Unique Pet Owner Gift Ideas: Cats, Dogs, and More


If you know a pet owner, you probably also know that they love gifts that are related to their pets.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, frog, or lizard, people love their animals, and these unique pet owner gifts made by Artisan Shopping Directory members will be things that they can’t find in stores.

unique pet owner gift ideas

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Pug shaped soap

pug shaped soap

This is definitely a unique choice…Soap that’s shaped like a pug, made by the Sudsy Goat Soapery. They also have soap with other types of dogs on them.

Pet memorial ornament

pet memorial ornament

If you know someone who lost a pet recently, they might like an ornament as a memento. This urn ornament from Leah Kathryn jewelry would be a nice choice.

Paw suncatchers

paw suncatchers

Lil Fox Designs makes these paw suncatchersOpens in a new tab. that would be good for a cat owner. They can go in your house or your car to create a little rainbow when the sun shines in.

Fox suncatchers

fox suncatchers

She also has the little foxes if you know a fox owner!Opens in a new tab. (And yes, there are some.)

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Snakes suncatchers!

snake suncatcher

And there’s this snake suncatcher for the people who prefer reptiles to mammalsOpens in a new tab..

Bunny cork ornament

rabbit made from corks

Corkies by Steph makes animal-shaped cork creationsOpens in a new tab. shaped like dogs, cats, crabs, mice, and bunnies. These are cute desk decor or something to put on your dashboard (at least, I would,)

For a DIY catnip toy to make yourself, click here.

Cat mousepads

cat mousepad

Crazy Cats and Coffee has lots of cat-related home decor and accessories,Opens in a new tab. including some mousepads, which I find a little ironic since they’re covered with cats.

Cat bags and wallets

cat pattern purse

Tracey Lipman has a cat lover collectionOpens in a new tab., which includes handmade purses and other accessories.

Frog stickers

frog sticker

These frog stickers from Robert Phelps ArtOpens in a new tab. are really pretty, and you can also get frog artwork and tote bags from him.

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Goat wall art print

goat art print

If you know someone who has goats, this print of an original painting would be a great gift. The goat this was modeled after is named Theodore, and is one of the residents of a farm rescue sanctuary. You can read about that on the listing page here: Theodore goat printOpens in a new tab.

Dog lover accessories

dog pawprint wallet

Tracey also has a section for dog lovers,Opens in a new tab. including wallets, pocket aprons, and poop bag holders.

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Cat play mats

cat play mat

Oddball Cat Toys sells cat play mats that have crinkly fillings Opens in a new tab.and catnip in them. This will help keep indoor cats busy since the catnip will hypnotize them and the crinkly sound will keep them interested. And let’s be honest, a gift for the pet is a gift for the owner.

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Pet artwork

horse and owner portrait

Love At First Bark has lots of pet-themed productsOpens in a new tab., including some for horse owners. This is a nice silhouette, and you can get one personalized with your choice of names.

Unique pet portrait

needlefelted cat portrait

Mariella Felts creates custom pet portraits using the unique art of 2D needle felting.Opens in a new tab. All custom portraits are created using a submitted photo.


Snuffleball toys for gerbils and small pets

snuffleball dog toy treat hiders

Barking Bedlie has a lot of pet toys, including these snuffleball toys that can be used for treat hiders.Opens in a new tab. They can be used for dogs, but customer reviews say that they use them for gerbils and sugargliders, too, so they’re not exclusively for dogs!

Dog Treat Beef Jerky

dog treat beek jerky

Barking Bedlie also makes gourmet dog treats, like this beef jerky made with all-natural ingredients.Opens in a new tab.

Dog Bow Ties

dog with bow tie on his neck

If you’re in Australia, you can get a dog bow tie from Top Dogs GearOpens in a new tab.. She also has bandana and other dog accessories.

Pet rat mug

rat mug

If you know someone who has a pet rat, this mug will be something they treasureOpens in a new tab.. Because seriously, how many mugs have rats on them? And this one from Robert Phelps Art is pretty.

Dog breed mugs

great dane mug

Vesoterica has some dog mugs in different breedsOpens in a new tab., and also does digital art with different dog breeds.

unique pet owner gift ideas

Paw print ornament

paw print ornament

Holidays Lane makes hand-beaded ornaments for all seasonsOpens in a new tab., including this paw print ornament with gold sequins and beads. It would work for a dog or a cat owner as an understated pet ornament.

Wooden Dog Mom ornament

Wooden dog mom pet ornament

This dog mom ornament or rearview mirror pet charmOpens in a new tab. can be displayed year-round or used on a Christmas tree.

Horse artwork

horse painting

If you know a horse owner, this fine art print by Gallery 28 Opens in a new tab.would be a really nice addition to their home decor. It’s from an original oil painting by Jan Schmuckal


Custom pet portraits and tags

pet portrait with santa hat

Get a portrait of your pet or a friend’s pet from Jari Jade Creations. She also makes personalized pet ornaments and tags, like this one:

custom dog name tag

Dog-themed home decor

home is where my dog is sign

Any dog owner will agree with the sentiment on this sign,Opens in a new tab. which pretty much sums it up.

Dog photo prop pregnancy announcement

dog pregnancy announcement

You can give this to a friend who’s expecting if they’re looking for a cute way to let people know. It’s a wood slice photo prop that can be worn by the family dog Opens in a new tab.for a social media announcement, made by Home Branded.

Pet memorial ornament

pawprint memorial ornament

This pawprint memorial ornament by Home BrandedOpens in a new tab. can be personalized with the name of a pet that passed away to have on the tree, or to hang up somewhere in the house.

Handmade dog sweaters

handmade dog sweater

Canine Cardigans makes upcycled sweaters for dogs of all sizesOpens in a new tab.. From dachshunds to larger breeds, you can find something for a dog who needs a little extra warmth.

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Pet memorial stones for all types of pets

memorial stone for a horse
lizard memorial stone
memorial stone for a pet bird

You can get memorial gifts for a friend who lost a petOpens in a new tab. at Kimmer and Co, including lanterns, garden stones, and ornaments.

Line art pet portraits

line drawing portrait of dog ears with names

Get a stylized line art pet portrait from Mercell C.Opens in a new tab. She does custom line art that you can customize with names and ear styles, plus other types of drawings.

Dog-Themed fabric and patterns

dog fabric

Check out Creative Dog Mom for dog-themed fabrics and patternsOpens in a new tab. for your crafty dog-owner friends.

Custom cat head catnip toy.

cat head catnip toy

This personalized Cat Head Toy Opens in a new tab.is a great gift for the cat lady or cat in your life. You can add the cat’s name and choose the color of the toy so that it matches the cat perfectly!

Unique gift wrap.

horse gift wrap

Designer wrapping paper from Hot Pocket GraphicsOpens in a new tab. will elevate that special horse owner’s gift. Available in multiple patterns, three sizes, and two finishes, this eco-luxury equestrian gift wrap is the perfect way to give your favorite horse mom, barn buddy or horse trainer a gift that makes a statement, while also being environmentally friendly. Show that special someone how much you care with the ultimate presentation as well as the most thoughtful gift.


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