50+ Nature Based Color Schemes For Crafts And Design


When you’re deciding on colors for a new project, it can help to look to nature to get inspiration. The colors in natural settings are a lot more complicated than they look at first glance, so it’s easy to find a range that you can use to create quilts, knitted or crocheted items, or other craft projects.

These are my original photos, and some are by other members of the Artisan Shopping Directory. I’ll add more as I come across interesting combinations.

I’ve divided these up by the main types of colors but there may be some overlap!

50+ nature-based color schemes for crafts and design

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Natural color palettes of yellow and orange.

Yellow orchid
Yellow orchid
Small rose
Yellow rose
peach roses
Peach peony
peach rose
Peach rose
autumn leaves and sky
Autumn leaves
autumn leaves and sky
Fall leaves
fall leaves and sky
Fall leaves
orange honeysuckle
Orange honeysuckle
nature color palette sunset

Natural color palettes of pink and red.

rose garden
Rose garden
Red rose
Red rose
Pink rose
Pink rose
pink peony
Pink peony
Magenta peony
Magenta peony
pink orchids
Pink orchids

Natural color palettes with green.

Waterlily garden
Tropical leaves
Tropical leaves
pinecone nature color palette

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Natural color palettes with earth tones and grey.

Brown squirrel
Snowy trees
Snowy trees
cream peony
Cream peony
branches and sky
Brown branches
alligator swimming

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Natural color palettes with blue and purple.

flower arrangement
lavender lisianthus
blue irises
Purple iris
flower garden bed
Flower garden
pink dog rose
Dog rose
corn flower
yellow butterfly
Yellow butterfly
blue jay in the snow
blue flowers
Purple flowers
Purple iris
Purple iris
clematis nature color palette


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