Best Friend Present Ideas: Cute and Creative Gifts


If you’re thinking of best friend present ideas that won’t be something everyone has, these cute and creative gifts from the Artisan Shopping Directory members will fit the bill.

25+ presents for your best friend

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Home decor best friend gifts.

These suncatchers from Lil Fox DesignsOpens in a new tab. are a fun and affordable present that your friend won’t be able to find in stores.

best friends suncatcher

Who else would you share a donut with? Definitely not your kids!

best friends suncatcher

Nothing better than to show how much you appreciate your friendship, than to share a Tang-wich and a suncatcher!

best friends suncatcher

Got that one friend that is just the pits? Give them 1/2 of this suncatcher set to cheer them up.

scallop shell wind ornament hanging

Something to bring the feel of the sea into your BFF’s home or garden, this lovely scallop shell from Water Dragon Hoard UKOpens in a new tab. has pretty glass blue beads to catch the sun.

Makes a beautiful addition to any home, beach hut, or garden shed as when hung from a hook this’ll spin at will in the wind.

custom charcuterie board

Give your best friends, who always have the best get together and creative cheese platters, a custom cheese board from Jari Jade CreationsOpens in a new tab..

Celebration presents for your best friend.

bridesmaid proposal box

Make a lasting impression with Kenny and Co’s beautifully curated personalized gift box set for your best friend!

Customized canvas make up bag, personalized champagne flute and a satin scrunchie included!

long distance wine glasses

Raise a toast to the unbreakable bond of long-distance friendships with these charming stemless wine glasses by Bump Bump Baby Co.Opens in a new tab.

Our custom-designed set features an endearing message that reads “Never too far to drink together,” accompanied by a silhouette of each friend’s state with an arrow, symbolizing the inseparable connection even if you’re giving them to your friend at a going-away party.

Accessories and Self-Care presents.

monogrammed tote bag

Give your best friend a custom name embroidered tote bag from Kailey’s Monogram to celebrate her special occasion.

A pebble textured vegan leather tote bag designed with a classic font style monogrammed in her favorite colors. She will love carrying this tote showing off her preppy style.

heat wrap for neck

Your best friend deserves the gift of warmth, comfort, relaxation and relief.

Natural Body Comfort’s XL Neck/Shoulder Heat Wrap is the perfect choice to show how much you care about their well-being.

custome handkerchief

Get your handwritten message embroidered onto a handkerchief by Memory Thread Co.Opens in a new tab. so that your best friend can keep it tucked away for those moments that she needs a reminder of how much she’s cared for.

Lolli and Pop ShoppeOpens in a new tab. has a wide selection of essential oils and other scent-related products, like this Aromatherapy dough.

Give your best friend a gift of relaxation with these soothing fragrances.

Paper presents for your bestie.

postcard set for best friends

A set of friendship postcards from Ila and AliceOpens in a new tab. is a lovely way to remind your BFF just how much she means to you.

These quotes make no mistake that she means the world to you.

Give her the set so she can use in her journal or scrapbook, or mail her one a week for a surprise reminder in her mailbox about just how much she is loved, valued and cherished.


For a best friend who likes to keep her notes in an attractive place, these journals from Snappy Sisters Opens in a new tab.Shoppe are unique and better than a regular notebook!.

bible study tabs

For your best friend from your Bible Study group, accessories and journaling supplies from Bible Study CollectiveOpens in a new tab. will be an attractive addition to their collection.

Holiday ornaments for your best friends.

custom ornament

These wedding photo ornaments from Thistle and Lace DesignOpens in a new tab. are a perfect gift for newlyweds! Everyone will absolutely LOVE the details of these personalized ornaments.

custom ornaments

This dog Christmas ornament is the perfect addition to any dog lover’s holiday decor and is the perfect dog mom gift.

Handcrafted with care, this Christmas ornament from Thistle and Lace DesignOpens in a new tab. features a high-quality photo of your dog which will bring a smile to your face every time you see.

custom ornaments

With these gorgeous ornaments, add a personal touch to your beautiful Christmas tree and holiday decor.

These ornaments from Thistle and Lace DesignOpens in a new tab. are a perfect gift for family members, especially Grandma and Grandpa! Everyone will absolutely LOVE the details of these personalized ornaments.

ornament set

Get a variety of handmade ornaments from Holidays LaneOpens in a new tab. to commemorate holidays throughout the year.

Your best friend will like the ones that are tailored to a favorite holiday like Halloween or Easter, these aren’t just for Christmas!

Jewelry best friend presents.

secret message necklace

This personalized necklace from Leah Kathryn JewelryOpens in a new tab. makes a great gift for your best friend. It is hand stamped with your own custom message, and the hammered edges give it a beautifully finished look.

fairy wing earrings

Your fairy friend will feel truly ethereal when they wear these charming mint green fairy wing earrings by Pauly McNultyOpens in a new tab..

raven skull necklace set

Celebrate the unbreakable bond of your friendship with the Raven Skull matching necklace bundle by RavynEdge. Opens in a new tab.

A unique token to remind you and your best friend that you’re always connected, no matter the distance.

custom name bracelet

This bracelet by Shokh JewelryOpens in a new tab. will make the perfect gift for your best friend because the word on the bracelet is totally customizable, you may personalize this bracelet with a name, a word or a short phrase of your choice.


Your best friend should know that she is unforgettable with a broken china jewelry necklace by EclectiQuasOpens in a new tab., featuring a sweet forget me not flower.

Upcycled from a vintage Regency forget-me-not china plate, these floral porcelain pendant necklaces are available in your choice of 3 pendants, and a 16″ or 18″ sterling silver rope chain.

Presents for creative best friends.

slow stitch embroidery kit

Get your crafty friend a slow-stitch kit from Markets of SunshineOpens in a new tab. for relaxation and hobby time.

bead and sequin ornament kit

Get your best friend a bead and sequin ornament kit from Holidays LaneOpens in a new tab..

They’re fun to put together, and she’ll have the ornament to hang as a reminder of your gift.

junk journal ephemera

Buy your creative best friend some junk journal paper supplies so that she can make her own notebooks.

These supplies from The ScrapologistOpens in a new tab. are fun and she always has new assortments to choose from.


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