About Kara Buntin

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I’m Kara Buntin, and I have over 25 years of experience in running a home-based business, both the local and online versions.

I’ve also taught other home-based businesses how to start and succeed since the early 2000’s, and I published my first book on the subject of home-based businessOpens in a new tab. in 2010.

Before running a business from home, I worked as a department manager at a large retail store in Boston, and I received my BA and MA degrees in psychology, plus a Pastry Arts certificate after having children and deciding to transition to at-home work.

I started a licensed and inspected wedding cake business in 1999 and was profitable from the first year in business.

I started selling on Etsy in 2011, transitioned away from selling cakes, and I’m currently earning a full-time income from product sales on Etsy and on my own website, which is located at acaketoremember.com.Opens in a new tab.

I have three Etsy shops, including ACakeToRememberOpens in a new tab., CircusPigVintageOpens in a new tab., and ClayPaperScissorsOpens in a new tab., (those are affiliate links) and have made over 50,000 sales on Etsy. I’m dedicated to the idea that handmade artists and artisans can create a real income from their talents, and I feel strongly that everyone should have options when it comes to how they want their businesses to fit into their lives.

My classes for online sellers are located at turtlewinstherace.comOpens in a new tab., and I have two YouTube channels dedicated to Etsy sellers and home-based business owners at Kara Buntin Opens in a new tab.and Kara Buntin TutorialsOpens in a new tab.. My YouTube channel for my cake decorations business is at A Cake To RememberOpens in a new tab..

I also have a hobby blog for gingerbread houses and dollhouses that’s located at DecorateSmall.comOpens in a new tab.

My work has been featured on multiple websites and on news outletsOpens in a new tab. through the years, and I’ve been interviewed on various business and cake decorating topics on outlets ranging from MSNBC onlineOpens in a new tab. to Martha Stewart Weddings.Opens in a new tab.

I write most of the articles on this blog myself, and I accept guest posts exclusively from members of the Artisan Shopping Directory.