Best Gifts For Dog Lovers That You Can’t Get At The Mall


These gifts for dog lovers are all unique, creative, and will please anyone who has a pet. (You can even get them for other pets, it’s not all about the dogs…)

best gifts for dog lovers

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Home Decor gifts for dog lovers.

dog paw window cling

Window clings and suncatchersOpens in a new tab. by Lil Fox Designs for the ultimate dog lover.

Place in a bright sunny window and bask in the many rainbows produced by each vinyl decoration.

dog ornament

Paw print ornaments by Holidays LaneOpens in a new tab. Each handcrafted ornament is wrapped in a pretty paw print ribbon that is surrounded by hand placed sequins in a variety of colors.

Makes a perfect gift for any fur baby parent.

dog cork bottle stopper

This Corgi wine stopperOpens in a new tab. from Corkies By Steph is a perfect gift for all the dog and wine lovers in your life!

Hand-carved out of wine corks, it will add a fun and unique touch to any bar cart, home bar, or wine cellar.

dog cutting board

This funny cutting board Opens in a new accurate, and available from Jari Jade Creations.

wooden sign the says home is where my dog is.

Home is truly where family is and our dogs are our family too. This sign comes in multiple sizesOpens in a new tab. to make gift giving affordable.

wooden sign that says "you me and the dogs"

This sign may be littleOpens in a new tab. but it says it all!

vintage dog breeds poster

This poster for dog lovers by French Vintage Prints is from a vintage print of dog breeds.Opens in a new tab.

leash holder

Personalized Leash holderOpens in a new tab. by Crosswired Creationz for your pupper!

carved barrel top sign

This carved barrel top signOpens in a new tab. by Crosswired Creationz would be a cute addition to your living room or entryway decor.

Dog-themed accessories gifts

dog crossbody bag

A gorgeously colorful dog fabric cell phone bagOpens in a new tab. made by Tracey Lipman, this small crossbody bag is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this handy cell phone pouch is a stylish pocket for all those need to reach items. A great gift for any dog mom

dog paw trinket dish

Small, adorable fused glass dog paw trinket bowlsOpens in a new tab. by Cheryl Kumiski glass make a cute and useful dog lover gift.

poop bag holder

It is a fact of life. Poop happens!

With these super useful dog poop bag holders Opens in a new will be better equipped to deal with it.

The fun fabric print and the thoughtful dog bag dispenser design will have you looking forward to your next walk as much as your dog.

dog fabric infinity scarf

Enjoy an early morning walk with your four-legged best friend with a hidden pocket Infinity flannel scarfOpens in a new tab. by Lil Fox Designs.

Carry your phone, treats, keys, wallet, or poo bags in a concealed zipper pocket.

stamped key ring

Sentimental and customized, this adorable accessory Opens in a new tab. by The Salty Strike captures the essence of cherished companions.

Adorned with the names of beloved pets, a dainty pawprint cutout, and sprinkled with love-filled hearts (or other embellishment), it’s a heartfelt gesture of your affection.

Tailor it as a keychain or a bag tag or- if desired – it can even be transformed into a whimsical zipper pull by mentioning your preference in the personalization box.

Whether it bears a single name or several, embellished with hearts, stars or petite pawprints, the intricate details ensure it resonates with your lucky recipient. 

stamped key ring

Personalized keychain for Lab ownersOpens in a new tab., hand stamped with your dog’s name(s) by Leah Kathryn Jewelry.

Keepsake gifts for dog lovers.

dog ornament

This dog Christmas ornamentOpens in a new tab. from Thistle and Lace Designs is the perfect addition to any dog lover’s holiday decor and is the perfect dog mom gift.

Handcrafted with care, this Christmas ornament is made from high-quality materials and features a cute design that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Make your Christmas tree stand out with this amazing personalized gift.

dog memorial stone

A pet memorial stoneOpens in a new tab. by Kimmer & Co. is a beautiful way to honor your beloved pet.

It is a lasting tribute that can be personalized with your pet’s name and dates.

The engraving is highlighted with a superior stone paint to last many years in the garden.

dog ornament

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your secret Santa? Trying to find a meaningful gift for the dog mom or the dog dad that you know?

Look no further as this personalized dog ornamentOpens in a new tab. from Thistle and Lace Designs is a unique and one-of-a-kind gift you can get for your dog-obsessed family member or friend.

This acrylic ornament is ideal to commemorate your dog with this dog memorial ornament. It’s an ornament so well made that it will be enjoyed and cherished every Christmas season for years to come.

dog pillow cover

The love we have for our pets lasts more than a lifetime; it lasts forever.

When our furry friends travel over the rainbow bridge, we are faced by a wide variety of emotions.

Having a pet memorial can help you through the mourning process by giving you a representation of your beloved pup in the form of a breed specific pillowOpens in a new tab. like this one from Lucy Lyn Designs.

memorial dog ornament

Be sure your best friend is with you every Christmas with this personalized ornamentOpens in a new tab. from Home Branded. It would be a thoughtful gift to a friend who has lost their dog.

Gifts for the dogs.

dog bow tie

This adorable dog bow Opens in a new tab.adds a special touch to Birthday and Gotcha Day celebrations and would make a unique gift for the dog lover in your life!

Available in three sizes, this double layered bow tie securely attaches to the pet’s collar with two hook and loop fasteners.

heating pad

Our pups are part of our family, and we hate to see them hurt! Heat therapy can be beneficial for dogsOpens in a new tab., just like it is for humans.

Reusable heat packs from Natural Body Comfort can help relax muscles, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Just warm the pack in the microwave and apply to their effected joint or muscle to soothe the discomfort away.

It is also very calming to many dogs as it’s like a big warm hug!

pillow cover

Rag rug woven pillow coversOpens in a new tab. by Lyon Handwovens make great beds for smaller dogs. Woven from repurposed cotton and cotton blend fabrics the resulting cover is soft but sturdy and machine washable.

dog tag

This collar tag from Jari Jade Creations sums up what every dog owner thinks about their own dog.

Plus, it have a couple other options available to personalize the message on the tag. Check those out here: Custom dog tag.Opens in a new tab.

These Snuffle BallsOpens in a new tab. from Barking Bedlie can be used as a game, a toy and even for training.

They’re perfect for your active sport dog, dogs struggling with high arousal levels, couch potatoes, dogs on crate rest, older dogs with reduced mobility and those dogs that are bored with ordinary toys and need some extra encouragement.

Comes in two sizes.

Paper and artwork gifts for dog lovers.

dog postcards

These funny dog postcards Opens in a new Ila and Alice are perfect for pen pals and friends who love our canine companions and have a great sense of humor.

dog postcards

Perfect postcards for your friendOpens in a new tab. or pen pal who loves medieval and historical adventure, costume, fantasy, stories from long ago…and of course, dogs.

dog notepad

Dog breed notepads Opens in a new Susan Drawbaugh are a cute gift for a dog lover who likes a specific dog.

She has a bunch of options, so check to see if you can find your dog!


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