How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship Orders? The Real Answer.


Updated 2024

The truth about how long it takes Etsy to ship things is that Etsy doesn’t ship anything, individual sellers do. Because of that, there isn’t a single answer that will cover every order.

On top of that, customers often write to ask Etsy sellers how long it will take for their order to get to them, but there isn’t a 100% good way for us to know that because it also depends on the post office.

Since we’re not in control of the postal system, all we can do is estimate transit times.

Etsy doesn’t know for sure either, but because it DOES offer estimated delivery times, customers are often confused about how much time it will take for the delivery of their orders.

This gets more complicated because you have to add processing time in.

how long does etsy take to ship? Reality vs estimates

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Etsy’s shipping time estimates are only guesses.

The question of Etsy shipping time overlooks the fact that Etsy doesn’t ship anything. Etsy is only the online marketplace, it doesn’t handle the shipping service.

Shipping an Etsy order is the responsibility of each individual seller, and they all have different policies and schedules.

Some ship things in 1 day, some in 2-3 days, and some can take up to 6 weeks, depending on the processing time of the seller and hw long it takes to make the thing if it’s handmade.

Because Etsy has handmade items in the marketplace, some items are made when they’re ordered, and that can take days, or even weeks. Again, this gets into the difference between processing time and shipping time.

The estimated delivery time on Etsy is a combination of the seller’s processing time (how long it will take to make and ship the item) and estimates of the shipping time from the post office (how long it will take to travel to you.)

Plus, Etsy has stated that its goal for 2024 is to “reduce shipping time by 2 days,” which is basically trying to tell people that they’ll get their packages as fast as possible. That isn’t always accurate, though, and a lot of sellers are seeing things like an estimated deliver time of one day, which is ridiculous.

Read this article about whether you can believe Etsy shipping times, because it’s not always a good thing to trust them!

TLDR? Here are the tips for faster and safer delivery of your Etsy purchase.

  • Check the seller’s processing time and location to get an idea of how long it will take them to mail your order.
  • Upgrade to a faster shipping method if standard shipping is going to take too long.
  • If you’re ordering a custom or personalized item, communicate well with the seller to get your order under way. They need to get all the details before they can start working on your order, so the longer you take to get those details to them, to longer it will take to get your order to you.
  • Make sure that your order will be sent with tracking, and pay for it if it’s an international order that might not ship with tracking automatically.

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What is processing time on Etsy?

Order processing time is the time that it takes to actually make the item after it’s purchased. If things are made-to-order it means that they’re created when the order is paid for, and not ahead of time.

Because of this, items that need to be made especially for the customer, or that have custom details like monogramming or color choices, will need to have an order processing time before they’re ready to be shipped. They’ll probably take longer to ship than things like craft supplies that aren’t unique products.

Customers need to be aware that their order isn’t guaranteed to ship before the estimated processing time.

Many Etsy sellers have a stock of ready-to-ship items, so they tend to ship quickly. However, most individual sellers do some level of creating items when they’re ordered, so a 2-3 day processing time is a common choice for most sellers.

This also gives us a cushion in case we need more time to deal with different factors like buying supplies or getting personalization info from the customer.

When you make a purchase on Etsy you need to check the processing time and expected delivery date to make sure it fits your needs.

If a seller has set a 7-day processing time, and you need the item tomorrow, you probably shouldn’t buy it!

order shipped notification from Etsy
Order shipped notification

Custom orders take longer to make.

Some Etsy shop owners report that customers get upset when they want to have custom handmade products made and are told that it will take 6 weeks to create them.

The customer doesn’t understand that sometimes it’s not just a matter of making the item, the independent sellers might also have to deal with external factors like having to special order specific materials and wait for those to arrive.

They may also have to do designs that the customer approves, or get more information from the customer.

This will all extend the processing time, especially if the customer doesn’t answer messages from the seller promptly.

One seller in my Facebook group had to cancel a custom order because the customer never answered any messages to send the details of what she wanted.

When the order was canceled the customer started messaging to say to send the order, but still didn’t answer what personalization she wanted, so that didn’t help!

Etsy buyers needs to check the estimated date for delivery.

If you need your custom order quickly, make sure to tell the seller exactly what you need and respond to their messages so that they know what you want them to make.

I also get a lot of people who place orders and then send me messages saying that they need their items in two days.

I generally end up canceling those orders, because there’s no way to get things to people that quickly.

If you have the need for something really fast, you should definitely check with the seller before buying to make sure they can get it to you, and to ask for the cost of expedited shipping.

