Artisan Shopping: Thoughtful Jewelry Gifts For Your Sister


If you’d like to give your sister a thoughtful and special birthday gift, meaningful jewelry is a nice choice.

These choices from the Artisan Shopping Directory members will fit multiple styles and price points to help you find the perfect jewelry present for your sister. Check out their websites and shops to see the full selection of their handcrafted jewelry.

40 thoughtful jewelry gifts for your sister

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Wire-wrapped pendants.

wire-wrapped pendant

Bx Jewels ScotlandOpens in a new tab. creates handmade wire-wrapped jewelry using natural stones.

Each piece is one of a kind since they’re all made individually, so this would be a special and unique gift for your sister.

Memorial Jewelry.

Leah kathryn jewelry necklaces

Leah Kathryn jewelry offers custom memorial jewelry, and you can include the creamains of a loved one if you’d like to. There’s a wide range of styles to choose from, so check out her website here: Leah Kathryn JewelryOpens in a new tab.

Memorial jewelry is really sentimental, and it would be a nice gift for your sister to remember a loved one.

Flower memorial jewelry.

Memorial jewelry made from flower petals

Petalworks DaytonOpens in a new tab. makes memorial jewelry made from flowers from a funeral or memorial service.

Sharing a piece of jewelry with your sister that will bring back memories of a loved one is a meaningful present and is sure to be treasured.

Silver Gothic jewelry.

silver pendant necklace with a garnet center

RavynEdge jewelryOpens in a new tab. makes unique silver designs that appeal to a more gothic audience.

From stylish gothic pendants with gemstones to raven skull necklaces, these high-quality silver designs will be a prized accessory for years to come.

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Unique Gemstone Jewelry.

gemstone bolo tie

Stony Mountain JewelryOpens in a new tab. creates individual pieces that are made with silver settings and natural gemstones.

Each piece is unique and there’s a range of prices so that you can find something to fit your budget, whether you want an investment piece or something under $50.

Upscale eyeglasses chains.

colored pearls eyeglasses chain

Kalx Designs makes pretty eyeglasses chains that will elevate a utilitarian item to the category of jewelry.

The styles available range from leather to pearl to blingy, and they’ll definitely be a gift that your sister will appreciate since it’s both stylish and useful.

Colorful jewelry.

mushroom earrings

Petra Slay DesignOpens in a new tab. carries handmade polymer clay jewelry in colorful designs.

Her playful style is a cute and casual choice and her prices are affordable, with many pieces under $20.

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Unique lace chokers and gothic jewelry.

lace choker with lavender gemstone

Twisted Pixies Opens in a new tab.makes handcrafted and unique jewelry that will please anyone with an edgy side.

Her designs range from lace chokers with dual accents to Everyday earrings that are appropriate for work and the weekend.

Boho beaded jewelry.

beaded woven bracelet

Megan Petersen JewelryOpens in a new tab. is created from small seed beads that are handcrafted into wearable works of art that include bracelets, anklets, and earrings, plus many more categories of accessories that you can give as a personal gift to your sister if she has a Bohemian Spirit.

Leather and stone bracelets.

Magnolia Designs 4 You Opens in a new tab.makes leather bracelets with silver and stone details.

These are really high quality pieces, and there’s something that you can wear with a lot of different outfits, so they’re really versatile.

This would be a great sister gift for someone who has a Bohemian spirit, or maybe a little hippie in them!

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Pride Earrings.

Rectangular rainbow pride earrings

Because I’m Proud Studio creates jewelry, stickers, and other accessories to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride.

These watercolor rainbow earrings would be a memorable and thoughtful choice for your sister to show her that you love and support her.

Gemstone bracelets.

gemstone bracelet made from yellow and green stones

Krisia Art has a wide range of jewelry giftsOpens in a new tab., including these healing gemstone bracelets.

If your sister is a lover of natural stones and zodiac jewelry, this shop has a wide variety of reasonably-priced jewelry gifts that she’s sure to love.

Celtic sister jewelry.

Celtic sister bracelet with charms

ZAXZO CelticOpens in a new tab. has meaningful handmade Celtic jewelry, including this customizable sister bracelet.

Add specially-chosen charms that represent the friendship that you have with your sister to make this meaningful gift even more personal.

Small gemstone beads bracelet.

dainty gemstone bracelet

Simplicity Gem StudioOpens in a new tab. makes beaded bracelets in a small diameter as well as larger ones. That means that if your sister prefers smaller jewelry, you’ll be able to find a pretty beaded bracelet for her.

