Whimsical Retro Christmas Decor Ideas


Decorating for Christmas with retro items is a whimsical way to bring a cozy feel to your holiday home decor.

You can buy real vintage Christmas decorations from a lot of places, including from some members of the Artisan Shopping Directory.

These shops sell a variety of Christmas decor, and they’re always listing more finds that you can buy to create a vintage Christmas aesthetic for your own home.

whimsical retro christmas decor ideas

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Why vintage decorations for Christmas are better than new ones.

There are so many reasons why vintage Christmas decorations are better than buying new ones, some of which are:

  1. They’re unique, so you won’t find them on the shelves at the big box stores.
  2. They bring a nostalgic feel to your home that goes well with the holiday season.
  3. They fit a variety of home decors, from farmhouse to mid-century modern.
  4. They allow you to incorporate your own family heirloom pieces to carry on traditions.
  5. They’re versatile and can be used in different ways to style tabletops and mantels.

If you decide to incorporate vintage “only one left” Christmas decorations into your home decor this year, start with some of these ideas.

Vintage Christmas tabletop decor.

Vintage tabletop decor can be used for Christmas meals or just to liven up an everyday breakfast or lunch. No need to save the china for fancy dinners.

Vintage linens and napkins can also be used to set the table to create a whimsical, traditional mood.

vintage napkins

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Vintage Christmas mantel and knick knack decor.

Vintage Christmas knickknacks can be a cute addition to mantel designs, entryway tables, or as decorations on bookshelves. These items and many others can be found in the Artisan Shopping Directory members’ shops, browse all of them here: Vintage findsOpens in a new tab.

Vintage Christmas items are things that you should grab when you see them…I’m sure that some of these will have sold soon, but there will be others that the shop owners have listed in their places. Get them when you see them because vintage items are often one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t see again.

vintage christmas light with tree
Vintage ceramics from Ag’s Vintage Cove


Vintage candlesticks and holders.

Vintage candlesticks make a nice addition to table decor or mantels, and these examples are some of the ones that are available at the time I wrote the article. Check back for more, because the fun of buying vintage lies in the novelty of discovering unique items, and vintage sellers are constantly updating their inventory as they find new things to list in their shops.

vintage reindeer candle holder

vintage candlesticks

Vintage Christmas ornaments.

Vintage ornaments can dress up the Christmas tree, but they can also be used in bowls, scattered on tables, and draped like garlands.

I have several ornaments that belonged to my grandparents that I hang up year-round, and others that I’ve had since I was a kid that I put on our tree every year. They’re a connection to holiday traditions and family memories.

Use vintage ornaments to decorate your home and tree this year to set a whimsical, retro mood.

Retro ornament kits for a vintage feel.

vintage aesthetic ornament kits

You can also make ornaments that have a vintage aesthetic, like these kits to make sequin and bead ornamentsOpens in a new tab. from Holidays Lane.

vintage aesthetic ornament kits

I bought five kits to use for our family holiday activity this year, so we’ll end up with a fun activity and an ornament to keep, too. You can get your kits here: Holidays Lane ornament kitsOpens in a new tab.

Vintage textiles.

Vintage stockings and other textiles can be a fun way to add some retro graphics to your home during the Christmas season.

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Vintage drinking glasses.

When you’re hosting holiday parties, break out these festive drinking glasses to style your bar.

Vintage Christmas outfits.

These stylish (and not-so stylish ugly sweaters) will spice up your wardrobe when you’re entertaining this Christmas. Vintage clothing is a fun addition to a vintage-aesthetic holiday.


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