Gift Ideas For Witchy Friends


These gift ideas from Artisan Shopping Directory members would be perfect for your witchy friends, or maybe for yourself (because you can always find something in a gift guide that would be good for yourself, let’s be honest.)


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Jewelry gifts for witchy people.

hag stone necklaces

These hag stones from Water Dragon Hoard UK Opens in a new tab.are designed to be worn, and the details of how they work are in the description of each one.

witchy necklace

Lori’s Laboratory has a wide selection of handmade jewelryOpens in a new tab. that’s perfect for your witchy friends, including Pagan necklaces and colorshift witch jewelry.

witchy jewelry

Paula McNulty creates witchy jewelry in a variety of designs.Opens in a new tab.

I curse a lot bracelet

This double entendre bracelet Opens in a new a fun gift for a witchy friend who both curses and curses.

crow foot necklace

RavyEdge creates handmade witchy jewelry Opens in a new this Crow claw necklace in Sterling Silver.

beaded empath bracelet

This beaded bracelet is designed to protect empathsOpens in a new tab. from the vibrations of people around them.

Witchy clothing gifts.

baddest witch on the block shirt

This Baddest Witch On The Block shirtOpens in a new tab. will advertise your witchiness to warn people (or attract the ones who appreciate it.)

black moon phase baby bodysuit

This baby bodysuit with moon phases Opens in a new tab.on it would be a fun gift for a new witchy mom.

skull shoelaces

These skull shoelaces are handmade by Lil Fox Designs.Opens in a new tab. Dress up your Docs!


Gifts for book-loving witchy people.

sacred geometry bookmark

This sacred geometry bookmarkOpens in a new tab. would be good for anyone who likes to read, but your witchy friends will appreciate the centering properties of the design.

manifestation journal

This manifestation journal can be downloadedOpens in a new tab. and used to focus your thoughts and goals.

These Halloween postcards from Ila and AliceOpens in a new tab. are fun for writing a quick note to someone or to use as part of a junk journal.

witchy junk journal

This Ila and Alice junk journal Opens in a new tab. is dark and creepy with tags, pockets, tuck spots and places for the darkest of secrets.

The perfect journaling book for those who have secrets, spells and some seriously chilling confessions.

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Witchy decor gifts.

handmade apothecary jars

Lori’s Laboratory sells a variety of handmade witchy items,Opens in a new tab. including these unique apothecary jars.

tarot card suncatchers

Lil Fox Designs makes these Tarot card suncatchersOpens in a new tab. to spiff up your witchy windows.

witchy vintage decor

Mothweed Cottage has vintage witchy decorOpens in a new tab. and handmade items like this Tarot card holder.

tarot card holder

besom broom

These handmade besom broomsOpens in a new tab. would be a perfect decor item for any witchy person’s home. And they come in lots of colors!

Introducing our enchanting handcrafted moon phases retro-inspired sequin ornaments,Opens in a new tab. the perfect celestial touch for Halloween, Christmas, or a thoughtful gift for your witchy friends.

Each ornament is meticulously crafted, showcasing the captivating phases of the moon. The sequins, delicately hand-placed, create a shimmering display that captures the mystique and magic of the lunar cycle.


Witchy self-care gifts.

witchy heating pads

Timeless Creations Dez has reusable heating padOpens in a new tab.s, and there’s a section in the shop called “witchy decor” which has patterns with celestial and spiritual themes.


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