Best Gifts For Outdoorsy People


Finding gift ideas for outdoorsy people and nature lovers can be difficult because you never know if they already have specific gear or whether they’ll prefer things that are sustainably made over something mass-manufactured.

I asked the Artisan Shopping Directory members, who are all verified small businesses, to give me some suggestions for gifts for people who are outdoorsy and who love nature, and these are their suggestions.

best gifts for outdoorsy people

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Accessories gifts for outdoorsy people.

succulent phone case bag

This crossbody phone bag is the perfect grab and go bagOpens in a new tab..

It’s a unique succulent gift idea for any plant lover.

forest tote bag

These sturdy bags are great for bringing the magic of the forestOpens in a new tab. with you everywhere you go.

They feature a hand-painted design for the personal touch of one of a kind artwork gift. 

ponytail hat

This ponytail beanie will keep your head warmOpens in a new tab. and ponytail in place for all of your outdoor adventures.

daisy keyfob

A beautiful daisy blossom key ringOpens in a new tab. to keep your keys organised.

This keyfob can be easily slipped over your wrist, making it super easy to carry your keys!

Jewelry gifts for outdoor lovers.

blue earrings

These seashell and freshwater pearl earrings Opens in a new tab.can make a great gift for beach lovers.

raven claw necklace

This raven talon pendantOpens in a new tab. is for those who embrace the wild and fierce aspects of nature.

Showcasing the untamed power and capturing the enigmatic allure of the raven who is often associated with mysticism and the shadowy depths of the natural world.

Journaling and paper gifts for nature lovers.

nature journal

This little journal is bound with a twigOpens in a new tab. on the spine and features butterflies and leaves on the cover. The handmade paper even has leaves embedded into it!

It’s perfect for documenting a nature hike or nature trip.

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Home decor gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.

gen tree

These unique gem trees Opens in a new tab.bring a classy touch of the outdoors inside your home!

Each one is carefully handmade to resemble actual trees and movement that you find in nature.


With a gentle breeze, these 10″ metal windspinners spring to life, gracefully twirling with effortless elegance.

As the wind creates a mesmerizing dance, each rotation unveils a unique pattern of colors and designs inspired by nature.

Whether hanging from a sturdy hook in your garden or swaying gently on your porch, this wind sculpture fits seamlessly into any outdoor setting.

nature wall art

Bring the outdoors in with a nature inspired wall hangingOpens in a new tab. by Hester’s Studio.

Wall art for nature lovers.

river wall art

A stunning landscape print of a mountain river. Opens in a new tab.

The turquouise water of the wild river and the green mountains crerate a fresh atmosphere.

With this wall art print, your home will be filled with the beauty and power of nature as well as a relaxing atmosphere of harmony and calm.

hiking trail wall art

Have the outdoors in your home!

Mountain hiking trail print Opens in a new tab.with stunning view of the peaks soaring in the distance.

nature scene wall quilt

Give the nature-lover in your life a botanically-inspired handmade quilt wall hangingOpens in a new tab. from Tahoe Quilts.


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