Small Gift Ideas For Coworkers, Under $20


Buying gifts for coworkers and gift-giving events at work can be hard if you’re trying not to spend too much, but you also don’t want to look super cheap. These ideas for small gifts under $20 from Artisan Shopping Directory members will make your work friends happy and will also prevent you from looking like you shopped at the dollar store!

15 gifts under 20 for coworkers

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Junk journal supplies under $20.

vintage buttons for crafting

If you have a coworker who’s crafty, check out The Scrapologist’s supplies including vintage fabrics and other ephemera.

She has a variety of supplies that can be used for junk journals or crafting in general, in a range of prices, many under $20.

Lightweight jewelry under $20.

Petra Slay DesignOpens in a new tab. carries handmade polymer clay jewelry in colorful designs at very reasonable prices.

Her playful style is a cute and casual choice and her prices are affordable, with many pieces under $20. The tile-inspired earrings in this photo were $18 at the time I was writing this article, and a lot of her designs are even less than that!

These would be a cute gift for a coworker who likes unique jewelry.

Everyday earrings under $20.

mushroom earrings from Twisted Pixies

Twisted Pixies Opens in a new tab.makes handcrafted edgy jewelry, and the prices are very affordable.

Her designs range from lace chokers with jewel accents to fun and inexpensive earring designs like these mushroom earrings.

Rainbow Gifts Under $20

rainbow goat bookmark

Because I’m Proud Studio creates jewelry, stickers, and other accessories like this rainbow goat bookmark to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride.

These little animal bookmarks would be useful at work, and they cost way less than $20 when I was writing this article, so you could stay well under budget even if you bought three of them. They come in a variety of animal styles.

If you have a coworker who’s retiring or who just got a promotion, these edible cupcake topper $100 billsOpens in a new tab. would be good to use on celebratory cupcakes. They’re priced under $20 and will dress up a basic cupcake.

Office decor gifts under $20.

champagne cork planters

Corkies by Steph makes cute desk ornamentsOpens in a new tab. and magnets out of wine corks, like these champagne planters with mini succulents. They’re priced well under $20 and they would look cute on a desk at work without taking up a lot of room!

Handmade glass gifts under $20.

Partners inOpens in a new tab. Glass makes glass home decor and jewelry, and this wine bottle spoon rest would be good for a coworker to take home or to use on their desk to hold things like paperclips and other random things.

These are under $20 and make a nice and unique gift.

Cute animal stickers under $20.

These cute animal stickers based on original paintingsOpens in a new tab. are well under $20, so you could buy four of them and still stay on budget. If you have coworkers who like to put stickers on their tumblers or computer cases, these will be a hit.

Window clings under $20.

dachshund window clings

These dachshund window clings by Lil Fox Designs are also well under $20Opens in a new tab.. Get a few sets to give during the holidays, or just when someone in your office needs a little pick-me-up.

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Key fob pouch under $20.

Lil Fox Designs also has these cute key fob wristlet bags in a bunch of different colors.Opens in a new tab. It would be a handy and useful gift for a coworker who ahs to keep track of keys and IDs at work.

Handmade Candles and Wax Melts under $20.

If your coworker likes fragrances and candles, the ones from Sixth Spice are all-natural, handmade, and very affordable.Opens in a new tab.

Handmade soap under $20.

chardonnay scented handmade soap

When you need a good office gift that will be sure to make your coworker smile, handmade soap is something that people love. And if your coworker likes wine, this chardonnay soap by Botany Barn is a fun choice.Opens in a new tab.

Spa Gifts under $20.

If you want to give your coworker a little spa-style luxury, the Sudsy Goat Soapery has bath salts, bath bombs, and luxury soap Opens in a new tab.priced well below $10.

Gemstone bracelets under $20.

gemstone bracelet

If your coworker is expecting, this cute bracelet from Blue Elephant Gift Co Opens in a new tab.would be a nice gift. There are also other designs and message cards available.

Desk decor under $20.

beaded easter egg

If you have a coworker who loves a little bling, get them an ornament or beaded egg from Holidays Lane.Opens in a new tab. There are options for year-round holidays, and ornaments in all colors available.


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