Unique Confirmation Gifts For Girls And Women


If you have a daughter or family member who’s going to be confirmed soon, you probably want to get her a nice gift that could be a keepsake item, or at least something that she can use.

These items from the members of the Artisan Shopping Directory are appropriate as gifts for a confirmation or first communion, and are nice keepsakes of the day. I’ve tried to find some in different price ranges and for different age ranges for you to check out, too!

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Wire-wrapped pendants.

red wire wrapped pendant on a rock

Bx Jewels ScotlandOpens in a new tab. creates handmade wire-wrapped jewelry using natural stones.

Each piece is one of a kind since they’re all made individually, and these pieces would be a really nice keepsake for a confirmation.

Bible verse prints.

FLoral calligraphy Bible verse in a frame

A pretty, floral-themed Bible verse printOpens in a new tab. is a nice gift for a young woman’s confirmation that can be used to decorate an apartment.

Celtic sister jewelry.

Celtic sister bracelet with charms

ZAXZO CelticOpens in a new tab. has meaningful handmade Celtic jewelry, including this customizable sister bracelet.

If your sister is getting confirmed this would be a nice gift that commemorates both the ceremony and your relationship with her.

Custom calligraphy.

calligraphy and decorative illustration page with hymn lyrics

A poem or Bible verse that’s done in custom calligraphy would be a lovely gift for a confirmation. These are created by Swaying LettersOpens in a new tab., and can be customized for any meaningful verse or message.

Unique Glass Jewelry.

blue glass earrings

Cheryl Kumiski Glass makes fused glass and dichroic glass accessories and jewelry that are all unique and made by hand.

If the person being confirmed is on the older side, this would be a sophisticated gift that she could wear for years without ever seeing anyone else with the same pair.

Rosary Necklace.

gold rosary beads

This gold beaded rosary necklace is by Tesoro Del SolOpens in a new tab., and will be a pretty keepsake for a Catholic confirmation.

Birthstone bracelets.

blue stone bracelet

Essential Jewelry 4 U Opens in a new tab.makes beaded gemstone jewelry, including a line of birthstone bracelets.

This gift would be appropriate for any girl regardless of age, and could be worn for years as a memory of her confirmation ceremony.

Unique glass hearts.

glass heart worry stone

Partners in Glass Opens in a new tab.makes these unique glass “pocket hearts” that are artistic and individualized, since no two will be the same.

These are pieces that are a small reminder of the confirmation day, and they can be used as decor but could also be carried in a pocket or a purseas a good-luck charm.

Upcycled ceramics necklace.

bees earrings made from chine plate

These pretty necklaces are made by eclectiQuasOpens in a new tab. from vintage ceramic plates.

A younger girl would love these cute earrings becasue they’re whimsical but they also feel upscale and grown-up. THey’d be the perfect gift for a confirmation since she can wear them now and for years to come as a piece of keepsake jewelry.

Eco-Friendly book jewelry.

snowflake pendant made from book page

This unusual pendant is part of the jewelry line created by Paper 2 PearlsOpens in a new tab.. It’s created from upcycled book pages, so it would make a nice gift for someone who loves to read.

You might be able to find a book that the girl who’s being confirmed is expecially in love with, too, which would make this an even better present!

Heart pendants.

heart necklaces

Atelier Nymphea creates a lot of different heart-shaped jewelry from gemstones, including these pink hearts.

Ths is a feminine gift that ould be appropriate for a girl’s confirmation no matter what age she is.

Ceramic plant hanger.

wall pocket air plant holder

This air plant pocket by Magpie Mischief Opens in a new tab.would be a cute gift for a confirmation if the girl being confirmed is older and more practical. She can add this to her home decor or hand it in her bedroom, and it can travel with her to college and into her first apartment down the road.

Keepsake bulletin boards.

decorated bulletin board

This linen fabric bulletin board from The Dezign ShoppeOpens in a new tab. is another idea for an older teen who’s being confirmed. She’ll be able to use it for memorabilia, and you can start by adding a copy of the confirmation invitation.

Wooden Christmas ornament.

wood christmas ornament with a manger scene and words describing jesus

A wooden ornament made by Home BrandedOpens in a new tab. would be a nice keepsake gift. As the girl’s collection of ornaments grows through the years, this one will still be a memory of her confirmation.

Inspirational Art.

photo of a bird with bible verse printed on the image

On Faith And Dreams has a wide range of religious and inspirational wall artOpens in a new tab. that would make a nice confirmation gift. There are original photosgraphy with Bible verses and other phrases on them, and they would be nice in a teen’s bedroom.

Monogram gifts.

tote bag with monogram

Kailey’s Monogram has a lot of useful gifts that can be customized with embroidered names and monograms.Opens in a new tab.

If you’re looking for a confirmation gift that’s less decorative and more useful, a roomy duffel bag would be a good choice since it can be used for carrying a lot of things and for a lot of purposes.

Wooden cross with different inlaid woods

A wooden cross on a stand Opens in a new tab.made from cherry wood, maple wood, walnut wood, and it can be personalized.


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