Crafter’s Business Card Ideas, With Examples!


If you have a creative business (or if you sell vintage items), you probably don’t want to stick with a standard business card, you want a crafty business card!

Selling handmade items, vintage items, or digital designs gives you a little more flexibility with the kind of things that you can do with your business cards, as demonstrated in the samples that the Artisan Shopping Directory members showed me.

First, though, what should you include with your business card information?

crafter's business card ideas, with examples

What to include on a crafty business card.

The vast majority of business cards end up in the trash, so if there’s a way that you can make yours look a little different and stand out, it will definitely help.

Your business card should have the basics of how people can contact you, but you can also add other things that will be eye-catching and will make people want to save your card to refer to.

Every business card should have, as a bare minimum:

  • The business name and logo
  • Contact information (phone or email)
  • Website

Honestly, that’s about it as far as the things that you SHOULD have on a business card. Other than that, it’s all optional.

Some things are better to have than others, but you basically want to give people the information about your business on your cards, and also add a reason why they should contact you.

Think of your business card as a little billboard. It should represent your business well and also communicate reasons why someone would want to shop with you.

You can add things to your card that will tell people a little more about your business, and that might make them want to go to your website to learn even more there.

Some optional things to put on a creative business card are:

  • Social media accounts (even if it’s just the logo to show that you’re on there, if the account is the name of your business.)
  • Mailing address, or shop address if you have a storefront where people can go to shop.
  • Business slogan
  • Types of products that you sell
  • Photos of products
  • Graphics that show your work
  • QR code to the website or email list signup

In addition, you don’t have to stick to a basic business card size. You can hand people a flyer or a postcard-sized card that has business and product information instead of a smaller card.

These are some of the business cards that the Artisan Shopping Directory Members use, and some of them change on a regular basis. (I removed the phone numbers and email addresses to avoid spammers taking them!)

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Jenny Pat Designs Business card

Jennifer of Jenny Pat Designs Opens in a new tab.says “This is side one, I have my important info on the other side. I change up the image on this side every time I order a new batch of cards.”

Jenny Pat Designs business card

Paula McNulty uses a QR code on her business card,Opens in a new tab. which is a quick way for people to access your website or your mailing list signup.

Paula McNulty designs business card

Lisa, owner of Ila and Alice,Opens in a new tab. uses graphics to represent her business, which is postcards, junk journals, and paper art.

Ila and Alice business card

Tina, owner of Bello Glass by TinaOpens in a new tab., uses a postcard-sized card that’s folded in half, with a lot of information about her products and business, a QR code, and photos of her work.

In this photo, the top image is on the back when it’s folded, and the front is on the right. The bottom image is on the inside of the folded card.

Bello Glass by Tina business card

Sandra, owner of Kenny and CoOpens in a new tab.., has her social media and QR code on her card along with the basics:

Kenny and co business card front
Kenny and co business card front

Gwynne, owner of EnlivenAdornOpens in a new tab., uses a square business card, which is different and will make people notice it.

Enliven Adorn business card
Enliven Adorn business card

To see the full Artisan Shopping Directory sections, including signups for discounts, click here.

Kerrie, owner of How Fast Time Flies VintageOpens in a new tab., also has a square card.

Mary, owner of Li’l Fox Designs, has a business tagline on her cards, plus social media icons.

If you have the same name on social media as your business name there’s no need to add your username for those sites if you don’t have space, the logo will show people that you have accounts there.

Lyndsay, owner of Pony Express Graphics,Opens in a new tab. has a two-sided card with contact info on one side and business info on the other.

Pony Express graphics business card
Pony Express graphics business card

Lisa, owner of Fuse Muse Fused GlassOpens in a new tab., has her business card in a vertical format.

Fuse Muse business card
Fuse Muse fused glass business card

Rosanna, owner of Here’s Your Sign Company, includes her email signup and social media on her business cards.

here's your sign company business card
here's your sign company business card

Dana of Printress DesignsOpens in a new tab. uses her card to list the types of products she offers.

printeress designs business card
printeress designs business card

Elodie, owner of AmourDeSeaOpens in a new tab., has a square card with gold text and a photo on the front, with social media and website address on the back.

amour de sea business card
amour de sea business card

Jennifer of Popwheel Art,Opens in a new tab. has a graphic on the front of her card and the contact info on the back.

popwheel art business card
popwheel art business card

Lisa owns Lucy’s Vintage Gifts, and she uses her business card to provide contact information and a QR code that customers can use to get to her Instagram account.

lucy's vintage gifts business card
lucy's vintage gifts business card

Tiffany of RaynEdgeOpens in a new tab. has a minimalist business card that matches the mood of her business. She sells upscale silver jewelry with a goth edge, and this card reflects that.

Ravynedge business card

Shumi owns Shokh JewelryOpens in a new tab., and uses a QR code that sends people to her email list signup form.

shokh jewelry business card

Dalia, owner of KinderKlipsOpens in a new tab., says that she doesn’t have an official business card, but she puts this insert into packaging with each order. It accomplishes the same thing and has the same contact information that customers can use to find her online.

kinderklipz business card insert

Birgit owns a few different businesses and uses different cards for each one. This is the one for Winter 1884 PerfumeryOpens in a new tab.:

Winter 1884 business card

This is the one for The Wishing ThornOpens in a new tab.:

the wishing thorn business card

This is the insert that Birgit puts in her packages, and the photo on this one changes to make each one a limited edition.

the wishing thorn business card

Helen, owner of Helen Makadia Fine Art Photography,Opens in a new tab. uses an unusual shape for her business card, and a vertical orientation.

Helen Makadia Photography business card

Dougie, owner of ShadowmythsOpens in a new tab., has a minimalist card that features his artwork and business logo.

shadowmyths business card

Susan, owner of Windflower Market CoOpens in a new tab.., has a classic business card with the logo and contact information.

windflower market co business card

Erika owns EclectiquasOpens in a new tab., and her business card has the basic contact information and business info.

eclectiquas business card

Jane owns Titian RoseOpens in a new tab., and has a dark card with lighter text and design. The front has the business tagline and the back has her contact and social media information.

titian rose business card

Tonya, owner of Mother Goddess DesignOpens in a new tab., uses a product photo and a QR code on her business card.

mother goddess design business card

Spangler Stitchin’ Station owner Lisa uses a simple graphic with contact and website information on her card.

SPangler Stitchin' Station business card

Carrie, owner of More Love MamaOpens in a new tab., has a colorful card with the logo, website and contact info on it.

more love mama business card
more love mama business card

Janelle, owner of Mothweed CottageOpens in a new tab., has a business card with a dark background and lighter text, and has a tagline saying what she sells.

mothweed cottage business card


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