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If you’re getting married soon, you’re probably thinking about what gifts to get your bridesmaids for the day of the wedding. It’s a nice thing to do to thank the people who will be standing up for you, and you’ll want your presents to be both useful and memorable.

I’ve gathered some ideas for bridesmaid gifts from the Artisan Shopping Directory members, and you can check out the other things they have for sale in their individual shops by clicking through to see all of their products.

bridesmaid gifts from bride on wedding day

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One Of A Kind Jewelry Gifts for Bridesmaids.

One of the problems with giving gifts to multiple people at one time is that it can feel a little fake if you’re giving everyone the same thing.

One way to get around that would be to buy one-of-a-kind jewelry for your bridesmaids so that you can fit each person’s style to the gift.

Wire-wrapped pendants.

wire wrapped pendant

These wire-wrapped pendants from BX Jewels ScotlandOpens in a new tab. are all made by hand so no two are exactly the same. You can choose one for each person individually, which makes the present a little more special.

Handmade pendants.


Stony Mountain Jewelry makes individual art jewelry piecesOpens in a new tab. that would be a really nice gift for someone with an eclectic aesthetic. The stones are unique so each piece is different.

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Fused glass earrings.

glass earrings

Cheryl Kumiski Glass creates fused glass jewelry Opens in a new tab.that’s truly unique since every piece will be slightly different based on how the glass behaves!

Natural stone earrings.

natural stone earrings

Enlivenadorn makes jewelry with natural stones ,Opens in a new tab. so each set of earrings has naturally-occurring differences in patterns and colors. It guarantees that you won’t be giving two people the same thing even if you buy all of your bridesmaids the same color.

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Handmade soutache jewelry.

soutache earrings

Be Exceptional offers unique handmade jewelry using Soutache braid, and her designs sell out quickly. You can check out her latest collections for your bridesmaid gifts here: Be Exceptional By Joanna PotepaOpens in a new tab.

china earrings

Jewelry made from vintage china.

eclectiQuas makes jewelry from vintage chinaOpens in a new tab., so there are limited numbers of each piece and they’re all different even if they’re from the same pattern.

Sea glass anklets for beach weddings.

sea glass anklet

Surprise your bridesmaids with sea glass inspired ankletsOpens in a new tab.. Perfect accessory for a beach wedding, and available in 13 sizes.  

Gifts for goth bridesmaids.

If your aesthetic is a little on the dark side (or all the way there,) you might want to give your bridesmaids a gift that reflects that. These ideas are perfect for someone who’s less traditional.

Edgy silver jewelry.

pendant necklace with a red stone

RavynEdge creates handmade jewelry with silver and gemstonesOpens in a new tab. in a dark aesthetic. These art pieces are gorgeous keepsakes that your friends will be able to wear for years.

Black lace chokers.

black lace choker with a red stone

Twisted Pixies makes leather and lace chokers Opens in a new tab.that would be a nice accessory for your goth bridesmaids to wear during the wedding, and afterward as well. This is a gift that could do double time!

Apothecary jars.

handmade apothecary jar

These handmade apothecary jarsOpens in a new tab. by Lori’s Laboratory would be unique gifts for your witchy or goth bridesmaids. They’re both utilitarian and pretty, so they could be used to hold things, or just as a decor item.

Goth journals for your bridesmaids.

goth junk journal

Ila and Alice creates junk journals with multiple themes, one of them being dark and eerie journals.Opens in a new tab. They’re one of a kind so you can get each of your bridesmaids one that matches her personality.


Crystal spheres.

natural stone orb

The Manifesting Witch shop has a lot of crystals for manifesting and divinationOpens in a new tab.. I found these pretty crystal orbs that come in a large selection of stones, so you can find one that fits each of your bridesmaids individually.

Artwork for telling a story.

dark art painting of a wolf

If your bridesmaids like dark art, you should go to ShadowMyths to see the fine art prints that are available.Opens in a new tab. The artwork is available in prints, card decks, and original paintings, and they would be a unique departure from the more traditional type of bridesmaids gifts.

