Dollhouse Furniture Tutorial: Fabric Chair Seats


I had a couple of miniature chairs that I made from kits, and I needed to cover the chair seats with fabric.

The kit came with solid blue, but I wanted to do something better, so I made some 1:12 scale fabric in Spoonflower and ordered some samples to work with.


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Small-scale dollhouse fabrics.

I’ve been making small-scale designs that can be used for dollhouse crafts, so I got some samples of those from my Spoonflower shopOpens in a new tab..

mini scale fabric for dollhouses

The samples are 8″ square, which was more than enough for this project. I used the traditional pattern that was based on antique embroidery, and it’s a true 1:12 scale, so it fit the chairs well.

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dollhouse chair cushions

I also used another pattern to make some additional seat covers while I was at it.

I also have these patterns and more in 1:6 scale, so check them out on Spoonflower.

Cut the fabric to cover the seats.

dollhouse chair cushion

The first mistake I made was not checking to see if the little cardboard seats that came with the kit fit inside the chair seat frame. (They didn’t.) So I covered them once and it turned out that they were too big and wouldn’t sit flat on the chair seats, so I had to take it apart to trim the cardboard template down to size.

So make sure that you test the pieces before you do anything as far as covering them goes.

Cut the fabric to fit the seats.

dollhouse chair cushion

I put the seat on the fabric and cut out a little square that would wrap around it and leave about a 1/2″ border.

Since these were cardboard seats, I wasn’t sure how to attach them to the fabric, so I punted and went with regular scotch tape.

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putting the cushion into the chair seat

I know, that’s probably not how a dollhouse purist would do it, but I’m glad I did it that way because like I said, I did have to take them apart and redo them.

I didn’t want to do my other upholstery hack of stapling things, because the seat template were too thin.

I also decided that I would leave out the little piece of padding that came with the kit, so if you don’t want to do that trim it to match the seat before covering it.

Fold the fabric around the seat and attach it.

I folded the fabric around the seat template, starting with the sides. Then I taped the two edges to the back of the seat.

After the sides were attached, I folded the front and back in and taped those to the back.

I did the sides first so that the front and back would cover the edges when they were folded over.

If you do the front first, you’ll see the folded sides at the front of the seat corners. It just looks better when you do the sides first.

Put the seat in the chair.

dollhouse chair with fabric cushion

Once I had the seat covered, I placed it into the chair and pressed it in so that it fit snugly.

It was level with the top edge of the chair seat section because I had left the little piece of foam that came with the seat out of the mix.

If you do want a puffier seat, you can do that by adding some cotton onto the seat cushion before you cover it.

You don’t want to extend the puffiness over the edges of the seat, though. That’s going to make it harder to get the seat into the chair.

The finished chairs.

dollhouse chairs with fabric seats

The finished chairs would work well in a traditional room, and if you do make more seats with different fabric patterns, you can change them out to match different room decor.

I used this striped fabric with rosesOpens in a new tab. to make the extra covers, and they would work well with another traditional room design.

For a more modern design, just use different fabric designs, or a solid color to match a lot of room themes.


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