Best Unique Handmade Dollhouse Accessories


If you’re looking for accessories for your dollhouse or fairy garden, you’ve probably seen the same things over and over because there are so many mass-manufactured things out there.

But what if you want something unique or even one-of-a-kind for your dollhouse?

These genuine handmade options that I found will give you a few places to look where you can get items that are premade, or things that you can DIY that you won’t find all over the internet.


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Romantic dollhouse bedding.

Chantellena DOll house banner

Robin Wallace makes handmade romantic bedding and linens for 1:12 and 1:24 scale dollhouses.

These are really, really pretty, and would fit into any romantic or girly-themed dollhouse bedroom.

You can see her work on Etsy at Chantallena Doll HouseOpens in a new tab. and her website.Opens in a new tab.

Custom dollhouse dolls.

custom bendy dolls

Suzanne makes custom bendy dolls in different skin tones and hair colors, and since she makes them individually you can customize yours.

She also has kits so that you or your kids can make your own dolls to play with.

Her dolls are about 3″ tall and come in a bunch of styles, characters, and family combinations.

You can find her products on Etsy at Wildflower ToysOpens in a new tab..

Tiny gnomes and snails.

tiny clay gnomes

Coos Clay Creations on EtsyOpens in a new tab. makes micro gnomes and snails to put in a dollhouse or a fairy garden.

These are really cute and small, and they would fit in if you have a gnome-themed house or fairy garden.

Fairy garden decor.

fairy houses

Kim makes bendy dolls, furniture, and fairy houses at Fairy Under a Full Moon on Etsy.Opens in a new tab.

Her style includes a lot of natural elements so if you’re looking a woodland aesthetic you should check her shop out.

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Miniature charms.

mini paint palette charm

Maureen makes miniature charms in the shape of food and other objects in her Charming Minis Shop on Etsy.Opens in a new tab.

Since she makes these by hand, you could either buy them as-is to use as a keychain charm or stitch marker, or you could contact her to see if she could make some without the findings so that you can use them in your dollhouse kitchen.

Dollhouse needlepoint kits.

mini needlepoint cushions

Janet Granger makes teeny tiny needlepoint kits for dollhouse decor, ranging from carpets to hoiday accessories.

You can see her kits on her website at Janet Granger Designs UKOpens in a new tab.

Beaded dollhouse accessories.

mini perfume bottles

Debbie makes beaded dollhouse accessories like this little vanity set.

She makes things that range from little beaded purses to wall art, all scaled down for 1:12 dollhouses.

You can find them in her Etsy shop Debra Susan Miniatures.Opens in a new tab.

Miniature mattresses and bedding.

mini dollhouse bedding on  a bed

Marilyn makes miniature mattresses and beddingOpens in a new tab. in her shop Mama’s Craft Basket on Etsy.

The mini mattresses are made to look like real patterned ones, so they’ll add an extra touch of realism to your doll’s house bedroom.

Miniature wedding cakes.

mini cakes

Perlilla makes mostly cake toppers, but she also makes these tiny wedding cake replicas Opens in a new tab.that she says people use in their dollhouses.

If you have a photo of your own wedding cake you could get a copy made in miniature to have in your dollhouse!


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