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Looking for some fun arts and crafts ideas for adults, or easy DIY themes for a craft night project? These ideas from Artisan Shopping Directory members will give you some ideas about craft activities that you can try by yourself or with friends.

fun arts and crafts for adults

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Cross Stitch for beginners.

Easiest way to thread a needle with a needle and embroidery thread

Notorious Needle has a 6-article guide for beginners on how to get started with cross stitch. When you’re done with this, you’ll be able to follow a cross stitch pattern and progress on to more complicated tutorials. Beginner Cross Stitchers: Start HereOpens in a new tab.

Making Christmas ornaments.

Vintage jewelry Christmas ornament

It’s fun to upcycle vintage jewelry into Christmas ornaments, like this tutorial from minusOne jewelry shows. Easy DIY Vintage Ornaments.Opens in a new tab.

Making glass beads.

If you’re up for a more challenging craft activity, you could take a class on making glass beads. This does require some special equipment, but it’s really cool, too. This article by Anne Londez talks about how the beadmaking process works: How Do You Make Glass Beads?Opens in a new tab.

Junk Journaling.

old books and paper

If you’re interested in paper crafts, scrapbooking, or collaging, you might enjoy making junk journals. This list of getting-started supplies from the Scrapologist will give you an excuse to go to the craft store and spend some money, too! A Junk Journal Supplies ListOpens in a new tab.

And once you have your supplies ready, you can make a junk journal that you use as a decorative family photo scrapbook. Join Cindy’s free Patreon group for junk journal tips.Opens in a new tab.

Sewing a simple project.

If you want to learn to sew, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube that show how to get started. These patterns from Tracey LipmanOpens in a new tab. would be a good project for a beginner since they’re not size-specific and don’t involve a lot of tricky tailoring. The zipper might be a little challenge for a beginner, but go slow and you’ll end up with a nice result.

dress by threadymade NYC

You can also get kits to make a cute summer dress from Threadymade NYCOpens in a new tab. . These are easy but will let you make a cute outfit that looks professional.


coasters ready to be sublimated with a pattern.

Sublimation is a craft that’s catching on and growing more popular as the supplies for it start being more available. Designs by Tangsley has some sublimation kits that you can get here: Sublimation DIY kitsOpens in a new tab..

She also has articles about sublimation on her blog, including this guide for beginners.Opens in a new tab.

Making rag rugs.

tshirt Amish knot rag rug

In this article I went over how I made some rag rugs from old shirts and fabric strips. It’s fun to do, and you end up with a cute home decor item! Amish Knot Rag Rug Tips For Beginners

Making edible flowers for cakes.

wafer paper flowers

You can make flowers for decorating cakes that are made from edible wafer paper, and some of them can look very realistic. Check out my guide to making flowers here: How To Make Wafer Paper Flowers For Cakes: Pro Tips.Opens in a new tab.

gumpaste flowers on a wedding cake

There are also cake flowers that you can make that are made from a sugar clay called gumpaste. You can make them to use on wedding cakes or birthday cakes, and there are plenty of tutorials online. Check out my cake decorating blog for flower tutorials here: Cake Flower TutorialsOpens in a new tab.

Creating tablescapes at home.

Colorful Easter table centerpiece with beaded eggs made by Holidays Lane

Okay, bear with me on this one, because it might not seem like a straightforward DIY arts and crafts project, but it really is. Creating tablescapes and centerpieces is something that takes a lot of artistry, and it lets you be as creative as possible with materials that you find around your home.

Since you can use things that you already have, this is a craft that doesn’t have to cost too much. This article from Holidays Lane shows how to create a pretty Easter tablescape: Make A Colorful Easter Table CenterpieceOpens in a new tab.


Beaded butterfly earrings

Making jewelry and accessories with beading techniques is a fun way to create something either from your imagination or with a pattern. Megans Beaded Designs sells a range of patterns for beaded itemsOpens in a new tab., and also offers a guide to beading for beginners when you sign up for the mailing list on the website.


quilting pattern book

Quilting is a really fun hobby (I think so anyway) and it has a lot of variations on how complicated you can make it. Quilting and Beyond on Etsy sells a lot of quilting patterns Opens in a new tab.that you can start with to make a simple or more complicated quilt, depending on whether you know how to sew to start with or not.

Wood Crafts.

wood craft kit hot cocoa stand

Painting and assembling a wood kit can be fun because the hard work of cutting the pieces out has been done for you, and all you need to do is assemble and paint it to your liking. This is the kind of activity that you can do with a group, or with kids.

Jenuine Rose Design has a bunch of precut wood kits that you can get to put a cute craft togetherOpens in a new tab..


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