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Gift Guide Product Placement

If you’d like to buy an advertisement in a gift guide on this site, you can check out the details here: Gift Guide Product Placement.

Not every gift guide is available at all times, but you can check to see which ones are open for paid placements by going though the options.

All listings that are submitted for placement will be verified and curated to make sure that they follow the handmade, vintage, or supplies guidelines. NO AI IMAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED. This includes products with AI images on them. Artisan Shopping Directory reserves the right to refuse placement if the listing that’s submitted is a mass-market product, or if it doesn’t follow the guidelines that we use to choose the products that we want to feature.

Guest Posts

We accept guest posts from members of the Artisan Shopping Directory itself, and from members of the private Facebook group that’s run by Kara Buntin. Posts must be tutorials about a craft project or something that’s a project for people or that teaches something about an art or craft technique. No other topics will be accepted, and we reserve the right to accept or turn down guest post offers if we don’t think they fit our editorial content.

To ask about writing a guest post, please use our contact information here: Contact – Artisan Shopper