How To Use Scrapbook Paper To Wallpaper A Dollhouse


Scrapbook paper is a good option when it comes to wallpapering a dollhouse because it’s not too expensive and it comes in a lot of patterns and colors.

It also comes in weights from regular paper up to a stiffer cardstock, so you’ll be able to cover bumps and imperfections on the walls with a heavier weight.

scrapbook paper wallpaper

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Here are some quick tips for using scrapbook paper for dollhouse wallpaper:

  1. Use a scrapbook paper that’s not too lightweight. Heavier paper will cover up more flaws and be easier to attach.
  2. Use the paper itself to make the template for the wall unless it’s very angled or you’re not sure if you’ll get it right.
  3. You can fold the paper to indicate where it needs to be cut to fit the walls.
  4. Use double-sided tape to stick the paper to the walls of the house. Attach the tape to the paper, not the walls!
  5. Use an Exacto knife to cut out windows and doors after you’ve stuck the paper to the walls. If you’re using double-sided tape you’ll be able to reposition them to do this.
  6. If you’re using any type of glue to attach the scrapbook paper to the walls, make sure it’s not too wet or it can make the paper buckle.
  7. You can seal the wallpaper with a paper sealer if you want to, but it’s not 100% necessary.

There are some things to think about before you decide whether scrapbook paper is a good option for you or not, so read on!

How heavy does the scrapbook paper need to be to wallpaper a dollhouse?

The weight of the scrapbook paper that you use for dollhouse wallpaper needs to be heavy enough to cover up any flaws on the wall, and to attach without buckling from glue if that’s used as an adhesive. Lightweight scrapbook paper isn’t going to work if the wall is very bumpy because the bumps will show through the paper. Heavier scrapbook paper that’s similar to a light cardstock is a good choice.

Part of the decision is going to be based on how much work you did to clean up the walls before wallpapering.

I removed most of the old paper from my dollhouse walls, but there are still pieces on it, so a super lightweight scrapbook paper might not cover that.

The type of scrapbook paper that comes in large pads of paper is a good weight for most dollhouse projects.

I got a couple in my craft thrift store haul, so I tried that out and it worked pretty well on a wall that was semi-clean.

How do you stick wallpaper to a doll’s house walls?

To stick the wallpaper to the doll’s house wall, you can use any kind of liquid adhesive that you want, or double-sided tape.

Liquid glues should be used carefully so that they aren’t too runny and make the wallpaper buckle.

Some people use actual wallpaper glue because it’s thicker, but that works best with a heavier type of paper.

For scrapbook paper, I would stay with double-sided tape if the paper is very lightweight.

Apply the tape to the paper, then to the walls.

If you do decide to use glue, remember that the wallpaper will be permanent, and if you decide to remove it later it’s going to take a lot more effort.

You can also use non-permanent methods to attach scrapbook wallpaper to the walls, and double-sided tape is included in this category.

Since the tape is fairly easy to remove, you’ll be able to take the paper down when you want to with minimal effort and no scraping needed.

Other methods include things like glue dots, which can be put at the corners and along the top of the walls to hold the paper up.

Tacky putty that people use to hang posters is also a non-permanent option.

Some of the non-permanent choices work best with stiffer paper that will hold its shape better, like heavier scrapbook paper or lightweight cardstock.

scrapbook paper for dollhouse wallpaper

Lightweight cardstock scrapbook paper as a wallpaper option.

Using a lightweight cardstock type of scrapbook paper is a good option for a few reasons. First, it covers any imperfections on the walls. Second, it’s easy to cut with scissors so it’s not difficult to work with. Third, it’s stiff enough that it will keep its shape if you decide to use it with glue.

A lot of the lightweight cardstock scrapbooking papers come with texture, too, so you can use them for flooring or as a more interesting wallpaper.

I used the pink glitter scrapbook paper as flooring in the pink flamingo room that I wallpapered with gift wrap.

Since this heavier paper has a sturdier backing, it holds up to moisture better, and using liquid glue on it won’t be as difficult.

You should be able to apply the glue on the paper itself instead of on the walls of the house, so it will be easier to spread on and position.

scrapbook paper for dollhouse wallpaper
Scrapbook paper for dollhouse wallpaper.

You can usually find this heavier-weight paper in the scrapbook paper section with the specialty papers, or in 12″x12″ pads of paper.

Keep an eye out for sales, because that’s a good way to find pads of paper that coordinate with each other and that you can use to make wallpaper that matches both color and pattern.

I used some of the smaller pieces that I got in the craft haul video above to do the hallway in my dollhouse.

There weren’t enough pieces to do the entire thing in the same pattern, but because the pads were full of coordinating patterns, I was able to use multiple patterns for the same area.

The scrapbook paper dollhouse room.

To do the hallway of my house, I used a few coordinating patterns and colors from a pad of scrapbook paper.

I used double-sided tape but this time I attached it to the paper after cutting the paper to fit the walls.

The hardest part of this room was going around the window in the back, because it was hard to reach.

I pressed the paper up onto the wall with the tape in place, then cut around the window with an Exacto knife.

Scrapbook paper is really easy to work with as far as wallpapering goes.

So far this was the fastest room to do, and I even had to piece the paper because it was from a skinny paper pad.

If it had been from a 12″x12″ pad it would have been a lot faster.

scrapbook wallpaper room
Hallway with scrapbook paper added on the back wall.
Scrapbook wallpaper added to the hallway.
Scrapbook wallpaper added to the hallway.

I have to say that so far, this type of paper was the easiest to work with, and that the double-sided tape works well with it.

If you’re thinking about using scrapbook paper for dollhouse wallpaper, give it a try, but get a decent weight, and don’t buy the flimsy stuff!


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