How To Decorate With Wood Signs (For the Whole House)


Wood signs are a popular decor item and come in a variety of styles that can be used in any room in your house.

There are a few members of the Artisan Shopping Directory who make wood signs, and this guide will take you through some of the options for decorating your home both inside and out using wooden signs.

wood sign decor inspiration

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1. Use wood signs to set the stage at the entryway.

Welcome wood sign for the porch
Welcome wood signs for the front porch.

Wood signs can be used to welcome guests and to set the tone in the entryway inside. Alix of Simply LaMayed on EtsyOpens in a new tab. makes signs and door decor, and has these Welcome signs in her shop. These are made with a letter “O” that you can change depending on what time of the year it is, so it’s versatile. You can stand these up on your front porch to welcome visitors.

Welcome wood sign for the porch
Large Welcome wood sign.

Alix also has these Welcome signs that are a simple greeting. This style is a clean, traditional look that would go with any type of interior decor.

Welcome door hanger.
Welcome door hanger.

If you want to hang a sign instead of leaning it, you can get a wood version of a wreath. Alix makes these in several styles and they’ll make a nice impression on people entering the home.

No soliciting wood sign
No soliciting wood sign.

If you’re not so eager to welcome people (when I think someone is coming to my door I hide) you can get this sign from Home BrandedOpens in a new tab. to hang outside. It makes “no” sound nice, and might save you a few trips to the door.

2. Decorate with wood signs to set the tone in the entryway and front hall.

When you get inside the house, you can use wood signs to decorate the entryway with some whimsical elements, or send a message to, or about, your family.

Name coordinates wood sign
Geography coordinates wood sign.

This home coordinates sign is available from Destiny at Home Branded.Opens in a new tab. It can be personalized with the latitude and longitude of your home’s location. I would have taught my kids this so that if someone asked their address they would be able to confuse people. But that’s just me. This kind of sign is fun to hang in the front hallway, or you could put it on a table in the entryway.

Shelf sitters for Halloween
Halloween table decor.

These cute wood shelf sitters are from Simply LaMayed Opens in a new tab.and would be a nice addition to an entry hall table during the leadup to Halloween. Wood signs and decor can be used for seasonal decorating as well as for year-round decor ideas.

Pumpkin patch wood table decor
Autumn table decor.

These rustic wood blocks with a Pumpkin Patch sign are also from Simply LaMayed, and would be a pretty entryway detail during the Autumn season. The tabletop wood signs and decorations are nice because you can move them around and you don’t need to worry about nailing things into the walls to hang them up.

Christmas wood sign
Christmas wood sign.

This Christmas sign from Home Branded would be nice in the entryway during the Christmas season. It could be hung from a door, a tabletop Christmas tree, or it could stand on a table on its own.

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custom name wood signs
Name and initials wood sign.

These customized name signs from Home Branded would look cute hung inside the home’s entryway as guests come in. They would also work in the family room or in a farmhouse style kitchen.

3. Decorating with wood signs in the bathroom for humor and practicality.

Using wood signs in the bathroom is a way to carry the farmhouse style throughout the house, and can add a touch of humor or remind the kids to wash their hands!

Funny wood sign for the bathroom
Funny wood sign for bathroom decor.

For over the toilet, you might want to hang this eye chart that will (maybe) remind certain individuals to make an effort. This sign is from Home BrandedOpens in a new tab..

4. Reinforce family values with wood signs in the family room.

The family room is another place where wood signs can be displayed with a variety of messages that reflect the family. Choose signs that reflect the family name, values, hobbies, and pets, and use them in different places including on the wall, on tabletops, mantels, and propped on book shelves. Wood signs are a good way to express the personality of your family.

laser cut wood sign
Wood sign for dog lovers.

This laser cut sign from LasercraftniOpens in a new tab. is a different style of wood sign that can be displayed on a tabletop where the family and the dogs hang out. (Lastercraftni is located in the UK and you should check on shipping availability since shipping varies by location.)

home sweet home wood sign
Home Sweet Home wood sign.

This wood sign with a chicken wire overlay would be cute in the family room or the kitchen, and is available at Simply LaMayed.

5. Add style to the kitchen and laundry rooms with wood signs.

Wood signs can be easily incorporated into farmhouse kitchen decor, and even if your style isn’t rustic, a white sign with plain black lettering can add a modern touch. Signs in the laundry room are a cute way to make the space look less utilitarian, even if that’s 100% what the room is.

These signs from Leann Lovett are great for adding some personality to your kitchen…

farm to table wood sign
Wood sign for the breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen.
let's eat wood sign
Casual dining room wood sign.

…As are these from Home Branded. Whether they’re hung on the wall or placed on a shelf or the kitchen counter, they add some individuality to your home and will fit with most decorating styles.

laundry wood sign
Personalized laundry room decor wood sign.

This laundry sign from Home Branded can be customized with your name to personalize the space.

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6. Reflect your interests using fun wood sign decor for man caves and craft rooms.

Putting decorative signs in hobby rooms and bar areas can add a fun touch to the space. There’s a long tradition of wood signs in bars, and the “den” area of any house can be used for the man cave, hobby room, or crafting area. Lastercraftni has a lot of signsOpens in a new tab. that would work in these parts of the house.

man cave wood sign
Wood sign for a man cave.
sewing room wood sign
Sewing machine wood sign for a crafter.
beer time wood sign
Wood sign for a man cave or bar area.


7. Create cozy spaces in the kids’ and parents’ bedrooms with wood signs.

For any type of farmhouse style, wood signs can be used to customize bedrooms or add inspirational messages. Add them to the wall above the bed, or stand them on a shelf or on top of a dresser. A nice message on a wood sign can add a soothing touch to the room, and a lot of these can be used in both kids’ rooms and in the parents’ room too.

Baby nursery wood sign decoration.
Baby nursery wood sign decoration.

…And this customizable name sign by Home Branded would be sweet for a baby’s nursery.

Using wood signs to decorate your home is a timeless way to personalize your home decor. Wood signs have been popular for years, and will continue to be popular. They warm up a home’s decor and make the rooms more human and less sterile.

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