If she likes dainty jewelry but also likes the natural stone look, check out the selection of different styles and colors that Kristy offers.

Unique Glass Jewelry.

dichroic glass earrings

Cheryl KumOpens in a new tab.iski Glass makes fused glass and dichroic glass accessories and jewelry.

No two pieces are exactly alike, so a gift of glass earrings or a pendant will be a one-of-a-kind piece for your sister that’s as unique as she is.

Manatee earrings.

Manatee earrings

If your sister is an ocean life-lover, she’ll love these manatee stone earrings from EnlivenAdornOpens in a new tab..

Choose a present from a wide variety of jewelry and other gift items that are designed for a Zen aesthetic.

Jewelry for a quilter.

quilt square necklace

If your sister is a quilter, she’s going to love the jewelry that Jennifer Patterson DesignsOpens in a new tab. makes from polymer clay.

Each piece is handcrafted and she has a variety of different designs that are truly original.

I don’t know if I had ever seen this kind of design, and the craftsmanship that goes into these pieces is impressive!

Birthstone bracelets.

birthstone bracelet on a white base

Essential Jewelry 4 UOpens in a new tab. makes beaded gemstone jewelry, including a line of birthstone bracelets.

Your sister will love a birthday present that represents her birth month, and if you want to add a zodiac bracelet to her gift you can get those here, too!

Contemporary Leather and Silver Jewelry.

leather and silver earrings

LeatheRCycle makes truly unique jewelry Opens in a new tab.and accessories out of reclaimed and new leather, silver, and gemstones.

These pieces are statement pieces that your sister will wear whenever she wants to be noticed in a good way!

Unique glass earrings.

dichroic glass earrings

Partners inOpens in a new tab. Glass makes barrettes, accessories, and earrings that are artistic and individualized, since no two will be the same.

This kind of glass changes color depending on where the light is, so it will give your sister an unusual piece of jewelry that people will admire and ask about.

Jewelry that TV costume designers love.

earrings that were worn on the young and the restless

Kari Asbury JewelryOpens in a new tab. has designs that are loved by Hollywood costume designers, and they’ve made appearances on many TV shows.

If your sister is a fan of The Young And The Restless, get her these wire hoops that are like the ones that were seen there. It will be a fun connection to make and will make your gift more fun!

Pendant and earring sets.

pendant and earring set made from gemstones

Get your sister a complete set of gemstone earrings and a pendant necklace from Rafaelle Designs Opens in a new that she has a completely coordinated look.

These come in a bunch of different gemstones and colors, and you’ll be sure to find something that will fit her style.

Witchy jewelry.

blue and green leaf necklace

You don’t have to be into witchy jewelry to think that this colorshift jewelry from Lori’s Laboratory is beautiful.

But if your sister is a little witchy, she’ll appreciate this even more. It’s a polymer clay necklace that’s colored with pigments that look different from different angles, so it has a pretty shimmer effect.

Comfortable earrings.

silver earrings

If your sister has sensitive ears, this pair of huggie earrings in sterling and argentium silver by Silver EchoesOpens in a new tab. will be perfect for her.

They’re nickel-free and designed to be small enough to sleep in, and they come in a gift box with a personalized note.

Statement earrings.

long green stone earrings

Shokh JewelryOpens in a new tab. makes handcrafted jewelry with an elegant boho vibe, like these long green stone earrings.

If your sister’s style is a little elegant and a little bohemian, you’re sure to find something that will fit her look here.

Glass beaded bracelets.

Moonlovers Opens in a new tab.has these really pretty matte iridescent glass bracelets that are a change from the usual gemstones.

These would be a pretty choice for a sister who’s into fairies and fantasy, since they have a glow that seems to come from inside the beads.

Hand embroidered art necklaces.

hand embroidered statement necklce

BeExceptional JewelleryOpens in a new tab. is art that you wear. If your sister is a fashionista who loves an unusual statement necklace, this artist will deliver something that nobody else owns.

Her one-of-a-kind pieces include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

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Bracelet sets.

set of three beaded bracelets stacked on top of each other

Your sister will appreciate a gift that gives her some versatility, and the sets of bracelets that you can get from Shakti Vibe MalasOpens in a new tab. will fit the bill.

These come in coordinating colors, and will allow your sister to easily design her look the way that she wants to.

Upcycled ceramics necklace.

heart necklaces made from china plates

These pretty necklaces are made by eclectiQuasOpens in a new tab. from vintage ceramic plates.

