How To Wear And Care For Healing Crystals, With Pro Tips.


Using crystals for healing and religious purposes is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, and many people are interested in learning about how to incorporate healing crystals in their lives.

One easy way to include crystals in your daily life is to wear jewelry that’s made from specific stones that have a meaning and purpose for you.

Jan, owner of Shakti Vibe MalasOpens in a new tab., creates crystal jewelry, and she generously provided some information about wearing and caring for healing crystals.

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How should you wear crystal stones?

How you wear crystals will depend on the effect that you want to get from them. There are different reasons to wear crystal gemstone bracelets on your right or left arm. Wearing bracelets on your left arm is what you want to receive into your aura. Wearing bracelets on your right arm is what you want to radiate out to the world.

Jan says that these crystals have the following effects when worn on the left arm:

  • Citrine – Prosperity, joy, abundance – this yellow stone can provide a quick pick me up, helps balance the solar plexus chakra which allows you to take control of your life  
  • Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love, harmony, compassion – this pink stone is known as the love stone, it can open your heart and provide self love  
  • Amethyst – Protection, Intuition, Calm – this purple stone can help you deal with problems, calm yourself, protect against negative energy  

Wearing crystal bracelets on your right arm creates the following effects:

  • Rose Quartz – worn on the right arm can help you be more loving towards others  
  • Black Tourmaline – protection, safety, grounding – this black stone helps to protect others that are around you from negativity  
  • Lapis Lazuli – Knowledge, empowerment – this blue stone can help you educate and empower others when worn on your right wrist.

Energy is everywhere and crystals are the perfect conduit.

Jan O’hoski

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How to cleanse healing crystals

Because crystals are natural stones, you might think that you can treat them pretty roughly without any effects. Some are softer than others, so you need to be careful not to use abrasives on them. In addition, the string or elastic that the crystals are strung on can be damaged by getting wet.

Jan says “Crystals are comprised of energy so they will absorb what is around them the same way we do. They filter all the negative energy and transform it to positive energy. Therefore, we must cleanse them regularly to get rid of all the negative energy so our crystals can continue to be effective.”  

Taking the following precautions can keep your crystals from being damaged:

  • NEVER immerse in water as it will compromise the elastic in bracelets and the thread used in the mala necklaces.
  • Always put your jewelry on last after using hairspray, perfume, etc. as the corrosive chemicals will harm the beads  
  • If necessary, clean with a damp cloth  
  • Use a jewelry cloth to buff the crystals and polish sterling silver spacers  
  • DO NOT store in direct sunlight  
  • Cleanse crystals by placing in a window during a full moon or smudging them with sage  
  • Do this periodically to ensure your crystals continue to be effective  

To read more about healing crystals, you can check out Jan’s website blog by clicking here: Shakti Vibe MalasOpens in a new tab.


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