and things that are in development can give you clues about things you should be focusing on.

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