Traditional pearl gifts.

Pearls are used to make a lot of traditional wedding jewelry, both for the bride and the bridesmaids. These gift choices use pearls or a pearl shape with other natural stones.

Natural pearl jewelry.

pearl necklace

Kathy Bankston jewelry has a collection of pearl and mother-of-pearl jewelryOpens in a new tab. made by hand using natural stones. These would be a gift that you could give to each of your bridesmaids and know that everyone will be able to wear and enjoy it.

Pearl bracelets.

pearl bracelet

Natural Stones Jewels has a pearl jewelry collectionOpens in a new tab. where you can buy natural pearl bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. And this is another type of gift that will do double-duty as an accessory to wear during the wedding that can also be worn in “normal” daily life.

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Pretty pearl earrings.

floral pearl earrings

These pretty flower and pearl earrings are available from Jewelry By Irina. She has other bridal jewelry options that would work for both the bride and the bridesmaids, and you can check out the full collection here: Pearl jewelry by IrinaOpens in a new tab.

Pearl glasses chains for sunglasses.

pearl glasses chain

These pearl glasses chains from Kalx DesignsOpens in a new tab. can be used for sunglasses, so they would be a cute gift for bridesmaids at a beach wedding. They combine the traditional pearls in a way that’s not a typical jewelry gift. They also come in colored pearl versions if you want to reserve the white color for yourself.

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Pink pearl bracelet.

pink stones bracelet

This bracelet from Shakti Vibe MalasOpens in a new tab. is pink stones shaped into pearls so that you get the look of pearls with the healing qualities of the different pink gems. She suggests that you use these for a bridesmaid proposal gift, but it could easily be given as a gift on the wedding day.

Accessories for your bridesmaids.

If you don’t want to go the jewelry route, you can always get your bridesmaids a gift that they can use on a daily basis after the wedding day. A practical gift is usually appreciated, and for people who don’t wear jewelry it might be a nice surprise.

Custom tote bags.

monogrammed tote bags

Personalized tote caddiesOpens in a new tab. are always a welcome gift, and they can be used as a market bag after the wedding. You could get these monogrammed for each bridesmaid, then find some small items to put in them that are personal for each of your friends to customize them.

fabric glasses cases for sunglasses

Padded Rifle Paper Co. Glasses cases Opens in a new tab.are a beautiful gift for your beautiful bridesmaids.

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Handwoven cowl scarves.

handwoven scarf

This hand-woven scarfOpens in a new tab. is one of many that are made by Lyon Handwovens. For a fall or winter wedding, a gift of a scarf is both pretty and useful, and it’s one that your bridesmaids will use after the wedding is over.

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Phone bags.

phone bag

A crossbody phone bag from Tracey Lipman DesignsOpens in a new tab. will be a welcome bridesmaid gift. Even if no cell phones are allowed during the ceremony, people will have their phones during the reception, and your bridesmaids will also be able to use these bags after the wedding day.

Bridesmaid gifts for the guys and girls.

If you have both bridesmaids and bridesmen, you can still coordinate a day-of-the-wedding gift. Kennedy Elise sells handcrafted headbands, scrunchies, neckties and pocket squaresOpens in a new tab. in coordinating fabrics. You can coordinate the gifts but still personalize them to each of your attendants’ styles.

hair comb

These beautiful antiqued bronze colored hair combsOpens in a new tab. are accented with the rich, gorgeous color of Van Gogh stained glass. These combs are a wonderful vintage style filigree and are perfect for a boho wedding party.

Your bridesmaids can wear them on the wedding day and then reuse them later for other events. They’re available in over 38 colors, so you can buy a different color for each one of your ‘maids.

custom gift wrap for bridesmaids

Elevate your gift-giving game with beautiful designer wrapping paperOpens in a new tab.. Available in multiple patterns, three sizes, and two finishes, this eco-luxury gift wrap is the perfect way to give your Bridesmaid a gift that makes a statement, while also being environmentally friendly. Show that special Bridesmaid how much you care with the ultimate presentation as well as the most thoughtful gift.


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