Most sellers will offer some type of faster shipping, but it can cost a lot more because that’s what the postal service charges us.

So that leads us to the shipping details and time, which is the next piece of the Etsy shipping puzzle.

Packages ready to ship

What is shipping time on Etsy?

Shipping time is the estimated travel time after the item is actually mailed. This is separate from processing time, and is entirely dependent on the shipping method and shipping speed that the customer chooses at checkout, plus things like the seller’s location.

If international travel is required for the package, there can be delays due to customs processing and local differences in how each country handles its mail delivery. Etsy sellers have no control over shipping time.

When Etsy provides an estimated delivery date, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. There can be local issues with postal delays that are unpredictable, and any estimates are just that, estimates.

Especially in the case of international shipping, or any domestic shipments that go through transit stations that are experiencing delays, shipping can take a lot longer than people expect.

The carrier transit time can vary between shipping services, too, and also between services in different countries.

The reality is that shipping and delivery will take as long as they take.


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Can Etsy sellers tell you the status of your order?

Etsy sellers have no more information than buyers when it comes to knowing where a package is once it’s mailed, or when it will be delivered, and we follow the tracking number information the same way that customers do.

The post office in the US and in other countries will scan the packages in as they’re processed in transit, but sometimes packages aren’t scanned correctly and they look like they’re not moving at all.

I’ve had packages that weren’t scanned in at all when I took them to the post office so they looked like they were never sent. They arrived just fine, but they weren’t scanned in at all along the way.

To get the most updated tracking, sign up at the shipping company’s website for tracking updates. The United States Postal Service offers tracking updates, but you need to sign up for it.

Other shipping services also offer this, so check with the company that your Etsy seller used to see if you can sign up for updates.

What are the general shipping time estimates for standard shipping?

In general, Etsy estimates that shipping domestically will take 3-7 business days, depending on the mail class chosen by the customer. This will vary by country depending on how the individual postal services operate.

For international shipping, packages can take anywhere between 10-30 business days, which usually doesn’t include weekends. So be prepared to wait for a decent amount of time depending on where you’re ordering from, and don’t expect international orders to arrive in 3 days! That’s not realistic unless you want to pay for (very expensive) international priority shipping.

Some countries don’t track packages, so when they enter the borders of the country there’s no way to find out where it is.

In addition, if a package gets tuck in customs for some reason, it can extend the time that it’s going to take to get to you.

Also remember that shipping time needs to be added to processing time, which can extend everything longer. The worst-case scenario would be a long processing time plus a long shipping time, so be aware that Etsy is an international business and Etsy shops are located all over the world. If you order internationally it will just take longer to arrive.

How to see your shipped orders on Etsy

To see information about when your order will ship, when it did ship, and tracking information, go to your purchases and reviews section in your Etsy profile. From this section, you’ll be able to see everything that you’ve purchased and when they will be shipping, or when they did ship. You can also leave reviews and find any files that you bought from digital purchases in this section.

Keep in mind that not all packages are automatically sent with tracking, and you may have to pay extra for tracking in specific countries.

(In my opinion, it’s usually a good idea to choose to pay for tracking even if it increases your shipping costs.)

Click for the video.

This information will be available in your account if you’re registered with Etsy, but if you checked out as a guest you’ll need to look for the shipping confirmation email notification they send when your order is shipped.

That will have the tracking information, if available, and you can look it up there to track your package.


What about international shipping time and tracking?

International orders might not be easy to track depending on whether the package went directly through the mail or to a central distribution facility.

Etsy has been using a company that collects the packages then ships them out of their facility, but they change the tracking numbers in the process. This website can sometimes give you information if you can’t find it in your country’s postal service: 17Track

If your package was sent without tracking, it becomes more difficult to estimate shipping times. Sometimes the mail service is so expensive, Etsy sellers opt not to use tracking in order not to pass that cost along to their customers.

I would suggest that you contact the seller to ask if packages will be sent with tracking if this is a concern for you, especially with international shipping.

I send all of my packages with tracking, and Etsy is changing their system soon to require tracking for most domestic packages in the US if the seller wants to be covered by Etsy’s Purchase Protection

But tracking isn’t always an option, so be aware of that. If you choose not to pay for it, nobody will be able to tell you where it is in the delivery process.

Estimating the arrival of packages is a tricky thing, especially if you’re dealing with international shipments and possible delays due to local problems.

Etsy sellers get as frustrated as our customers with delays, but because shipping is a service that we’re not in charge of, we can’t change the way that it works! Reach out to the seller if you think your package has been delayed, but sometimes it’s just a matter of having patience.


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