Your sister will love a tiny heart necklace that symbolizes how you feel about her, or choose earrings or a round pendant made from a different pattern.

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Opal and pearl jewelry.

opal earrings

Jewelry by IrinaOpens in a new tab. makes jewelry using lab-created opals, freshwater pearls, silver, and she can personalize designs for you.

Your sister will love the look of the opals, with their iridescent glow in different colors.

Statement jewelry.

purple dangle earrings

Natural Stone Jewels Opens in a new tab.creates statement jewelry using natural gemstones. This is the sister shop to Jewelry By Irina, which is listed above.

Between the two shops, you should be able to find a few choices that would make your sister very happy on her birthday!

Eco-Friendly book jewelry.

rose earrings made out of book pages

These unusual earrings are part of the jewelry line created by Paper 2 PearlsOpens in a new tab.. They’re created from upcycled book pages, so you can choose a pair for your sister that come from a book that’s meaningful to her.

Since the paper is taken from books that would be thrown away, it’s an environmentally-friendly gift that keeps things out of the landfill as well as being interesting to look at!

Boho chic jewelry.

blue stone pendant

Carol Bradley DesignsOpens in a new tab. creates boho chic jewelry using natural stones and sterling silver.

Your sister will appreciate the unique nature of each piece, and how they fit her boho style.

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Sterling silver rings.

silver ring that looks like a crown

This sterling silver crown ring is by Tesoro Del Sol,Opens in a new tab. and will remind your sister that she’s a queen whenever she glances at it.

This style is only one of many types of dainty boho jewelry that you’ll find in different metals and gemstones in the shop.

Long necklaces.

long green fluorite necklace on a mannequin

This hand-knotted fluorite necklace by Kathy Bankston Artisan JewelryOpens in a new tab. is perfect for your sister if she needs a piece of jewelry that’s versatile enough for work and weekend.

The necklace is handmade and comes in a kraft box that’s ready to give as a gift, which makes it easy to give as a birthday present.

Hag Stone Necklaces.

Stone necklace with a dragon embellishment, on a red mannequin

Water Dragon Hoard UKOpens in a new tab. specializes in jewelry and jewelry boxes that are made from found object stones and shells.

Her hag stone necklaces are unique statement pieces that are made from stones that have naturally-formed holes in them, so each one is definitely one-of-a-kind. A hag stone is supposed to protect you from evil and bad luck, so give your sister one to protect her from bad vibes!

Tile jewelry.

Ines Lamy DesignOpens in a new tab. handcrafts jewelry that features traditional tile designs. If your sister is someone who likes unusual jewelry that you won’t find in the chain stores, she’ll love this style.

Ines makes a wide range of styles that range from simple tile pendants to more elaborate styles like these earrings.

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Statement rings.

statement rings with blue and white diamonds

IDUS Joyas handcrafts a lot of different jewelry,Opens in a new tab. but if your sister likes a statement ring or two, this is the place to get them.

These can feature birthstones to commemorate her birthday, and all of her pieces are handmade to order when they’re purchased.

Heart pendants.

heart pendant

Atelier NyOpens in a new tab.mphea creates a lot of different heart-shaped jewelry from gemstones, including these made from blue and green labradorite.

Your sister will treasure a natural stone heart pendant, and it will be something that reminds her of your bond every time she wears it.

Decades jewelry.

Birthstone bracelet with 5 beads on it

Rees Jewellery Designs Opens in a new tab.makes gemstone jewelry, but also customizes birthstone jewelry and makes it fit the decades for milestone birthdays.

If your sister is reaching a milestone birthday, get her a dainty bracelet that represents the age she’s reached…One stone for every decade.

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Shaped gemstone bracelets.

heart shaped beaded bracelet

Mother Goddess DesignsOpens in a new tab. has a wide variety of handcrafted gemstone bracelets, including faceted and shaped beads.

This bracelet with heart-shaped amethyst beads would be a perfect gift for your sister on her birthday, especially if she loves purple or has amethyst as her birthstone.

Bead woven rings.

Jerzeygems creates hand woven beaded jewelryOpens in a new tab., including these cute rings made from woven seed beads.

These rings are something that your sister would like if her style is a little fashion-forward and bohemian. Bead weaving is an unusual way to create rings, so she’s not going to find other people wearing the same one!

I hope that this guide helped you to find some shops where you can get your sister a birthday gift…I just realized that my own sister’s birthday is coming up, so I might go shopping myself!


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