Unique Gifts Under $50 For Her

If you need to get a gift but you’re on a budget, these gifts under $50 will do the trick and still keep you on budget.

These choices from the Artisan Shopping Directory members are all under $50, and are also unique items that you won’t find on the shelf at the mall.

unique gifts for her Under $50

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Junk journal supplies under $50.

junk journal paper

If you know someone who’s a journaler or who likes to craft with paper, check out The Scrapologist’s website.

She has a wide variety of paper ephemera, including wallpaper samples that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Silver earrings under $50.

silver rose wire wrapped earrings

Bx Jewels ScotlandOpens in a new tab. creates handmade wire-wrapped jewelry that comes at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Each piece is one of a kind since they’re all made individually, so this would be a special gift that still stays in your budget.

Home decor gifts under $50.

Welcome sign door hanger decoration

Simply LaMayed has many choices Opens in a new tab.for home decor gifts under $50.

If you’re looking for a hostess gift or a housewarming gift, check out her selection of door hangers and decorative garden wind spinners.

Upscale eyeglasses chains under $50.

Blingy eyeglasses chains

Kalx DesignsOpens in a new tab. makes pretty eyeglasses chains that will still keep you under your $50 budget.

The styles available range from leather to pearl to blingy, and you can choose something that will be both stylish and useful.

Wall art gifts under $50.

blue flower phtoography

Natasha Riha Photography Opens in a new tab.creates beautiful prints of her original artwork and prices them under $50 so that you can be budget-conscious and still have pretty home decor.

Colorful jewelry under $50.

Polymer clay heart earrings

Petra Slay DesignOpens in a new tab. carries handmade polymer clay jewelry in colorful designs and very reasonable prices.

Her playful style is a cute and casual choice and her prices are affordable, with many pieces under $20. The heart earrings in this picture were $15 at the time I was writing this article, and there are a lot of other design options that will keep you well below your $50 budget.

You might even be able to buy a couple of sets to give!

Cute goth jewelry under $50.

Deaths head moth earrings

Twisted Pixies Opens in a new tab.makes handcrafted and unique jewelry that will please anyone with an edgy side, and her prices are also very affordable.

Her designs range from lace chokers with jewel accents to fun and inexpensive earring designs like these Death’s Head Moths earrings.

Boho beaded jewelry under $50.

Beaded anklet

Megan Petersen JewelryOpens in a new tab. makes hand-beaded jewelry, including these anklets, which are well below $50.

She has a lot of options in other jewelry categories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories, many of them under $50 and even under $20.

Leather and stone bracelets for under $50.

Leather daisy bracelet

Magnolia Designs 4 You Opens in a new tab.makes leather bracelets with silver and stone details.

These are really high quality pieces, and the prices are surprisingly low for the quality.

This daisy leather bracelet was $42 at the time I put this article together, and she had a pretty wide selection of other designs in the $40-$45 range.

Rainbow Gifts Under $50

rainbow lizard sticker

Because I’m Proud Studio creates jewelry, stickers, and other accessories to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride, including these low-cost rainbow stickers in a wide variety of designs.

This bearded dragon sticker is only one of many that cost way less than $10 when I was writing this article, so you could stay well under budget even if you bought a selection of them to put a sticker pack together for someone.

Numerology gifts under $50.

numerology gifts

Krisia Art has a wide range of giftsOpens in a new tab., including these crystal numerology sets..

These were less than $30 when I wrote this list, so if you know someone who’s into healing crystals and numerology, this is a budget-friendly gift that they’ll appreciate.

Crystal-Infused candles under $50.

Krisia Art also offers Opens in a new tab.a line of candles that have crystals embedded in the container that are prices under $50. This Magic Time candle is meant to be a gift to promote well-being, and it’s a bargain too!

Celtic sister jewelry under $50.

Celtic sister bracelet with charms

ZAXZO CelticOpens in a new tab. has meaningful handmade Celtic jewelry, including this customizable sister bracelet.

Add specially-chosen charms that represent the friendship that you have with your sister to make this meaningful gift even more personal, while you still stay under your $50 budget.

Gemstone beaded bracelets under $50.

green stone bracelet

Simplicity Gem StudioOpens in a new tab. makes beaded bracelets in a range of price points, with many choices under $50.

If she likes dainty jewelry but also likes the natural stone look, check out the selection of different styles and colors that Kristy offers.

Family name signs under $50.

home family name sign

Home Branded has a wide range of wooden home decor,Opens in a new tab. including these family name signs. There are a range of prices, including many under $50, so you can stick to your budget but also get a nicely personalized gift.

Unique diffuser jewelry under $50.

diffuser jewelry necklace

If you know someone who’d appreaciate an aromatherapy gift, these handmade diffuser jewelry options from EnlivenAdornOpens in a new tab. are a great choice.

Choose a present from a wide variety of jewelry and other gift items that are designed for a Zen aesthetic with a price point under $50.

Cat lover gifts under $50.

cats made from wine corks

Corkies by Steph makes cute desk ornamentsOpens in a new tab. and magnets out of wine corks, including these little cats. If you know someone who likes cats and wine, these would be the perfect gift under $50 for them.

Contemporary Leather and Silver Jewelry.

LeatheRCycle makes truly unique jewelry Opens in a new tab.and accessories out of reclaimed and new leather, silver, and gemstones, with many prices lower than $50.

These pieces are unique statement pieces that go with any casual outfit or occasion.

Handmade glass gifts under $50.

Partners inOpens in a new tab. Glass makes glass home decor and jewelry that are artistic and individualized, since no two will be the same.

These handmade glass soap dishes are under $50 and make a nice gift for a housewarming or new apartment.

Cute totes under $50.

Frog tote bag

These sturdy frog tote bags are great for Opens in a new tab.frog lovers, and are under $50. Robert Phelps Art designed the original artwork, and you can get it on this bag to take with you everywhere.

They feature a hand-painted design for the personal touch of one of a kind artwork gift. 

A cute keychain for her under $50.

daisy keychain

A cute keyfob is handy, well under $50, and can be slipped over your wrist so that you don’t lose your keys!

Tumbletree Lane makes these,Opens in a new tab. plus many other hand-sewn items that are great budget gifts.

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